Anger Over St. Charles County Roads

Anger Over St. Charles County Roads

There are 37 comments on the Fox2Now story from Mar 2, 2010, titled Anger Over St. Charles County Roads. In it, Fox2Now reports that:

Deadly roads, with no room for error. A slight distraction, a slick spot or a strong wind could send you rolling.

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Troy, MO

#1 Mar 3, 2010
I have driven these roads my entire life, 32 years, traffic has increased. I have never hit a critter and never went off the road. Speed limits have not changed, that may help in the interim, until funding can be found. I have heard about shoulders being added forever, but that won't change the curves in these roads, people still have to slow down.
Paul Gragg

Wentzville, MO

#2 Mar 3, 2010
I just wanted to make a very important comment about the dangerous St. Charles County Rd. story you did on Tues 3/2/10. Something that no one has mentioned yet is that because of the share the road laws. We have bicyclist riding on these very same roads even though the Katie Trail is only a couple miles away. There has been several close calls and accidents because of this. There is also a spot 2 miles down on hwy F from New Melle were the Fred Weber Quarry is located. As you descend down the steep hill there is no guard rail on the right overlooking the quarry. If you were to run of the road there you would drop approximately 100'.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#3 Mar 3, 2010
In May 2008 I was driving home from class on a Wednesday night around 9:30. I live in Defiance, near D and DD, I take D through Busch Wildlife to get home. I was sixteen and it was a few months after I had gotten my license. My tires ran off the right side of the road and I overcorrected, crossed the opposite lane, and cwent into the ditch on the other side. I was driving a GMC Envoy and it had over $8000 in damage and it was totaled.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#4 Mar 3, 2010
Modot says it doesn't have the money to put shoulders on the roads. Like the man said at the town hall meeting. "It's a matter of allocation, we have 43 percent of the fatal accidents, we want 43 percent of the money."

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#5 Mar 3, 2010
My son rolled our truck on Highway DD, luckily he wasn't hurt. If there had been shoulders on the road I would still be driving that truck.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#6 Mar 3, 2010
Joe wrote:
Modot says it doesn't have the money to put shoulders on the roads. Like the man said at the town hall meeting. "It's a matter of allocation, we have 43 percent of the fatal accidents, we want 43 percent of the money."
I couldn't agree more, they have the money, they just choose not to spend it on our roads!!!

Saint Peters, MO

#7 Mar 4, 2010
I would like to comment that taxes are very high for my real estate property in the New Melle/Defiance area and I feel that we deserve the same road committment that Highway 109 received (from Wildhorse Creek to Clayton Road and beyond). There is just as much traffic if not more that travel Highway D and DD everyday as that route.
I realize it is gas tax that funds the bucket for the roads however as a whole state, the $$$ collected should not be what is in a certain mile radius that keeps that area bucket flowing. Does Chesterfield or Highway 40 need any more BEAUTIFICATION to their overpasses? example the $$$ in fancy concrete work design,those light fixtures on the overpasses or the engraving of the road name on the overpass. SPREAD the money more appropriately. Keep up the GREAT WORK SOS committee members. I support you dedication.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#8 Mar 4, 2010
I just wanted to say that I have lived in Defiance now for 11 years and the roads need shoulders. It doesnt matter how long you have been driving or even if you would drive 45mph the bottom line is you have no where to go if someone crosses the line or if you drop a tire or someone else drops a tire. We cant bring back the people that have lost their lives but we can try to help from anyone else loosing their child,mother,wife,husband etc.

O Fallon, MO

#9 Mar 4, 2010
The County has millions of dollars to invest in land for 2 more parks out here in this area which will draw even more traffic out here but they can't find money to fix the roads and save lives. We need somebody to set some priorities here people. We will not stop putting pressure on our elected representatives until someone with guts stands up and says enough is enough. It is all about reallocation. We appreciate all the positive talk from gov. officials but actions speak louder than words.

Saint Louis, MO

#10 Mar 4, 2010
I have lived in the Defiance/New Melle area for the past 35 years and much of what everyone else has posted is very true. The amount of traffic has increased, the deer and other animals jumping into the road unexpectedly and bicyclists on the road increases the danger because you have nowhere to go - you come around a blind curve and there they are... Ask yourself this - are you going in the ditch and probably roll, swerve into the other lane and hit someone head on, or hit the deer/biker? Why should we have to make that kind of decision? My parents have lost friends on these roads, I have lost friends on these roads, my children have lost friends on these roads and we know many others who have had close calls. My former neighbors were hit head-on by a lumber truck who dropped a tire off and overcorrected into the other lane and were killed instantly. They were a victim of the roads. The gravel on the sides is a start, but it's just not enough - much of it has already washed away where they put it down. We need a real solution. We need graded shoulders.
New Melle Resident

Wentzville, MO

#11 Mar 4, 2010
I agree there needs to be something done about the shoulders, especially since there are so many IGNORANT people who bike on D, DD, Z, T, etc. I have had way too many close encounters with bicyclists and like Jackie says, why should I have to possibly hit the ditch to avoid them and have my life put at risk when they can go bike on the Katy Trail; or at least on a side road where the speed limit is 35 and I wouldn't have to avoid them AND oncoming traffic at 55 mph, coming around a curve or over a hill. I am sick of these bicyclists thinking it's completely fine to ride their bike down D, DD, etc. I don't care if they want to put their own life at risk but I'd rather they not put mine at risk as well. I'm all for shoulders.

