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#26 Jun 28, 2010
In 2006 I was injured at work my employer threatened me while filling out the comp forms.
After I was threatened I hired a attorney to field my employer and workmen's comp issue.
I received a call from the attorney and she stated I needed to return to light duty or they wouldn't pay for my surgery.
I returned to work and was told I was trespassing.
I walked out the door and called my ride to come get me since my injury was to my wrist and shoulder and I couldn't drive due to it.
I went home and really upset at the crap they pulled.
After lunch while resting in bed with my arm in a sling a police officer forced his way into my home and arrested me for trespassing.
I called my attorney who called a family friend a criminal attorney.
He rushed downtown to set bail and plead my case to the judge.
I was placed into custody and not allowed pain medication or high blood pressure medicine.
I was bonded out and sent home to my bed to rest.
During the whole criminal aspect my employer refused to pay for surgery claiming I was a criminal.
I hired a final attorney who pursued and forced them to pay for my bills and surgery related to the injury.
BTW I received a form stating I was terminated prior to the attorney being told I needed to return to work.
It arrived the day I finally was released to go home in my mail dated two days prior to my arrest proving they had even lied to the adjuster.
The police officer who arrested me had no witness statements and my accusers refused to appear in court or provide witness statements.
Makes you wonder why they were never arrested for lying to the police.
Just proof if you have money you can lie,steal,cheat and destroy people's lives with little or no criminal prosecution or investigation.

Livonia, MI

#27 Oct 25, 2010
nut_job wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, I have some good advice for you,and him. Tell that loser to quit breaking the law. Nobody wants to hire a felon, no matter how your feelings hurt. You might as well get another job, or you can just live off the state as is the norm in Cali. I thought i'd heard it all, now i know i'm wrong. Really? asking if there are companies that don't do background checks. Tacobell always needs help. What a stupid damn question.
Who do you know that has not broken at least one federal law? I guarantee you have broken a federal law at least once in your life. So get off your high horse and give some people a second chance.

Livonia, MI

#28 Oct 25, 2010
Everyone has broken at least one federal law. Most of them are felonies. So get off your high horse and give people that want and need to work a second chance. Can't believe all this judgement.

United States

#29 Jan 10, 2011
no crime wrote:
Amanda, how does someone just happen to have a 'couple' of felonies..?? PLEASE!! stop the b.s. you have a criminal mind.
<quoted text>
You are a snob. You are completely unhelpful. Stop posting
Felons Only


#30 Jan 16, 2011
If you are a felon and looking for work; then maybe you should consider applying at the San Francisco VA Medical Center "Ft Miley".

Thers no quota for what ever crime you might have committed, rape, murder, child molestation, robbery,drug trafficting, forgery, extortion etc.

All are welcome, we offer good paying jobs, benefits and easy promotion capabilities, and you can bring your bad habbits with you.

At the VA we offer nepotism for family members to help continue our long tradition of coruption and discrimination.

If you come to our medical center just ask for the big fat womanizing lazy latino thug, he's easy to spot.

He even built his own business by stealing equipment from the medical center and still has the ways and means.

You have to be really bad to come work for us, once we hire you and you complete your provation, you can bring your family members and freinds to work with us.

We offer plenty of opportunities for thugs, reform criminals and none veterans.
Show me the money


#31 Feb 19, 2011
The Tea Party should be assigned to this VASF hospital so they can have an excuse to bark, they should also open up an investigation and audit this hospital from the reigns of the previous hospital director and her assistants along with all service chiefs present and retired.
John C

Sugar Grove, IL

#33 May 10, 2011
I just wanted to point out that I too have a felony conviction. I won't get into the aspect of the details, but I can attest to the hardship of finding employment. It's very difficult.

And to the one's who are bashing these people: I think you need to check your attitude and "Holier than Thou" mindset. Not everyone who commits are crime is a terrible person. Some, believe it or not, are actually innocent. So stop judging them and start offering help. These people, like myself, are looking to make an honest living. We should be thankful that they are looking to be a productive part of the community, making their own way in life. Nobody deserves to be constantly kicked while they're down, and yes, some people do deserve a second chance. It's a good thing the one's here who are bashing instead of helping seem to be the minority... because if everything thought like you, the world would be a worse place than it already is. And by the way, do any of you self-righteous judging people have any skeleton's in YOUR closet? I would venture to say "yes".

