welcome home amanda knox prayers answ...

welcome home amanda knox prayers answered

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hickory couple

Greenville, SC

#1 Oct 4, 2011
My wife and I have prayed unceasingly
for your release.
We cried with joy when we heard you were free.
Answered prayers.
Welcome home Amanda.
I know we'll never visit Italy again,
and we've been there many times.
It would never be the same again after
the way you were treated.

Since: Jul 11

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#2 Oct 4, 2011
ditto. welcome home amanda.

Xenia, OH

#3 Oct 4, 2011
Did you cheer when OJ and Casey were set free too? I'm sorry but I'm not buying this innocent verdict. She was in prison for a reason and not bc she's American either. I think her and her bf did it and the other guy! Answer me this, why was she doing cart wheels in the police station? Outside of the home where her roommate was found brutally murdered and making out with a guy she knew for a week!? Who has sex with somebody you've known a week anyways?? Even her friends say she was always with guys!

Xenia, OH

#4 Oct 4, 2011
There's a young lady who is dead and will never get married, have children, etc. And youre praising this girl for being out of prison. There's something wrong with this country. My husbands an officer and I see things like this every day why give these girls publicity????? Why not donate your time and money to the victims family instead of some weirdo freak like Casey anthony. Who will she kill next her daughter? Why not you get away w murder now days.

Xenia, OH

#5 Oct 4, 2011
And seriously foxy knoxy I don't think so! She's so weird, rolling around in grass wow!!! Think she smokes more then pot!

Xenia, OH

#6 Oct 4, 2011
She got lucky same as Casey not enough evidence!!! That's okay because God knows the truth and if she did it she will answer to God one day. Such a sad sad story!

Since: Jul 11

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#7 Oct 4, 2011
the law makes mistakes all the time. check out this link from todays newspaper in texas.


headlines like this come up several times a year. no one knows what happened but the people who were there.

West Linn, OR

#8 Oct 5, 2011
There is no doubt she knows who committed the murder. It may or may not be her.

She knows, she knows.
Irish Jack

Lawndale, NC

#9 Oct 5, 2011
Oh for God's sake, STOP IT!!!! She is lookin for a movie deal, book etc. Who gives a damn about this girl. She is guilty, money got her out of it!!!! Quit being so damn stupid!

Xenia, OH

#10 Oct 5, 2011
I read a story about her and how she felt she always had to compete for guys. I also read where she brags about how she can always get guys, so maybe it was out of jealousy? All these people didn't even know each other very long. The whole case is weird. I don't know if the girl was sexually assaulted by the 3 or if that was staged. But she made a confession. She's weird.

Since: Jul 11

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#11 Oct 5, 2011
there are people out there who have sex without knowing each others names...waiting a week to have sex isn't exactly shocking.

most young girls compete for and brag about getting guys...just like most young guys compete for and brag about getting girls...weren't you ever a teenager?

Xenia, OH

#12 Oct 5, 2011
Listen I'm just 26 so yeah I've been a teenager. I cheered in high school and college been to bars and all that fun stuff but I grew up and now I have a family but I've always had more self respect then to sleep around I'm sorry. That's why all these unwanted babies are born! Why are you taking up for her? Why not take up 4 the girl who was brutally stabbed to death 45 times!!!!

Boston, MA

#13 Oct 5, 2011
Amanda Knox should rot in heII

The only reason America agrees with her release is just because they hate the French, thats all.


Since: Jul 11

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#14 Oct 5, 2011
i don't sleep around either...just making a point. and i agree with you 100% on the unwanted babies issue and i haven't forgotten or ignored meredith. i'm just saying that none of us were there so no one has the right to say yes she did it or no she didn't.

what if she is innocent?...how horrible to lose 26 years for nothing...

william blackstone "better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer."

Xenia, OH

#15 Oct 5, 2011
Let me ask you this. My husbands a cop and his partner was shot in the face by a guy who went crazy and they shot him so I guess you're saying that bc that guy killed our officer he shouldn't have been killed either right!?

Since: Jul 11

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#16 Oct 5, 2011
no absolutely not...what did i say to make you think that?

if someone's guilty they deserve everything they get...if anything i think the law has gotten weak. i believe we should go back to public hangings. i have 2 friends that are deputy sheriffs and i used to be us army...so i'm not a softie when it comes to criminals and whatever i've said to make you believe that then i'm sorry.

what happened to your husbands partner was terrible and killing the perp was probably too kind.

as a police officers wife you probably know more about how the law enforcement system works...you know as well as anyone that the system isn't perfect. the only point i was originally trying to make was THAT THERE ARE INNOCENT PEOPLE IN PRISON RIGHT NOW and i think if there is doubt...if it's not a clear cut case...if there is a chance that they didn't do it then they shouldn't convicted.

Since: Jul 11

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#17 Oct 5, 2011
be convicted, sorry.

Since: Jul 11

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#18 Oct 5, 2011
officers wife i've re read this entire thread and i realized i agree with pretty much everything you've said so why are we debating?

i did not cheer when oj was released because i believed him to be guilty. i was shocked when casey anthony was released because i believe her to responsible for her childs death. i was also shocked when amanda knox was released but for a different reason, because i questioned her guilt. i also believe michael jackson was a freak who molested those kids...but none of this matters either way cause it's just my opinion...i wasn't there and neither was anyone else.

everyone is saying things like "rot in hell amanda" but they weren't there either. maybe she's a vicious murdering sociopath and maybe she's just another college student...i don't know anymore than anyone else.

i wanna repeat what i asked earlier. what if...just what if she's innocent? how horrible to lose 26 years for nothing.

Xenia, OH

#19 Oct 5, 2011
I'm not trying to debate with anybody just stating my opinion. Maybe she didn't do it, but in my heart I truly believe she was there when it happened. Not sure if I believe the whole violent sex game thing because that pros. Has tried that theory on 20 some cases. All I was saying and it wasn't directed towards you I just don't understand why people are praising this girl? Somebody was brutally murdered and she'll never have a chance at life but instead a girl who is alive and just got out of prison will be a billionaire!

It's not fair. After my husbands partner perished I did a lot of thinking and praying, if he would have been on duty that day that could have been him lying face down for 6 hours because they couldn't get to him and I would want justice the same as the girl's family. Ive been with my husband for years and know how the justice system works. Why would she give a false statement, doing cartwheels and other things? No remorse. Same as Casey, who wouldn't report a child missing the second they went missing not wait 31 days. As a mother of an adorable 2 year old boy I would be frantic. I hope this makes sense what I'm saying.

I am a firm believer in God and He knows the truth and if she did to it and not repent she will have to answer. I'm not buying the fact she's innocent, I think the media puts pressure on the courts and doesn't let them do their jobs. There probably is people that's innocent in jail but I can tell you this my husband wouldn't arrest somebody just because there would be a reason and he also wouldn't beat a confession out of somebody.

Xenia, OH

#20 Oct 5, 2011
I guess what I'm trying to say is there's a reason they arrested her and her bf right? She had 2 other room mates and they weren't arrested. If you google Amanda Knox there's a page that lists 5 reasons she's guilty and 5 reasons she's not. It's pretty interesting actually. Not trying to be mean to you please don't think that. I love debating the law.

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