Questions and answers about the pet f...

Questions and answers about the pet food recall

There are 830 comments on the Newsday story from Mar 19, 2007, titled Questions and answers about the pet food recall. In it, Newsday reports that:

Q: What brands and types of pet food are being recalled? A: The recall involves Ontario-based Menu Foods' "cuts and gravy" style cat and dog food packaged from Dec.

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Roxhorn LA CA

Los Angeles, CA

#394 Aug 21, 2007
Go to this website: it will alleviate some fears about the Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Tenders


Since: Jun 07

United States

#395 Aug 21, 2007
If I find out that these waggin train chicken jerky strips are unsafe for my min-pins and has done them harm.I will personally make a visit to the API headquarters and kick sombodys ****

Chesterfield, MO

#396 Aug 21, 2007
I started feeding my dog Jerkey Tenders (wagon Train) last year, once or twice a day before we went on vacation to Canada. She started coughing before the trip. While in Canada her snout started swelling. She could not breath right. She had skin leisions. When we returned to the states, took her to the vet, after 1800.00 of biopsies and blood work and removal of lymph nodes. They still don't know whats wrong, Her nose is peeling, and she cannot breath, almost like sinus trouble only a whole lot worse. Is their a cure for pesticide poisoning?
Craig Williams

Jacksonville, FL

#397 Aug 21, 2007
I can only say that I recently bought a bag of Waggin Trails Brand Chicken Jerky Tender from Wal-Mart made in China. The second day after opeining the 32 oz. bag I gave Jacob, my minature dachsund, a treat. He got two of them, one each day. That very evening he had what I can only describe as a "Grand Mall" seizure. He lost control of his bladder and could not walk, besides his constant shaking for half an hour. These treats were from Lot # 94667. He has never had a seizure before and as you can imagine, he was absolutely terrified. He is only three years old. I am going to return the remaining product to Wal-Mart and let them know what happened. Unfortunately, as I have found in the past, the Wal-Mart store and its management won't give a r__ts a_s. It is sad that all of these products being imported from China turn out to be a major problem. I personally value the lives of my pets too much to take chances. Why does it take so long for any recall of such serious consequences to be initiated? Could it be that the almight dollor is worth more to Wal-Mart and its investors than the health and lives of our pets? I truly think so.

United States

#398 Aug 21, 2007
Waggin Train chicken jerky tenders are my dog's favorite treat. Last week I gave him one and he just laid it aside and wouldn't eat it. I was concerned, but a little while later he ate it but seemed to eat it only to please me and didn't seem to enjoy it. This is the one treat my dog would do anything to get, so that was highly unusual, but I just figured he was having an off day or something.

Today I gave him another one and this time he loved it. But less than 2 hours later he started throwing up.

I'm a pet sitter and have been sitting for a client whose dog gets Waggin Train chicken jerky. They did not have me giving the treats to the dog while I was sitting for them and the dog was fine the whole time the client was gone. They gave her a jerky when they got home today and within the hour she was throwing up.

I don't know what's up with these treats, but I'm not giving them to my dog anymore. The lot number on my bag (40 oz from Sam's) is 94146. I don't know what my client's lot number is.
Craig Williams

Jacksonville, FL

#399 Aug 21, 2007
I recently bought a 32 oz. bag of Waggin Train chicken Jerky Tenders from Wal-Mart. I opened the bag after a few days and fed them to Jacob, my miniature dachsund, on two occasions on two consecutive days. On the second day about two hours later after giving the treat, he had what I can only describe as a "Grand Mall" seizure. He lost total control of his bladder and could not stand or walk, shaking uncontrolably, and totally disoriented. Needless to say he was scared out of his mind. The seizure lasted about 1/2 hour and it took over two hours before he started to feel normal again... I am wondering what if any permanent health risks there may be. He is the love of our lives. I am going to return the remaining treats to Wal-Mart, however I am going to probably be met with the same indifference that you get from the store managers or assistant managers at Wal-Mart.
They must care more about corporate profits than the health and welfare of our pets. Why does it take so long to get a recall on possibly deadly products that we give to our pets? See the statement above. Corporate Profits. I am not going to let this go. We need to stop bringing in products from other countries, including China, that apparently do not meet up with US standards, which I am only assuming exist in regard to our pet population.
I watch shows in regard to the ASPCA and other organizations like Miami or Detroit or Houston animal control and they are sickened by mistreatment of any animals. They spend their days rescuing and curing if possible **** that they find in distress. Then we buy food and treats for our pets in good faith only to find out that we are poisoning them. Shame on you Wal-Mart. You should be held liable like any other person who endangers the lives of our precious animals. I hope you get what you deserve.....

