Obama promises more than 600,000 stim...

Obama promises more than 600,000 stimulus jobs

There are 109514 comments on the Lebanon Daily News story from Jun 8, 2009, titled Obama promises more than 600,000 stimulus jobs. In it, Lebanon Daily News reports that:

President Barack Obama promised Monday to deliver more than 600,000 jobs through his $787 billion stimulus plan this summer, with federal agencies pumping billions into public works projects, schools and summer youth programs.

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#40879 Feb 4, 2010
I got it figured out, those of you that think Obozo is all that and then some.

Are you here on this thread to prove just how stupid you are to everyone that sees the real truth about Obozo?
Apparently you voted for Obozo, you are his followers and cant see the harm and destruction he is doing to America and the American's and our work force here In America, are you trying to prove your blind or need glasses because you can not see the real truth.

Are you trying to prove your lazy and you want Obozo to provide everything for you so you dont have to work?

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#40880 Feb 4, 2010
Which is it, stupid/lazy ?
You shove so many of his promises up your A$$'s its caused brain damage?

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#40881 Feb 4, 2010
08billy/j swift
you dont need to reply...we allready know where you stand or lay with this issue...LMAO
Pfluger the Union Monkey

Needham, MA

#40882 Feb 4, 2010
Pittakos wrote:
<quoted text>
I took the pledge! "I am an obstructionist and proud of it." The other side will use that term to try and make it sound as if though it is something bad. Fret not! When someone is trying to tear down this country, being an obstructionist is a good thing. As a matter of fact, it is irresponsible not to be an obstructionist in those circumstances. Let the revolution begin.
Obstruct the Kenyan's radical agenda!!!
Pelosi Schmelosi Too


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#40883 Feb 4, 2010
Na Hampsha wrote:
<quoted text>
PS2 is all bool-sheet, all the time.
And all of Gilbert is about to find out all about it.

Pelosi Schmelosi Too


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#40884 Feb 4, 2010
So Unemployment is a "lagging" indicator??

Weak Outlook for New Hiring
Corporations Continue to Pare Full-Time Jobs; Temporary Staffing Perks Up

There's a reason the Obama administration wants to spend $100 billion to get businesses to start hiring: Few companies are doing it on their own.

In the last several weeks, a number of big employers have commented on their staffing levels, or their outlook for employment overall, and it's telling that there is little optimism. The problem, of course, is that consumer spending—the one great, irreplaceable economic stimulus—remains stuck in the mud.
John Gottis Corpse

New York, NY

#40885 Feb 4, 2010
Devin?.....Billy???? Where are you guys?
Pelosi Schmelosi Too


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#40886 Feb 4, 2010

The US Misery Index by President
January 1948 to December 2009
Misery Index = Unemployment rate + Inflation rate

President Start End Change Avg.

Richard M. Nixon 7.80 17.01 9.21 10.57
James E. Carter, Jr. 12.72 19.72 7.00 16.26
Barack H. Obama 7.63 12.72 5.09 8.92
Dwight D. Eisenhower 3.28 7.96 4.68 6.26
Lyndon B. Johnson 7.02 8.12 1.10 6.77
George H.W. Bush 10.07 10.30 0.23 10.68
George W. Bush 7.93 7.29 -0.64 8.10
John F. Kennedy 8.31 6.82 -1.49 7.14
William J. Clinton 10.56 7.29 -3.27 7.80
Gerald R. Ford 16.36 12.66 -3.70 16.00
Ronald W. Reagan 19.33 9.72 -9.61 12.19
Harry S. Truman 13.63 3.45 -10.18 7.88

Pelosi Schmelosi Too


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#40887 Feb 4, 2010
A Preview of tomorrow's BLS report...


Unemployment rates were
in December than a year earlier in
371 of the 372 metropolitan areas
and LOWER in
area, the U.S. Bureau of Labor
Statistics reported today. Nineteen areas recorded jobless rates of at
least 15.0 percent, while 10 areas registered rates below 5.0 percent.
The national unemployment rate in December was 9.7 percent, not sea-
sonally adjusted, up from 7.1 percent a year earlier. Among the 369
metropolitan areas for which nonfarm payroll employment were available,
356 areas reported over-the-year decreases in employment, 12 reported
increases, and 1 remained unchanged.

Pfluger the Union Monkey

Needham, MA

#40888 Feb 4, 2010
I'm sure Obama will have a speech prepared to read about the bad jobs report, and the newly tanking market.

