Family of child molester asks for len...

Family of child molester asks for leniency

There are 150 comments on the Palo Alto Daily News story from Feb 27, 2007, titled Family of child molester asks for leniency. In it, Palo Alto Daily News reports that:

Family members of a 42-year-old computer technician who pleaded no contest to molesting his niece asked for leniency from a San Mateo County Superior Court judge Monday morning, saying his behavior had been ...
Family members of a 42-year-old computer technician who pleaded no contest to molesting his niece asked for leniency from a San Mateo County Superior Court judge Monday morning, saying his behavior had been very "out of character." <br/> <br/>The sentencing of John Olp, a computer administrator at a South San Francisco business, was rescheduled until next week, in order to allow defense attorney John Runfola time to review a probation report. <br/> <br/>According to prosecutors, Olp molested his sister's daughter over a five-year-period, beginning when the girl was 9 years old. <br/> <br/>Olp was arrested on the night of June 16, when Colma police found Olp and the girl inside his car at a Colma cemetery, where he had taken her to molest her, according to the San Mateo County District Attorney's Office. <br/> <br/>Inside the car, police found a vibrator, condoms and a towel with semen on it, the district attorney's office reported. The girl then reportedly told police about the molestations that had taken place from 2001 to 2006. <br/> <br/>On Dec. 22, Olp pleaded no contest to 10 counts of child molestation, for which he faces up to 26 years in prison. <br/> <br/>In court this morning, Olp's two older brothers acknowledged that their brother needed to be punished, but asked Judge Craig Parsons to consider a lesser sentence. <br/> <br/>"This is the most difficult thing I've ever had to face, having a family member do something so terrible to another family member," James Olp said to Parsons, noting that the family has already suffered the tragedy of having another brother murdered years ago. <br/> <br/>James Olp asked Parsons to consider a rehabilitative program for his brother. "We know he's got to be punished," he said, "but this is so out of character for him." <br/> <br/>Steven Olp echoed his brother, saying that his brother "has been the most generous and supportive person in the family." He added that the family's first concern was for the victim and her mother, their sister, but asked for mercy, saying that he believed his brother would not re-offend. <br/> <br/>Olp's sentencing was set for March 7 at 9 a.m. He remains in custody in lieu of $1,000,000 bail.

Brentwood, NY

#41 Oct 22, 2007
What I mean to say is that we actually need to change pedophiles from the inside; no amount of pain will do that, only true awareness that their actions are wrong and criminal. We can't solve problems through execution, because that simply destroys the lives of so many people. We have to rehabilitate sex offenders so they can actually give back to society in productive ways; that is the only justice possible, to force them to do good so that they pay society back for their horrible deeds.

United States

#42 Oct 23, 2007
Noah, that was a very thought out answer,it gives people something to think about.You are so right tho this world is so full of revenge,the murders in prison want to kill child molesters and they for get what they have done. Have you really noticed that prisoners always want to rape child molesters, yes its because what they did to kids but dont you think also for there own satisfaction with out having to say there gay.Its just a sneeky way of getting sex in jail or prison when they are just as bad.People just need to mind there own business I am sure they have enough problems of there own then judge others but of course when it happened to me and my daughter it was different,I didnt want my dad raped or killed just let the courts care for him and when family,people and friends started to find out that is what my mom didnt want, and again it was all about her nothing was ever said about the kids he molested. Well I turned him in to a group of people that they were so close to and boy was my mom mad at me but guess what OH WELL.She didnt care about us lets share a little news, and no its not about its about letting others know about there kids because even after my dad was put in jail for 5 days they were still around kids they knew and my mom knew, and thats the point.

United States

#43 Oct 23, 2007
Noah, that was a very thought out answer,there are a lot to consider when a molester hurts a child and you know in this world everyone has a thought about the subject.When it hits home and you are the one molested or your own child that is a different story, its very natural to feel protected with your child, I mean look at animals,when you get to close to there young they will kill you.Yes we have all done things but to what extent.What I never understood is why are molesters raped when there are people in there that have raped and murdered someone, what is the differance when we all at the end stand before God.I think its just a excuse for them to have sex with out being called gay.If we all just care for our self and own problems and let the law care for them they will pay one way or another.I know when my dad was arrested for molesting his 3 granddaughters the last thing my mom wanted was my dad exposed and I helped expose him to every one because they were still around there friends who had kids as if nothing happened. And my mom stayed with him still so I dont talk to her any more because she is so jealous of me and talks bad about me to family and friends when she is the one who lives with a child molester and picked him over me and her grand kids and then says I am a great wife every one says so, well that is because they all dont know about her husband I have told alot of people and to watch there kids.My dad has died since it all and he has paid threw death because his death was very painful. You are so right Noah when you said they dont need to be raped and torcherd because they will pay some how.

