Questions and answers about the pet f...

Questions and answers about the pet food recall

There are 830 comments on the Newsday story from Mar 19, 2007, titled Questions and answers about the pet food recall. In it, Newsday reports that:

Q: What brands and types of pet food are being recalled? A: The recall involves Ontario-based Menu Foods' "cuts and gravy" style cat and dog food packaged from Dec.

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Denver, CO

#415 Aug 21, 2007
michele_tx wrote:
On Fridya my lab started vomiting, had diarrhea, blood in her stool....I was worried sick and took her to the vet first thing Saturday. She's now on medication for the next couple days, but it makes me sick to think I am the reason she's been sick. I've purchased these treats for months and she loves them, now I just don't know what to think. All I can say is that I will no longer be giving these treats to her.
Michele, or anyone else: can you please tell me what your vets may have treated your dogs with. I purchased a bag of treats on Sunday and fed them to my pregnant poodle, who is now vomiting and ill. I would like as much informtion as possible; so that I can forward it to my vet. I am extremely upset over the possibility of loosing her. Also, if you have any information about affected lots. I reached the local Walmart, who took my name and number and said they would call me back....I have not heard anything back from them.
vera Deltona Fl

Summerfield, FL

#416 Aug 21, 2007
I got some Waggin Train jerky for my yorkie and she loves it. but she gotten very bad diarrhea and
vomits what every she eats .
If it makes our pets sick "WHAT IS IT DOING TO OUR CHILDREN AND US ??

Honolulu, HI

#417 Aug 21, 2007
I noticed that in July the Wagon Train Chicken Tender Treats were made differently. They were no longer rough, but were shiny and painted red. My min pin has thrown up 3 times after eating these things and I thought it was because she was teething and now I am very afraid of these things. I am taking them back to Wal-Mart tonight and will try to find some healthy alternative or a product made in America. My gut feeling was that shiny red chicken was unhealthy.
Dan Ray

Los Angeles, CA

#418 Aug 21, 2007
prema in IN wrote:
I give my dog Wagging Trail chicken strips. He didn't have a problem so far. I got a new bag yesterday and I am worried now. I looked at the Waggin Train one and it says it is produced in California. Does anybody know for sure what brand is bad?
For regular diet I feed him Innova nad never had a problem. I was so relieved when they recalled several brands a while ago to find that Innova is not among them.
Look again. Mine says made in China! And my dog loves them but he had a seizure last week for which we have no explanation. I am taking these back for a refund. I just don't trust food made in China.
Dan Ray

Los Angeles, CA

#419 Aug 21, 2007
Roxhorn LA CA wrote:
Go to this website: it will alleviate some fears about the Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Tenders
And do you believe what the company says? My bag says made in China. Can we believe anything out of China. How about some independent testing of these products!
John B

Dayton, OH

#420 Aug 21, 2007
Roxhorn LA CA wrote:
Go to this website: it will alleviate some fears about the Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Tenders
Thanks. It's been tough to wade through all the mass hysteria I've been reading, most of it in these comments below. If ADI had concerns about the quality, they would pull the treats back.

What's the easiest way to screw China? Label them as dog-killers with the dog treats and baby killers with the toys and let the main stream media go to work. Anyone seeing a pattern developing here? I also wouldn't be surprised if most of these posts were phony.

Houston, TX

#421 Aug 21, 2007
My daschund Dottie loves the Waggin' Trails Brand. But after this scare I am afraid to feed her them anymore. Especially if it is made in China.... We need more American made dog treats. I was worried about her yesterday after she vomited and then this press release this afternoon made me really worried. My lot # 933737. She is not acting sick but after eating these treats she got sick. Which I mistaking for her eating them to quickly?

Boston, MA

#422 Aug 21, 2007
John B wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks. It's been tough to wade through all the mass hysteria I've been reading, most of it in these comments below. If ADI had concerns about the quality, they would pull the treats back.
What's the easiest way to screw China? Label them as dog-killers with the dog treats and baby killers with the toys and let the main stream media go to work. Anyone seeing a pattern developing here? I also wouldn't be surprised if most of these posts were phony.
John B - This is the same press release that ADI put out in April without any updates! 4 MONTHS AGO!!!! There is no "Phony" here, only concerned consumers and animal lovers. ADI needs to let us know what thier "Independent" investigaion came up with. I for one will not gamble my dogs life away.

Roanoke, VA

#423 Aug 21, 2007
I feed my two dogs Waggin Train Jerky treats.I pray the company is truthful in thier responce. I would hate for something to happen. I have not noticed any change in my pets healt. When is someone going to start minding the store. We should be afforded protection from tainted pet & human foods from China.


