Have you see our police officers face's--Its a horrified look of uneasiness--they have to police groups of evil hpv/hiv victims , prostitutes,wannabe's,junkie's and racketeering groups who want to scheme and build their insecurities at other people's expense's. The police all have sick look's on their face's- Looks like the hiv/aids kids are coming of age soon, more igbo are showing up out of nowhere(fraud experts) in section 8's., more wannabe's are selling meth with mental health crime deferment--- etc.etc. etc.

here are so many people intentionally spreading std's the are forced to watch our kids and females get massacred by intentional deadly std spreaders because of the lack of funding and housing to incarcerate the spreaders--

Horrendous date rape drugs are EVERYWHERE- thousands of unsolved date rapes,--- 1-7 professional's in this state holds a fake job certificate they bought online for 200$ or less.-- that's hundred's of thousands of unsolved fraud cases the police know about and are helpless to do anything about.

Foreign organized drug fronts LEGALLY washed narcotic money in real estate in California--setting up a GIANT criminal organization who somehow gets hired in our civil,judicial,state,federal,l ocal governments--to racketeer on our community etc.etc.

Std/Drug healthcare bills are so bad , Santa Cruz county is one of the only gross profit producing county's in the state.

The other states have to pay our bills!!!! This is the tourism mecca of the planet-- CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!! That's how bad california's std/drug healthcare bills are.