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There are 43 comments on the Carrollton Free Press Standard story from Jan 16, 2013, titled Carrollton Free Press Standard Letters to the Editor | Bonnie Little. In it, Carrollton Free Press Standard reports that:

People vote for what they are, not who God is. Our nation was founded on God but is moving away from Him now.

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Also from Carrollton

Atlanta, GA

#1 Jan 16, 2013
I totally agree with your comments. I am so tired of being politically correct when it comes to religion. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.

Chicago, IL

#2 Jan 16, 2013
Thank you for publically standing on your belief. There will soon be those hiding behinf false internet names that will attack you. Don't let the pigs pull you into the pig pen!

Butler, OH

#3 Jan 17, 2013
Your God or mine? The country was founded on religious freedom.

Massillon, OH

#4 Jan 17, 2013
This country was founded on Judeo/Christian principles guaranteeing religious freedom.
When 99 out of 100 people have no problem with praying publicly to God in Jesus' name and/or learning about Him and 1 person does, why is it that that one person's beliefs trump the 99?
Before I get attacked for stating that, I would really like to know which of the 10 commandments are harmful, offensive or bad for our youth (or ANYONE) to follow?

United States

#5 Jan 18, 2013
Ihave to be the first "pig" to attack Bonnie. The churches, Sunday school, after school activities, parents in the home--these are places for kids to learn about religion. If the church were doing a better job, kids would be solid in their beliefs. The school is a place to gain knowledge, life skills, and general thinking skills. The school has enough to do and the church and homes need to step up and take their roles to a level in which kids understand where they learn or practice whatever. A board member should not be pushing an agenda. Bonnie has been trying to push actual Bible like classes in the schools for years. Bonnie, what if a child were Jewish, Buddist, Muslim? You disregard any religion but yours and that is dangerous. On another point, if your God is so good and just, then why are horrible events happening? Why are twenty innocent kids dead? You are basically working on the premise that evil exists because God is not being promoted enough. Rally your churches, which are many, and tell them to come up with a solution for making good people.
I can picture the front door of the school--a teacher standing there with a Bible tucked under one arm and a gun in the other.

United States

#6 Jan 18, 2013
Oink! Oink! I just had an ephiphany. The teacher can be standing at the door with a Bible under one arm and the Koran in the other. Bonnie, is this your vision for Carrollton schools.

Butler, OH

#7 Jan 18, 2013
99 out of 100? Judeo/Christian religions are a minority in this country.

I have no problem with morals being taught in schools. Put Churches are for praying. Scools are for learning.

Louisville, OH

#8 Jan 18, 2013
"As a school board member, I feel it is my responsibility, even if not popular, to say that until we return to teaching our children at a very young age who God is and why we should respect His laws, we put them at risk of chaos in our schools. "
This statement makes me wonder why you are a school board member. I am not sure that someone with the inability to see exactly why religion should stay out of the classroom as it alienates those with differing opinions/faiths/beliefs/views from yours and provides an unwelcoming environment for our children should be in any position of power. Once these children leave our small town and get to see the world, they will soon realize that discriminating against those who do not follow a specific god is wrong and ignorant.
Why don't we just focus on teaching children how to be better people who help others in need and feel compassion for everyone? That can be done without religious undertones...if you knew enough about other religions and human nature in general you would realize that the moral values you think have left our children are not unique to Christianity and are even followed by those who believe in no religion. By the way, although Christianity has more followers compared one-to-one with any other religion, on a global scale that still only means that a third of the world follows that doctrine. Are we to teach our children that they should disregard 2/3 of the world? We need to look beyond our little town, our state, our country in order to build a better world for everyone...narrow minded comments such as yours will never allow for that. If we want our children to learn the ways of any religion, we as parents can do that on our own time. I don't want any child to feel as if they are unwelcome in their school because religious doctrine of any sort is being preached daily....if I wanted that, I would send my child to a different school. Public school is not the place.
Godless Heathen

Warren, OH

#9 Jan 18, 2013
No one who has Christ in his life has EVER conducted himself in a threatening or violet manner. Bonnie just said it, so it must be true.

Fact is, God is obsolete because we're becoming critical thinkers and people know that God doesn't truly exist. If believing helps you be a better person, fine. If belief in God helps you come to terms with the fact that you're going to die someday, fine. If you just want the security of someone to talk to, go right ahead. I'll choose to keep being a good person without the false promise of a savior.

Atlanta, GA

#10 Jan 18, 2013
Respect, compassion for others, values, etc all begin at home. If the parents could or would show any virtue at all, it will rub off on the children. I see it in my own family, and in the other families who live around us. If the youth are brought up with good, solid morals, it will follow them to school and all through their lives. My mother always said charity begins at home. That goes for learning to be good citizens, also. I am thankful for our churches, after school religious activities and youth groups. Take your children to these activities and you will see good results.

Dover, OH

#11 Jan 18, 2013
I really don't want a school board member who doesn't recognize the separation of church and state. For whatever reason, Ms. Little has been elected twice. Let's hope it doesn't happen again. I somehow feel that she is almost implying that the bad things that have happened in schools (i.e. Newtown CT) happened because of a failing on each school's part.

Massillon, OH

#12 Jan 18, 2013
thinkaboutit wrote:
99 out of 100? Judeo/Christian religions are a minority in this country.
I have no problem with morals being taught in schools. Put Churches are for praying. Scools are for learning.
The 99 out of 100 wasn't a representation of Christian percentages. It was a question: Why can 1 person complain about anything pertaining to Christianity going on in the schools or public arena and keep the rest of the community from expressing their beliefs?
Again, which of the 10 commandments are offensive?