#424 Aug 21, 2007
I've been feeding my dog the Waggin Train Chicken Jerky for three years. She's a very picky eater, and that's the only thing she'll eat consistently. I'd give her one every night when I got home from work. She's had diarrhea quite a bit the past three years, and I've taken her to the vet and they couldn't determine the problem. I've had her on medicine and special diets for a while, and then we'd go back to the old routine. A chicken jerky every night when I came home. I opened a new package of the Waggin Train Chicken Jerkys last Friday, and she's vomited and had diarrhea ever since. I took her to the vet today, and he now has her on a special diet, and medicine, and said her intestines are full of fluid (which isn't normal--they should be solid). She's doing okay for now, but I think the Waggin Train Chicken Jerkys have been the cause of her distress for a long time. I want to take some action (she's my "daughter" and the love of my life), but I'm not sure where to start. Any suggestions, besides writing to the President? Although he might care if he's been feeding his dog Waggin Train Chicken Jerkys.

United States

#425 Aug 21, 2007
I feed my yorkie waggin trails jerky treats, and she loves them! I have never had a problem or noticed any ill effects on her, but now I am gettng scared by reading all of these postings...

Simpsonville, SC

#426 Aug 21, 2007
This is the reply to my e mail to the Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Tenders people, Adipet, Inc. My Yorkie has been eating grasss and refusing food for two days since eating one chicken strip. They say they are safe......
Dear Concerned Pet Owner:
-- NONE of the Waggin’ Train Brand pet treats have been recalled --
Regarding our Chicken Jerky Tenders:
Waggin' Train Brand Chicken Jerky Tenders are completely safe and should not be confused with the other two brands of chicken jerky that are being pulled from Wal-mart’s shelves. We have NO association with the Pingyang Pet Product Co. or Shanghai Bestro Trading Co. nor do we purchase our ingredients from the same supplier.
As American joint-owners of the factories, ADI Pet is completely familiar with and confident in the exceptional quality-control protocols that we have in place for the processing of our Chicken Jerky Tenders and other Waggin’ Train Brand products. We are intrinsically involved in all aspects of the manufacturing process.
Please be assured that we sell thousands of bags of this product each week and have never had a recall on our product. Over the past five years, approximately 50 million pounds of the Waggin’ Train Brand Chicken Jerky Tenders have been consumed (without incident) by thousands of dogs nationwide. Based upon this excellent track record, we truly regard this product as safe for pets of all sizes.
All of the raw material that we use to make the Chicken Jerky Tenders is fresh, 100% premium chicken breast tenderloins and natural seasonings. Our "natural seasonings" are simply apple cider vinegar, sugar and salt.
The Chicken Jerky Tenders contain no grain fillers, no wheat gluten and no rice protein additives. Nor do we use artificial preservatives, colorings nor flavorings of any kind.
All Waggin’ Train Brand products are sterilized by irradiation, based upon USDA safe sterilization guidelines. The sterilization process eliminates the possibility of contamination by any potentially harmful microbes including E.coli and Salmonella.
Because chicken is a regulated product, the USDA regularly pulls samples from incoming containers of product, for laboratory testing. We have never had a positive test for product contamination.
Our facilities are regularly inspected by SGS, which is one of the largest international inspection companies in the world. Costco, Sam's Club and Wal-Mart contract with SGS, for inspections, to ensure that the products are being processed, based upon USDA processing guidelines.
Please be assured that when you give your pet Chicken Jerky Tenders, you are providing your pet with the highest quality chicken pet product that is available in the marketplace.
For more product information and to view our current Press Release and FAQ's, please go to our website:
Ashley Grand Blanc MI

Grand Blanc, MI

#427 Aug 21, 2007
My mom has 5 dogs. 4 Shih tzu's and one Beagle. She buys Waggin' Train Chicken Jerky Treats from wal-mart and sams club. Which are both owned by Wal-mart. Our youngest Shih tzu named Baby became very ill hours after eating these treats. First it started with Vomiting, then Severe Diarrea. We became very worried and rushed her to the vet. They gave her a shot for anti-vomit and pills for diarrhea. She seems a lot better. But then our second youngest dog got sick. Although it didnt last as long and we didnt have to take her in, she still had Diarrhea and Vomiting. It seemed to skip one of our shih tzu's and proceeded to our oldest shih tzu, which is sick at this momement. All of their hair became very gross, and when called for treats wouldn't budge. Our beagle dosnt seem sick at all, but he is a very large beagle with over weight issues, so we dont feed him much of the treat at all but break it in half for him to eat. So, so far 3 out of our 5 dogs have became ill. If you have these treats, don't feed them to your dog. I don't care if they say these treats arn't recalled, if you want a dead dog you may just get it if you feed these to them. My advice is to get blood drawn and tests run, which we are doing when we take our oldest shih tzu who is sick right now. Our vin number on our batch of Waggin' Trains Chicken Jerky Treats is 933737. All three bags we have our this vin number. My grandma also has these treats and her vin number is the same and her dog is sick with Vomit and Diarrhea issues too.