United States

#400 Aug 21, 2007
Wow. I saw the Wal-Mart news this morning about their "quietly" pulling their Bestro chicken strips off the market, but then saw some startling stories regarding the Waggin' Train brand of chicken strips sold at Costco and other retailers. My dogs have enjoyed the Waggin' Train strips for a couple of years now, but I recently had to put down my favorite of 4 dogs, a Corgi/Cocker Spaniel named "Pudgey". Pudgey loved the Waggin' Train chicken strips more than anything in the world. He would do the "Snoopy Dance" every time I yelled "CHICKEN STRIPS!!!" to the dogs before bedtime most nights. I'm not sure what chemicals are used in the Waggin' Train strips, and I'm not sure what caused Pudgey's cancer and ruptured tumors 5 weeks ago, but I will no longer give my "kids" anything Made in China. As a product safety expert in the consumer products and children's toy field, I personally know how products are made in China. Most reputable companies have strict protocols and standards for materials specifications, design, manufacturing, quality and safety assurance, and finally, testing at all stages of production by an independent laboratory. The recent toy recalls and previous dog food with melamine scares only highlight a systemic problem with products from China. My personal mantra is "if it's food from China, I won't eat it, and I CERTAINLY wouldn't give it to my dogs, who I love more than myself!" I have nothing against the Chinese since this is not a race issue at all (in fact, I'm Chinese-American); rather, this is a food safety issue that affects the safety and lives of our beloved pets and the sanctity of our family units as a whole. Therefore, I'm avoiding all food products from China. I'll be returning for a refund the new bag of Waggin' Train chicken strips we just bought (still unopened) from Costco a few days ago, and my "kids" will have to go without their chicken strips until I find a reputable U.S. supplier. In the meantime, my wife will be making homemade doggie treats for them!

Boston, MA

#401 Aug 21, 2007
Kate wrote:
This is posted on The ADI Pet website today:
Latest Press Release: Tuesday. Aug. 21, 2007
Safe for Use: ADI Pet, Inc. Announces All Waggin’ Train
Brand Pet Products Are Safe for Use
Corona, California.
ADI Pet, Inc. wants to inform consumers that the pet food recall by several manufacturers
does not include any Waggin’ Train Brand pet products or any ADI Pet products.
This same press release was also posted earlier on page 16 post# 319 on April 23rd. So there is no real update fron ADI pet yet.

Sunset, TX

#402 Aug 21, 2007
to answer your question Kate, she was 13 years old, and never a sick day in her life until about a week and half ago, when she died at the vets my husband requested her blood be tested for toxins,
we should be hearing back sometime next week.
The last bag of Waggin Tails we purchase looked
funny, it was after she became ill that we realized these where made in China, all, so much
for chicken breast meat and seasons. I have a
beautiful Silver Sable Shepard who is mourning her older sister. She has an appointment with the doctor on Thursday, I am having her tested.
I just could not take losing her too.
thank you for asking

United States

#403 Aug 21, 2007
I just called ADI Pet about Waggin Train. I asked them if they get their chicken jerky from the same supplier in China as the 2 recalled brands. I also reported the vomiting. They said they are not affiliated at all with that supplier. Even so, I'm not giving them to my dog anymore. This may all be a coincidence that my dog and my client's dog vomited shortly after eating them, but I'm not taking any chances. Right now I don't trust any foods or treats made in China.