United States

#44 Oct 23, 2007
Um of course you can date a man that is a child molester, but my first question is "Why would you want to when he rapes kids" and secondly "Why would you want to when he rapes kids"??? I don't mean to be rude here, but if he's attracted to children why is he after you? Is he trying to get better? He needs serious counsel to figure that out. Also, you could never trust him around your children EVER!!! Best advice is to stay away, but if you are smart you already know that... PEACE to you.
jess wrote:
can I date date a man thats a child malester,Im 28 and I have kids but he wont see my kids just me.

Since: Oct 07

Murfreesboro, TN

#45 Oct 24, 2007
i dont know why the law is messed up but their should be a law legalizing a beating of a child molester,any guy who touches my kid


you gonna have broken bones and probaly never walk again or eve ntalk again!

Since: Oct 07

Murfreesboro, TN

#46 Oct 24, 2007
and if the law really wants to stop child molesters.


Fist crime they molest a child give them life in prison,no parole and dont give me that rehabilating shit,either put them in general population(and aware other inmates of their crime)or lock them up and never let them out!

That is protecting our children OR

give them a death sentence.


#47 Oct 24, 2007
okay im feelign very stupid for even entertaining the thought that myhusband could live here and I could somehow watchhim all the time. WHat was I thinking. I feel verys trong today but now what abotu my kids, In two weeks I wont have anything to feed them. All my money goes on rent and power.I have four kids who need to eat. IOs this the real reason women put up with abusers?

Studio City, CA

#48 Oct 25, 2007
Yes, Lynne it is. They know they have you in a vulnerable state and that is the way they want to keep you. You are not stupid, when something tragic happens to a person their mind races with all kinds of thoughts, some logical, some not. It's OK. Seriously could you ask your government for help? I am not sure about the laws in Honduras, though I may be able to find out, my cousins husband is from there... Let me know.
Best wishes,
Mikey Damage

Floral Park, NY

#49 Oct 25, 2007
Let's all find him and knock him out!

Warwick, RI

#50 Oct 27, 2007
i remember my dad touching me when i was ten but dont remember if it happen before or after what doi do

United States

#51 Oct 30, 2007
Andria, its so sad to hear these events no matter what age it was,for right now think about what happened,because in time you will remember.Even if you were 13, your dad should not have touched you. Are you seeing a counseler?That will help you in time to remember,I was molested by my dad and brother and cousin, and am pretty sure it was started when I was about 3or4.The events will unfold as you get older, sometimes we dont remember until late in life when something trigers it or by a smell or certin touch.My memories came alot after I got married, when my husband touched me a certin way.Work on your self and I mean by doing good things for your self and treat your self special.I hope this has helped you I have been in therapy since 1989, its helped alot, if you cant afford one just call around because there are support groups, when I first started I didnt want group because I was a shamed but after I heard stories of other people being molested, I didnt feel so different, on girl got preganent by her father, I thought I was going to vomit I was glad she lost the baby only because it was her dads.Take care of your self because if we dont others will try to miss treat us.Always a friend

Newark, NJ

#52 Oct 31, 2007
Definitely, until sex offenders (or any criminals for that matter) are absolutely rehabilitated, they should never be allowed out into society. That's what I meant to say this whole time...