I have a Bachelor's from the University of Georgia. I'm think I'm fairly intelligent. Have plenty of professional training and many certifications in my field of study. But in today's world, with a Felony conviction, that means absolutely nothing. It looks like I'll be getting on at McDonald's. It's $8.00 an hour... a far cry from what I once made. But at least they give people second chances. And at least I'll have the opportunity to work and help support my family, which, in the end, is all I want to do.

Just because someone has a blemish on their record certainly, in no way, shape or form, necessarily makes them a deplorable piece of rubbish. Stop judging and start helping. You never know when you could find yourself in this very same position and needing help.

Irving, TX

#34 Jul 31, 2012
it can take some time to get a job with a background but there are good jobs out there that will hire a felon i have a good job and have a background check this page out it works for me all the time www.felonyjobsnow.com

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#35 Jul 31, 2012
Just tell the employer that after you have completed their application, you will expect them to complete YOUR application. Make out the application you are going to present to them, and it should include questions about their marital fidelity, whether or not they have ever had a traffic ticket, and what bars they go to, or who they spend their free time with: names and addresses attach additional pages if necessary. Be very detailed with all your inquiries. Tell them you need this information for your records because you will only work for employers who can be trusted.

Minneapolis, MN

#36 Sep 5, 2012
The system is extemely messed up. I can't find a job because I was charged with a felony. It was reduced to a misdemeanor but the BCA still displays my felony charge with the word misdemeanor at the end. I was jumped by 2 people, I defended myself and ended up with an assault conviction on my record. I'll never fill out another job application as long as I live. It's a waste of time. The state ruined my life so they can feed me and pay for my medical care when my savings runs out.(which will be very soon.) I hope that I can get one of those big blocks of cheese. Mmmmmm!!! I'll make nachos!

Daly City, CA

#37 Oct 19, 2012
no crime wrote:
maybe idiot b/f is a criminal perhaps?
why you with this loser?
<quoted text>
Perhaps its better than dating losers like you

Seaside, OR

#38 Nov 22, 2012
nut_job wrote:
<quoted text>
Its not the system that is screwed, its you. Apply at your local
McDonalds, they will hire you. Oh and some friendly advice, quit blaming everything, and body for your actions. Also quit breaking the law!!!!!!!!
ohhh. the system isnt screwed up? i sold a kayak that a friend gave me and was charged with a felony trafficing conviction and after 3 tours in iraq, 2 purple hearts, and a spotless record, i was told ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law. this whole country is &%$#ed. burn the whole thing down.
Rob M

Sacramento, CA

#39 Dec 6, 2012
Unfortunately our economy is in the shitter. Even if your boyfriend had a clean record, he'd still have a hard time finding employment. It's tough out there right now. His best bet is probably starting out at a fast food chain. Maybe work his way up to manager. He does, however, have to earn the trust of any employer which is a job in itself. Good luck to him.

“Every day, Improve..”

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#40 Jan 1, 2013
The criminal system is just as horrible as the monetary and welfare system has become. Locking up people to the extent we do is nothing but a massive intimidation means to make the "normal people" (half of the scum that commented here) behave like the rabbits they are.

Most people in prison (IMHO 90%) are good people that just messed up. Note I said 90 and not 99, so keep your hyperboles where the sun never shines. My brother has a small-medium sized company and he has a very simple hiring policy:

*This is what I will pay you and this is what you need to do.

*No "drug testing", background checks or other nonsense.

*Just in case, every person has to sign affidavit that what he/she wrote is true.

*When in doubt between hiring a convicted felon or just another empty-headed pretty boy with no life experience he will take the felon every time.

Otherwise, the gloaters here are partially correct that it will be more difficult, but you knew that. My advice:

Find work places where they want merits and not a pedigree. Again , my brother automatically throws any application in the trash if it has too long of a CV or too many titles behind his name.

Once you are out of jail, there should be nothing like criminal record. Once you have paid your dues, you have just as much right to work as the lazy bum who just lucked out avoiding prison.