Double dip recession here we come! 10% unemployment. Record deficits. Rising misery index. Inflation ahead! That will be the legacy of Obama the Spiritual Faith Healer. An incompetent boy king preening narcissist who loves the pomp and circumstance of office, and flies around the country giving stupid speeches.

Obstruct the Kenyan!
Jane says

New York, NY

#40889 Feb 4, 2010
excerpts -an analysis of tomorrow's predicted jobs reports -

‘Bad feelings grow about employment report

When the Labor Department released its employment figures for January 2009, it subtracted an astounding 356,000 jobs from the overall count because it felt that small companies were quietly going out of business. It couldn't prove this was really happening.…

The model is a guess -- and a bad one, it turns out -- at how many companies too small to be reached in the official monthly survey are creating jobs (the "birth" part) or eliminating them ("death").

Prepare yourself. It's déjà vu time. Just like it did last January, the Labor Department will be making pessimistic assumptions in tomorrow's employment report. Worse, it will also be correcting some of the errors this adjustment made in the past, resulting in an even gloomier job picture (if you can believe it) for the last year.

The Obama administration isn't supposed to have the January figures yet. So it must just be an incredible coincidence that the president began his full-court press for a jobs program last week.

The 356,000 downward adjustment for the birth/death model contributed to Jan. 2009's overall employment figure being frighteningly bad -- the loss of 741,000 jobs for that month. And that started a string of monthly job losses -- 681,000 in February, 652,000 in March, 519,000 in April, etc.-- that turned 2009 into one of the most dreadful labor markets of all time...

Just a week ago, the experts thought there would be an increase of 50,000 jobs in January. As of yesterday, that optimism had been pared down to a miniscule rise of just 13,000 jobs. Either would be a miracle considering the statistical hoops that the Labor Department puts its numbers through. The experts expected job growth in December too, but the government reported a loss of 85,000 jobs.

For the record, an outfit called TrimTabs yesterday said its independent calculations showed that the economy lost 104,000 jobs in January. It bases that estimate on daily income tax deposits at the US Treasury.

Another job tabulator that tracks payrolls, Automatic Data Processing (ADP), thinks the January job loss was 22,000. That's the smallest monthly decline in two years.

Neither TrimTabs nor ADP is trying to guess the Labor Department's number. Both, instead, track company payrolls or tax receipts and forego all the guesstimates, like seasonal adjustments and the birth/death models, used by the Labor Department.

A few months ago the Labor Department looked as if it was going to correct the mistakes caused by its birth/death model.

But insaner heads prevailed, and it now seems as if no corrective measures are being taken...

Here's one more matter that will be of interest to everyone.

Will the unemployment rate stay at 10 percent, as the experts are predicting?

As the recession gets longer, more and more unemployed people get disqualified from being included in the U-3 calculation -- through a separate telephone survey -- that produces that 10 percent figure. That's because they stop looking for work.

So, the unemployment rate could actually improve even as the job market gets worse.

The stat to watch is the U- 6 figure that measures underemployed people, which last month was at 17.3 percent. That's where people formerly on the U-3 jobless list end up before they finally quit looking for work and disappear altogether.

February 4, 2010
Pfluger the Union Monkey

Needham, MA

#40890 Feb 4, 2010
John Gottis Corpse wrote:
Devin?.....Billy???? Where are you guys?
I guess even Obamatrons have some sense of embarassment, when it becomes obvious that their Bush hating, name calling, fact spinning tactics to deflect attention from Obama's STUNNING INCOMPETENCE isn't working anymore.

"The writing on the wall is clearest when the wall is collapsing on top of you."

Pikeville, TN

#40891 Feb 4, 2010
Now ask yourself this, if you owned a company and could make a better profit else where would you? If your country made it harder for you to function at a profit and keeps adding taxes upon taxes on you, not to mention the higher cost to even buy supplies to make your products but you could do so in another country cheaper what would you do? If your company could compete world wide if they moved out of their country would you? Exactly what these did. They did this so they could make a profit.