And also that such rehabilitation is incredibly difficult, but we still have to try to do it.
37 year old survivor

United States

#53 Nov 18, 2007
I was molested by my real father from the time I was 9 until I was 13. I finally came out and told some one and no one believed me not even my mother, now that I am older I can understand how she felt, she loved my father and could not imagine him doing that to his own daughter, I have confronted my demons and am blessed by god tonhave overcome that darkness in my life, You as a mother are suppose to protect your children at any cost even if it means your own happiness, I can not believe you are still allowing him to be around your children, it's not for them you keep him it is for you, if you do not do something then you are just as bad as he his.
Lynne wrote:
My husband is a pedophile. Last week he told our 11-year-old daughter to come in our room and close the door (while I was at work). He then told her to pull her pants down. She had enough courage to tell him no thank heavens.She had been molested by a neighbor ayear ago and I had taught her to always sayno. It took her three days to tell me. He tells me he has not molested any of our other children, or her before, but I know he is lying. I can’t even look at him without wanting to cry or throw up. My first thought was to throw him out but then I realized how painful his loss would be to the children, worse than if he had died. I told him he could stay if he never touched our child(ren) again but all I can think if a hundred times a day is our little girl closing that door with her daddy trying to get her pants off.that thought will stay with bother her and I forever. How did he justify his actions?.” I was curious”:I wanted to see how much hair she had”“ I was jealous she was showing it to boys” all of which are just sick. Lame excuses for “ I am a predator, I don’t care who is hurt by my actions” I don’t know what to do. I keep trying to step out of my body and take a look at it but every time it is so ugly I cant.
I want to hurt the children the least and I know the other kids will be ripped apart for life by this but I also know sooner or later it will come out. Nothing will ever be okay again for the rest of our lives. I will always have married a pedophile. My children will have a pedophile for their father for the rest of their lives. I will have to guard our children, our grandchildren and all other children from him .I wonder all the time what else he has done. How did I not see this? How do I do this? This was my soul mate, my best friend; I am now a widow emotionally. I can never trust him again. What do I do??? Oh my god I just want to die.
37 year old survivor

United States

#54 Nov 18, 2007
I was molested by my own father for 4 years and no one believed me, you saw him molesting your daughter, you are suppose to protect your children at any cost, how could you even claim keeping him is for them? It is for you, if you keep this man you are the same as he.
Red Forman

Lisle, IL

#55 Nov 18, 2007
The best thing to do with a child molester is stay the hell away from them. You cannot change them, wake up already.
Keep them away from the kids, no man or woman is worth your child's safety and if you keep the molester around then you too have a screw loose and should have your children taken away. You have failed as a parent and they deserve better than thaat.
oh and molesters should be in jail for life or the death penalty because they do so much damage.

Mountain City, GA

#56 Nov 19, 2007
I am so sorry for all of those who have experienced the horrible situation even if it wasnt you. I give my herats to all of you and I am writing a persuasive essay for english on rape, due to the fact that, I belive child molesters should spent life in prison, because they have scare someones childs life forever.

San Carlos, CA

#57 Nov 19, 2007
"Believed he would not re-offend" What planet are you from?-Sounds like his family is as messed up in the head as him!

San Bruno, CA

#58 Dec 3, 2007
been there wrote:
child was 5.... he only got 2 1/2 years out of 20... NOW he wants custody of our son... NEW (other ex wife) and him just had a little girl a month ago...
IF he even gets supervised visitation I WILL notify EVERYONE he lives around to let them know what he is (he is NOT listed altho he pled guilty to 1st degree attempted statatory rape) and I will include a copy of his plea (public record so he cant say i am lying) and the wife KNOWS it.
Good for you!! Do what you can for your child and the children out there! I am a victim of child molestation by a family member who is now a "family man". Shame was the only feeling I knew after that. Now, every time someone (doesn't matter who) is around my son, I am extremely suspicious. I admire parents like you!

United States

#59 Dec 6, 2007
hey if any body needs me to talk to im 16 but ive been throw alot to more than anybody and i would like to have somebody to talk to just email me at [email protected] thats my email k samantha
bebe wrote:
my 20 yr old daughter just revealed she was raped and sexually assulted 5 times by my nephew. councelors told me not to tell my sister yet, let my duaghter decide when the time is right I feel. by me not doing so, HE the,rapist, is controlling me now. I say tell his parents, what is your opinion. my duaghter is in counceling now, but he needs to be off the streets. she is scared to file charges

United States

#60 Dec 6, 2007
Hey all if any body needs to talk or needs a friend! just email me at [email protected] k my name is samantha and ive been throw so much stuff its not funny. just email me k samantha

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