Montpelier, VT

#404 Aug 21, 2007
Did you trace it to Beefeaters? My dog has cancer and she has been eating those strips for a few years. Hmmm
melissa wrote:
i also suspect my dogs have gotten sick from waggin train chicken jerkey tenders,(adipet inc) terrible diarrhea for 1 week even after they stopped eating them. I will never ever buy them food from china again and only feed them homemade now. Please post if your dogs have gotten sick from this brand
<quoted text>
Cindy - Gardendale AL

Calera, AL

#405 Aug 21, 2007
I too, have been feeding my 5 dogs the Waggin Train Chicken Jerky treats. One of my bassets, Lola, has been sick for several weeks off and on with vomiting and bloody diarrhea. I didn't feed any of these treats to any of the dogs while she was sick. After she was better, I gave them some more of the treats and she vomited one of her meals per day for two days. Then the next day had bloody diarrhea again. I will never feed my dogs these treats again. I think I am going to make my own treats from now own.

United States

#406 Aug 21, 2007
I purchased Waggin Train brand chicken jerky tenders from Costcos in Colchester Vermont on August 5th. Last week my 2 dogs became violently ill. I had to take them to the vets last Saturday. I have called Costcos and they have said that this product is not on their recall list. I have spoken to my vet and they recommend that I bring the dogs in to have their blood tested. I will be doing that tomorrow. They have also given me the FDA number to call. I will also be doing that tomorrow. I hope to have answers soon. I will also try to email the company.


#408 Aug 21, 2007
Wow! Until I heard about the Walmart recall I never suspected that the Waggin trail jerky tenders could have been what made my 5 year old and 23 lbs kiko so sick. I also had no idea the treats had been irradiatated (got this info from ebay reviews and guides)3 days at the vet and no idea what was wrong.She was vomitting/diarrea and in extreme pain.X-rays only showed extreme throat, stomach and bowel irritation. This information need to get out if it's true. Go to ebay to get link to notify FDA

United States

#409 Aug 21, 2007
A interesting question was asked here several blogs back: "why do we find out about these things when it's too late?"
Easy answer: because most of don't you read the credible WARNING info that is provided here or don't read any info at all BEFORE!
You give the dogs the treats, the dogs get ill from the treats, the dogs recover (sometimes), then you give the treats to the dogs again, and then you're wondering:
"do you think it could be from the treats?"
"should I stop giving my dog these treats?"
"is it from this or that lot number?"


The REAL answer AND the cause is YOU pet parents!

Despite all the warning info, YOU still insist on not learning about this garbage. YOU don't prevent it. YOU still buy from Wal-mart. YOU believe that pet foods and treats are ok now. YOU believe what the manufacturer's say.
YOU look at where the treats are made AFTER the fact! And eventually again you will trust pet foods and treats made in China!
Your pets are the only ones who are REALLY suffering due to YOU!


Honolulu, HI

#410 Aug 21, 2007
My Baby...Chalupa also died on Friday...she has been eating these treats and then suddenly became violently ill and within two days passed away.... please if anyone has doubt about feeding there dogs these treats...DONT DO IT!!! It's not worth the pain of losing your best friend.....

United States

#411 Aug 21, 2007
ps: notify the FDA and do all the e-mailing you want. That doesn't make a difference for your own preventative responsibility!
Chris W

Iselin, NJ

#412 Aug 21, 2007
prema in IN wrote:
I give my dog Wagging Trail chicken strips. He didn't have a problem so far. I got a new bag yesterday and I am worried now. I looked at the Waggin Train one and it says it is produced in California. Does anybody know for sure what brand is bad?
For regular diet I feed him Innova nad never had a problem. I was so relieved when they recalled several brands a while ago to find that Innova is not among them.
The fine print tells me the company is in CA but even finer print "made in China" I am seeking answers also


#413 Aug 21, 2007
Anyone have a lot number from the suspected bags or chicken jerky treats? Or are they ALL contaminated? I cannot find any recall on them.


#414 Aug 21, 2007
Waggin' Train Brand Jerky Tenders Lot# 94663 Made for ADIPet, Inc. Rancho Ca Are these safe or not?
Or is this where all those sick chickens ended up?

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