Saint Louis, MO

#12 Mar 4, 2010
A serious law suit against the state may change things. These roads do not appear to be up to "county standards". This situation is another reminder that as constituents our cries fall on deaf ears. Let's publicly expose those responsible for perpetuating this situation and get their rear ends out of office. Leaches who can't find a real job. I am sickened by this.
Dana D

Excelsior Springs, MO

#13 Mar 4, 2010
Mike wrote:
My son rolled our truck on Highway DD, luckily he wasn't hurt. If there had been shoulders on the road I would still be driving that truck.
The roads were bad when I was growing up and they haven't changed. it is obvious the people in charge have their priorities mixed up. Is it going to take one of their loved ones to get hurt or God forbid, die due to a rollover, because of no shoulders? That is sad especially when senators say all the empty promises just to get your vote. They WILL NEVER GET MY VOTE!!! Thank God my nephew lived through his rollover!!
Cindy-New Melle

O Fallon, MO

#14 Mar 4, 2010
I agree with all the comments made regarding the roads in New Melle. It is amazing to me that most of the money going for road improvements always tends to lead to solving traffic problems, bottle necks, as so on. Well I am fed up with it. Who really cares if you have to sit in traffic a few minutes longer before you reach your destination, you got there alive, no one is getting killed sitting in a bottle neck, but when you LIVE in an area that EVERY road out is DANGEROUS and no room for error on your part or the on coming traffic, and god for bid if there is any error or distraction, your chances of arriving to your destination alive are pretty slim. THAT I BELIEVE IS CAUSE FOR EVERYONES CONCERN AND SHOULD BE ADDRESSED AND SOLVED!!! EVERYTIME when I drive our roads I think of my friend's daughter who lost her life on Hwy. D a year ago, just coming home from friends on a Sunday evening. She did not reach her destination alive just because her tire went slightly off the side of the NARROW ROAD WITH NO SHOULDER. As a tax payer, I AM FED UP!!!! WE ARE LOSING OUR CHILDREN, SPOUSES, FRIENDS, FAMILY, OUT HERE AND THERE IS MORE AND MORE HOUSING DEVELOPMENT GOING ON, AND OUR ROADS ARE NOT SAFE ENOUGH TO TRAVEL ON! We are not in Kansas anymore folks!!Our representatives need to step up to the plate and BE THE CHANGE, LIVES OVER $$$$$.

O Fallon, MO

#15 Mar 4, 2010
I agree also that we need shoulders. As Steven mentioned these roads are not up to standards. Isn't this illegal? Isn't it the our highway dept's job to make them standard width? Yes there are a lot of curves on the road and we need to all watch our speed limit, but the bottom line is where can I go if I have a flat tire or my car breaks down? There is no safe place at all. MODOT needs to reevaluate the spending and prioritize it out in this area. I am totally flabbergasted at the percentage of accidents that do occur on these roads.
Get with it MODOT rearrange some of your budget!!

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#16 Mar 4, 2010
If these politicians can't provide safe roads for my children, then I'll elect politicians who can.

Toronto, Canada

#17 Mar 4, 2010
Another point I haven't seen raised thus far is the repairs that come too late and are shoddy quality. Pot-holes are left untreated so long that they are really deep and if you hit them because you can't go around them with oncoming traffic and no shoulders, it's dangerous-your car pulls one way or the other. Pot-holes get "fixed" then become "pot-hills" that cause cars to jerk & swerve when hit at speeds of 45-55mph. They did some grading and added a very small shoulder on HWY D, between Callaway Fork Road and a little past Benne Road last summer and they just added the shoulder on - right next to places where the edge of the road was falling off and sinking rather than fixing that while they were there. There are several places along that stretch where the new shoulders are now sinking and caved in - useless. I'm sick of my tax dollars being used to pay for shoddy repairs that just have to be re-done in a few months! Do it right the first time and we don't have to pay for the same spots to be fixed two and three times in one year. Who's doing quality checks on their work?? I'm guessing NO ONE. We just keep paying for it.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#18 Mar 4, 2010
We are not asking for a 4 lane road. This is a Safety Project to save lives. The projects that are allocated money for the next year or two are to make transportation more convenient. This is a no-brainer. The 2500 students riding a school bus on these roads deserve safer transportation. The buses barely even fit in their lane. Clipping mirrors is not uncommon. How can this be alright with our politicians?

Lima, NY

#19 Mar 5, 2010
I lived on these roads all my life. I am now 40. When "repairs" are done, when "resurfacing" is done, when they say "we are making the roads better", it usually means another 1-2 inches of blacktop on top of what is already there. This just makes the drop off deeper and more dangerous! I agree with everything everyone has said here. REALLOCATION is the key. PRIORITIES need to be reevaluated.

Lives are more important than traffic. I was in a school bus that went off the road and was laying on it's side in the ditch!! No one was injured then, thanks to a bus driver who knew the dangers and was prepared enough to be going slow! But as a kid, I was scared to death! Anyone who knows me, knows I have had my fair share of accidents on these roads!(and a little of everyone else's share too!) My father taught me very early on about the roads out here, there danger and how to handle a drop off. If he hadn't, my accidents would have been a whole lot worse!

While I think that is a very useful skill to have, it is not one taught in drivers ed, and most parents don't think about it!

*If you drop off, DO NOT TRY TO GET BACK ON THE ROAD! Slow down (gently). Once slowed down, then turn the wheel to get back onto the road.*

This is not a fix for the problem, by any means! WE NEED SHOULDERS for all those that don't know this, know the roads and their dangers, and are the victims of other's non-knowledge!
County Driver

United States

#20 Mar 5, 2010
I agree. I travel on these roads quite often and shoulders are needed for bikers, car break downs and the like. However, when you have people driving 10, 15, 20+ miles over the speed limit, passing in no passing zones, and riding 1 foot from the car in front of them then shoulders aren't going to do a lot of good. Like I said earlier, I travel these roads quite often.

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