Spearsville, LA

#428 Aug 21, 2007
My maltese has had intermittent periods of horrible bloody diarrhea and vomiting for the past 6 weeks. The vet checked her for worms which of course was negative. She put her on 2 different medications (one being an antibiotic) and told me to stop all treats and slowly introduce them back one by one.
Gracie had been getting the waggin train brand of chicken jerky tenders-probably up to 4 or more a day. Her symptoms did stop. I pray no damage has been done. She will never get these again.

Indio, CA

#429 Aug 21, 2007
Well, it seems there is another reason to not shop at WallyWorld.
They buy the cheapest product withour regard to safety. What happens when we shop there for groceries? The products they sell could kill us just a quickly as they are killing our pets.
Mavis Live Oak FL

Mayo, FL

#430 Aug 21, 2007
Nika from Aristes, you are so off your gourd!! I love my "babies" dearly and would do ANYTHING for them. I try to buy only the best in food and treats. I loved the Waggin Trail Chicken strips because it says all natural chicken treats. I buy rotisserie chicken from Sams Club and skin, debone, and cut up the meat for them...fix them veggies, and buy Science Diet dog food. What I hate is no matter how careful I think I am, I am dupped by false claims. I saw the company was in CA...I did not see the China connection. ALSO...WalMart QUIETLY, and slowly removed the product from their shelves according to news reports. We should not have to fight to get the info we need to make good decisions. MADE IN CHINA should be blasted in big print up front!! My Bostons love the chicken treats but I noticed a couple of throw-up days and attributed it to too much water, the heat (even though they are house babes), hormones, etc. I never suspected the treats I hand picked as a good choice for them. I did not see the China connection and I LOOKED...just not good enough. I just hope my babes do not suffer long term effects from the treats they have gotten off and on for a year. They do not require much and give so much in return. Little things make them happy and the thought that I may have harmed them is hurting me right now more than you could know. We have a RIGHT to know if we buy a product with a China connection...and it should not be hidden in the fine print!! I am hurt, worried, and upset. Your comments were so uncalled for. Many of the pet parents commenting on this blog are still seeking answers...the answers that are hard to find because they do NOT appear in the WARNING BOXES! We are suppose to have a degree of assurance that the things we purchase in this country are safe. A joke now, but we were suppose to be protected from this sort of thing. I sure hope if any of you do find outabout Waggin Trails, you will post it on this blog.


#431 Aug 21, 2007
When I took my shih tzu to the vet today and he put her on medication for diarrhea and vomiting, I took the rest of my unused bag of Waggin Train Chicken Jerkys with me and asked if they could do an analysis. He said he's never done that before, but he would this time and would contact the Board of Health and have them do testing. She's looking at me right now begging for a Chicken Jerky treat. Never again. I just wish I could tell her why.

Salt Lake City, UT

#432 Aug 21, 2007
My dog was vomiting months ago. I cut out all treats, especially store brought treats (Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Tenders, deemed the favorite by me and my dog). All was well for 4-5 months. Then, we picked up the Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Tenders.
Now she is vomiting again. The chicken tenders have been the only variation to her meals. Back to the vet we go. Back to the meds for the unexplainable vomiting.
My son brought to my attention that he heard about a problem with a chicken jerky treats.
Coincidence or not the Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Tenders have to go.
FYI ~#933737
Can't wait for my girl to be all better.

Youngstown, OH

#433 Aug 21, 2007
We have been feeding our 3 yorkie-poos,2mix breeds,and 1 yorkie-pom, wagon trail for over 2 years. No problems yet, but will monitor closley.


#434 Aug 21, 2007
I just e-mailed the company with these qustions:
Do you test for melamine in your chicken tenders? Melamine was found in chickens intended for human consumption that came from China. Do you inspect and test the feed that is used for these chickens? What % of this Product gets tested for melamine?

I got an instant response with the canned pitch.

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