United States

#13 Jan 18, 2013
Thank you Hmm and Godless Heathen for recognizing that Little's comments are so off the chart. Maybe she should enter a convenant instead of running for school board again.
Express Away

Louisville, OH

#14 Jan 18, 2013
The theoretical one out of ninety nine that you are describing is not stopping the community from expressing their beliefs. Students can pray if they so choose, but it should not be a part of the public school curriculum. Why? Because public arenas as you so called them are exactly to the public and therefore must be welcoming to all...even that one out of one hundred. This is not a discussion as to how suitable the Ten Commandments are but rather a conversation about how religion has no place in school. If you want to teach your children the Ten Commandments that is great, but my children do not need a lesson on why one belief is superior to another while sitting in a public school classroom. Like it was stated above: send your children somewhere else if you want to focus more so on religion in the classroom, but I want my children to learn about the realities of the world...a world which is not mostly one religion over another but one which requires us to work together and respect all.

Dover, OH

#15 Jan 19, 2013
and people wonder whats wrong with our school system. time to make sure bonnie and other school board members, teachers, etc. that think, belive and teach like bonnie are are removed from our school system. if you want religion taught to YOUR children enrole them in a catholic school or send them to church but keep your cult worship out of our schools..sounds like the school officials need to go back to a REAL SCHOOL and learn some history. i'm pretty sure a few of our "founding fathers" were not "christians". but why let facts stand in the way right??? i'm tired of hearing you "educated leaders" make up facts. its time you people were removed from your duties. if you don't know the facts how in the world are you going to "teach" a child anything other than myths and falsehoods? bonnie thank you for being the poster girl for whats wrong with our schools. after all if the teachers and administrators are ignorant on our history and teach beliefs and not facts our students will be even dumber!!!! WOW VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!

United States

#16 Jan 19, 2013
Carroll County needs a church overhaul; they need to do their job. Also, taxpayers need to check out how much money was spent on Bible curriculum when Bonnie first spewed her ideas and then demanded action from the high school principal. He buckled and purchased religious texts and Bibles twice. Then when the course was taught, the teacher treated it like a Sunday school class--even making alphabet scrapbooks of religious themes (I mean Christian themes as in N is for Noah). That's getting kids to think. We all need that at a high school level. Just ask and you will find the truth.
Debbie from Dellroy

New York, NY

#17 Jan 20, 2013
I agree with Bonnie. My teachers used to read the Bible to us in school. We prayed. My generation turned out ok. My parents took me to church also. My parents taught me right from wrong, respect for others,responsibility, kindness, politeness along with the Ten Commandments. Your Christian life doesn't stop when you leave church on Sunday morning. You live your Christian life. I am a teacher. My students know that I believe in God. Many of my students go to the same church I go to. We prayed for the families of the children who were killed and the rest of the students in the school. This prayer was student led. We also prayed for our safety in school. We had a wonderful day at school that day!


Gallatin, TN

#18 Jan 20, 2013
The unfortunate truth is that many more families in modern America do not know how to properly raise their children. I have witnessed in my various experiences in school and in childcare just what can happen when mommy and daddy spend too much time trying to blame everything and everyone else but not their child or their poor parenting skills for their child's poor behavior.

That being said, I see where people like Bonnie think it is the school's responsibility to try and teach kids some morals. I'm not going to slap people with a Bible and shove it down their throats. We were all given free will for a reason. I will however say that something needs to be done about the lack of moral character among kids these days, and I promise you that I am not the only one who has witnessed this.
Black Sheep in Idaho

Boise, ID

#19 Jan 21, 2013
This entire letter is ridiculous. It truly makes me ill to know that my niece and nephews receive their education from a school system that would even entertain the idea of integrating religion into the school. I went to Carrollton Exempted Village Schools for my entire school career, and not once did we discuss religion or pray. My education was full and comprehensive, and not at all intolerant of any faith or belief system. It saddens me that this has changed.

What we really need, as a number of posters have already mentioned, is to get parents involved in their children's lives again. When one's greatest role model is NOT one of their primary guardians, then that guardian has failed their charges.

A child's mind is an amazing mechanism in that it is so capable of learning and growth, but instead of filling it full of ideals of civil responsibility and tolerance, they waste this incredible power on Angry Birds and Twitter.

All in all, we need to let the schools teach FACTS and SKILLS, not DOCTRINE; parents need to teach their children responsibility and respect - how they do it is their own prerogative. Accountability starts at home, so if people are wondering why their children are entitled little snots, perhaps they should take a hard look in the mirror at the person who showed them how to be that way, whether by action or inaction. Stop blaming the schools.
Former Carrollton Student

Tallmadge, OH

#20 Jan 21, 2013
Thank you Bonnie! It's about time someone stands up and brings God back to our children. Our community needs to come together and unite not be divided. Look at what some of you are debating...God! Really? I went to Carrollton Schools and am proud to say I had some of the most caring faith based teachers at Carrollton. They held me to moral and ethical conduct that was acceptable not only in school but also in society. Kids are lacking faith today and if parents aren't going to teach it, then they need to be hearing it somewhere. Look at our country...look at the lack of those following in God’s path; we need HIM and our children need to know Him. I’m proud to see a school board member finally stand up and value God as He should be valued.

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