(And yes, I have extensive prison time from another country. Everything is disclosed and due to my Kick-a-ss attorney none of this applies here).

When a felon comes out of jail, being slapped in the face from the internet-knights just because of an honest inquest, it is nothing but double punishment.

“Every day, Improve..”

Since: Feb 11

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#41 Jan 1, 2013
bill wrote:
<quoted text>
ohhh. the system isnt screwed up? i sold a kayak that a friend gave me and was charged with a felony trafficing conviction and after 3 tours in iraq, 2 purple hearts, and a spotless record, i was told ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law. this whole country is &%$#ed. burn the whole thing down.
I am also a combat vet from another country. Prosecution and police have no intentions of neither keeping people safe nor preventing crime. Most of their activity is hindsight prosecution. If cops really cared about people, they wouldn't lobby for others to be disarmed.

Finally, stand strong an keep your head high. Most of these people trying to kick you while you are down here are nothing but internet thugs that would, themselves wet their pants if they had to face 1/2 an hour in a cell. Nobody is more pathetic than that. I'm not trying to rack up the rhetoric, but simply telling you what I think. Don't worry about them and stick up with REAL people instead. There is only a question of time, before a change in the correctional system will have to be done.


Washington, DC

#42 Feb 24, 2013
Easy772 wrote:
<quoted text>
security guard or bouncer
Not SECURITY GUARD ! They do the most intense background checks . Bouncer, telemarketer, or small business or gas stations.
dalefaymaxamilli onthe3rd

Phoenix, AZ

#43 Sep 11, 2013
nut_job wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, I have some good advice for you,and him. Tell that loser to quit breaking the law. Nobody wants to hire a felon, no matter how your feelings hurt. You might as well get another job, or you can just live off the state as is the norm in Cali. I thought i'd heard it all, now i know i'm wrong. Really? asking if there are companies that don't do background checks. Tacobell always needs help. What a stupid damn question.
wow im not a felon and have found they work harder than some of these people on here that charachter assasination.You are not god so your judgement dosent count and its funny how your on here worrying about another persons life shouldnt you be working,i guess its the way you were raised lol i was told if you dont have nothing nice to say keep your mouth shut.......oh im sure if there a felon there feelings wont get hurt jack ass

United States

#44 Sep 13, 2013
He could stop telling them about his felonies. I have a felony and i got hired at walmart. If yhey background check and find out youre lying..o well because if they overlook it, which is possible, and you get hired, they cant fire you later on if they find out. Just check the good old fashioned "no" box when it asks. Besides this is california, a felony might not be the issue, perhaps he doesnt speak spanish? If those illegal aliens can get a job he can too. You gotta try and try. Hen again, i got in trouble for a fight gone a little too violent. Never been in trouble before or since, im also drug free and 23 years old, in college. Good luck

United States

#45 Sep 13, 2013
None of these yuppie san franfagoots would ever say this stuff to a felons face. Ive never seen such a cowardly city in my life.

Cincinnati, OH

#46 Nov 23, 2013
I have 2 felonies from the same charge; it did take some time to get a good job, but I can tell you that the wait is worth it! During the job search, I was able to drastically increase my interviewing skills (and I'm a HR graduate)! So, be patient and persevere!!! Any new skill that a person can learn will always help. Once you are hired, PLAN on staying at the job for a minimum of 7.5 to 8 years. Why???

Because that's how long a company will look back at your criminal record; 7 years. Once this time passes, you can HONESTLY answer NO to the felony conviction question. What employers want to see is honesty and reliability which sad to say, many ex-offenders lack because many have made-up their minds that they will NOT change. So, its easy to see why employers are skeptical, but they are starting to soften on giving people a second chance.

In Ohio, free bonding is available AND a company will receive anywhere from 2500 to 5000 federal tax credit for hiring a felon full-time (and that being a legitimate job offer). ALWAYS be honest on the application. If you lie; it will come back at you. probably not right away if the hiring company doesn't do any background checks, but if you are carried under the company's health program in any way; you can be sure that you will be found out. Then you will be terminated for falsification! Try explaining that!

So, words of wisdom to the wise; be honest. You may not get hired by the first, second, or even third interview, but you will eventually be hired, AND you will sleep soundly because you have nothing to fear!

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