The more we do to take away from companies the more they leave. We have a jobs problem that we are creating and it comes down to being able to be compete world wide and at home and still make a profit. Look at GM, prices so high they can not compete here much less over seas, Proctor and Gamblin selling off products they have made for years because they can not compete, and the list just keeps growing. For every company we drive over seas we loose more jobs, for every company we drive out of business we loose jobs, and still we hear congress and our leaders coming up with more ways to add more taxes on companies here in our own country. Cap and Trade, a huge tax on companies, the adding of more time on unemployment another added tax on companies, forcing companies to supply insurance, like it or not when forced it is nothing more than a tax. What will happen if this all comes about and the companies toss it in. How many jobs will there be?
Pfluger the Union Monkey

Needham, MA

#40892 Feb 4, 2010
Yes we can??(If you don't want to get depressed, don't click on the link....)


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#40893 Feb 4, 2010
pfuger that was shocking article no doubt about it, and the lame brains will not see it coming, they have had the obozo promises shoved down so far down there throats that they are digested and now hanging out there A$$'s and they will still continue to hang on to the prmises in hopes that obozo is going to fix things..... sad
Pfluger the Union Monkey

Needham, MA

#40894 Feb 4, 2010
Gregory Scott wrote:
pfuger that was shocking article no doubt about it, and the lame brains will not see it coming, they have had the obozo promises shoved down so far down there throats that they are digested and now hanging out there A$$'s and they will still continue to hang on to the prmises in hopes that obozo is going to fix things..... sad
I'm really worried about sovereign debt defaults, and what kind of domino effect that would have. I just can't see a way out of the fiscal mess at every level of government, especially with the incompetent Kenyan as President and his hacks like Geithner, Goolsbee, et. al. in Washington.

I really think we need to do something drastic. Like declare a fiscal emergency. Freeze all spending, including Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Force all public sector employees to take across the board salary cuts, at all levels of government. Freeze pensions and recalculate based on the assets that are in the funds already.

And raise taxes, for everybody. Impose 10 cents a gallon gasoline tax increase immediately, and increase it by 10 cents per year.

Freeze all spending until we get the deficit down to a manageable level.

I think we are near a tipping point, not only in the USA, but across the world.

ALL OF OUR POLITICIANS HAVE SOLD US OUT, and have been doing so for years.
Pfluger the Union Monkey

Needham, MA

#40895 Feb 4, 2010
Sorry for the Beck like rant, but things are really, really bad, and we have a Stooge as President.

God help us.

Since: Mar 07

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#40896 Feb 4, 2010
I agree pfluger...with both comments, WDC better do something besides line there pockets an send the elite groups to gitms for a little water bd. vacation.
God will be back in the main focus before this mess is over for sure.

Since: Nov 08

Provo, UT

#40897 Feb 4, 2010
Pfluger wrote:
Sorry for the Beck like rant, but things are really, really bad, and we have a Stooge as President.
God help us.
Certainly no need to apologize. My only disagreement was that instead of getting our deficit down to a manageable level we need to get our budget down to where it is without a deficit. America needs to make the hard choices. We can't be everything to everyone. That means we need smaller government with less 'services.' That means we need for people to begin taking responsibility for themselves. That means that we can't police the entire world and we cant continue to handout money that we don't have to other countries. That means the politicians need to tighten their belts. Pelosi can fly commercial like everyone else. Obama can wait until he is out of office to take his daughters to see the Indonesia that he grew up in. Persoanlly, I believe it is possible to reverse this trend and to eventually pay off our debt. The question is whether or not we have the intestinal fortitude to do so.

Clarksville, TN

#40898 Feb 4, 2010
J Swift wrote:
<quoted text>
You know something, I'll bring up Bush whenever I think it's relevant. He lied us into 2 wars, he lied us into the belief that you can lower taxes without lowering expenditures (and be in two wars at the same time), he lied us into so much fear that we let him trash the Constitution and then left the mess for someone else to clean up. He ought to be on trial.
And, oh yeah, don't put words into my mouth. I don't love Obama, I don't even know the man. I do know that whoever followed Bush was going to have a nightmare on his hands. And you clowns who think you know how to fix this economy make me laugh. All you do is whine. Ya got nothing but whine and rag on the guy trying to save this country's bacon after Bush and Company damned near destroyed it. Actually, the way the Republicans are acting, we may not be able to fix it.
Go watch fox. Get yourself a good ole fix of hate.
You don't know Bush either but it doesn't stopped the stupidity you continue to post about him.

If you don't love Obama then why don't you recogonized the truth about him, hurts too much, hmmmmm? Obama, repubs and the poor ole dems also voted for the war, where is your criticism for this?

What..."go watch Fox, get yourself a good ole fix of hate"....then the continue vile rhetorics toward not only Bush but anyone who does not agree with you......is not hatred or moreso hatemongering?


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