Nostradamus' AFFRIQUE

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#62 Sep 18, 2012
ray 1(r)
a. A thin line or narrow beam of light or other radiant energy.
b. A graphic or other representation of such a line.
2. Radiance; light.
3. A small amount; a trace: not a ray of hope left.
4. Mathematics A straight line extending from a point. Also called half-line.
5. A structure or part having the form of a straight line extending from a point.
6. Any of the bright streaks that are seen radiating from some craters on the moon.
7. Botany
a. A ray flower or the corolla of a ray flower.
b. A branch of an umbel.
8. Zoology
a. One of the bony spines supporting the membrane of a fish's fin.
b. One of the arms of a starfish or other radiate animal.
9. rays Slang Sunshine: Let's go to the beach and catch some rays.
tr.v. rayed, ray·ing, rays
1. To send out as rays; emit.
2. To supply with rays or radiating lines.
3. To cast rays on; irradiate.
[Middle English, from Old French rai, from Latin radius.]
noun \ˈrā\
Definition of RE
: the second tone of the diatonic scale in solmization
Examples of RE
do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti
Origin of RE
Medieval Latin, from the syllable sung to this note in a medieval hymn to St. John the Baptist
First Known Use: 14th century
Definition of RAY
: any of an order (Rajiformes) of usually marine cartilaginous fishes (as stingrays and skates) having the body flattened dorsoventrally, the eyes on the upper surface, and enlarged pectoral fins fused with the head
Origin of RAY
Middle English raye, from Anglo-French raie, from Latin raia
First Known Use: 14th century
Definition of RAISE
transitive verb
: to cause or help to rise to a standing position
a: awaken, arouse b: to stir up : incite <raise a rebellion> c: to flush (game) from cover d: to recall from or as if from death
a: to set upright by lifting or building <raise a monument> b: to lift up c: to place higher in rank or dignity : elevate d: heighten, invigorate <raise the spirits> e: to end or suspend the operation or validity of
: to get together for a purpose : collect <raise funds>
a: grow, cultivate b: to bring to maturity : rear <raise a child> c: to breed and bring to maturity
a: to give rise to : provoke <raise a commotion> b: to give voice to <raise a cheer>
: to bring up for consideration or debate <raise an issue>
a: to increase the strength, intensity, or pitch of <don't raise your voice> b: to increase the degree of c: to cause to rise in level or amount <raise the rent> d (1): to increase the amount of (a poker bet)(2): to bet more than (a previous bettor) e (1): to make a higher bridge bid in (a partner's suit)(2): to increase the bid of (one's partner)
: to make light and porous <raise dough>
: to cause to ascend <raise the dust>
: to multiply (a quantity) by itself a specified number of times <raise two to the fourth power>
: to bring in sight on the horizon by approaching <raise land>
a: to bring up the nap of (cloth) b: to cause (as a blister) to form on the skin
: to increase the nominal value of fraudulently <raise a check>
: to articulate (a sound) with the tongue in a higher position
: to establish radio communication with
intransitive verb
dialect: rise
: to increase a bet or bid
— rais·ernoun
— raise Cain or raise hell
: to act wildly : create a disturbance
: to scold or upbraid someone especially loudly <raised hell with the umpire>
— raise eyebrows
: to cause surprise or mild disapproval
— raise the bar
: to set a higher standard <new software that raises the bar for competitors>
diatonic Popularity
Definition of DIATONIC
: of, relating to, or being a musical scale (as a major or minor scale) comprising intervals of five whole steps and two half steps
— dia·ton·i·cal·ly \-&#712;tä-ni-k(&#601; -)l&#275;\adverb
Origin of DIATONIC
Late Latin diatonicus, from Greek diatonikos, from diatonos stretching, from diateinein to stretch out, from dia-+ teinein to stretch — more at thin
First Known Use: 1694

Lake Villa, IL

#63 Sep 18, 2012
If I were going to write(fiction for novel) it would go something like this.

On about august 18 1997 while walking through a park in kenosha wis,on my way to work,between 5am &6am,rays emitted from the crown of my head.The rays were yellow/gold,made of electricity and light,they hummed,they moved about individually,as if each seeking a destination of its own.I impulsively stuck my right hand into them.It dissappeared as it entered them.I thought I had lost it ,but when I pulled it out ,it was intact..The rays lasted approximately 12 seconds.Immmediatley following,I had a communication /knowledge experience that I find very hard to describe

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#64 Sep 18, 2012

When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
under the splendor will be a hidden form.
Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,
by a rumor of war will be affronted.
Lors que Venus du Sol sera couvert,
Soubs l'esplendeur sera forme occulte:
Mercure au feu les aura descouvert,
Par bruit bellique sera mis ŕ l'insulte.

I need to know so that I know what to answer when asked...its going to go something like this...while walking through a park early in the morning before daybreak...rays eminated from the crown of my head...I dont know if a ray came down from behind my vision field and reflected or from my head,,,they were yellow gold moved about individually ...there was a humming sound(not unlike a light saber from star wars but no change in amplitude) as they appeared...I was so astounded that I impulsively put my right hand into them to try to touch hand disappeared...didn't feel any different...I momentarily thought that I had lost it(the hand) but when I pulled it out of the rays it was intact...I might add that surely my little ploy would be uncovered if I had to submit to a polygraph....naturally this is just promotion to get attention for my forthcoming novel...and to finish the chapter: I made a sound of delight knowing who I was in the presence of,
by the way you can always put a block on my email address if you dont already have one in place
(actually line 2 below describes the sound of delight made)
century 4 quatrain 28 ( more correct interpretation)
1.while who as evening star rays/affrique to exist/he will be here may north sun cloudy covered
prairie spouse
2.cry of pomp splendor to exist form blood kept secret
pattern/figure mystical

3.quicksilver growl halo/emmination eliminate cover/cloud

4.value fair carrier belllike to exist misal abuse/insult halfmast
breath of air
to breath

Im trying to give a better interpretation than the previous post..

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#65 Sep 18, 2012
I dont like retyping and I am constantly interrupted,my computer also just "loses" work that I have arranged in letter format if I dont post or mail right away.So the above is an original, reposted from somewhere else,addressed to someone else.You can get the gist of my message.

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#66 Sep 18, 2012
Alright its NOT fiction...I'd pass the polygraph.I'm just kidding around.

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#67 Sep 18, 2012
The name Byblos is Greek; papyrus received its early Greek name (byblos, byblinos) from its being exported to the Aegean through Byblos. Hence the English word Bible is derived from byblos as "the (papyrus) book."[3] The city's Canaanite/Phoenician name "GB'L" derived from "gb", meaning well or origin, and El the supreme god of Byblos's pantheon. The present day city is now known by the Arabic name Jubayl or Jbeil (&#1580;&#1576;&#1 610;&#1604;), a direct descendant of the Canaanite name.

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#68 Sep 18, 2012
Aw come know I must be kidding!

Lake Villa, IL

#69 Sep 18, 2012
Im sorry if I repeat myself..God knows jesus wouldnt

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#70 Sep 19, 2012
I do not claim to be anybody.All the above posts are coincidences that I have found.Fiction for novel.

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#71 Sep 19, 2012
it wouldnt let me post no numbers on image
then 7 entries at once

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#72 Sep 20, 2012
St Ciaran of Clonmacnoise
A stained glass of St. Ciaran from St. Brendan's Church, Birr, County Offaly, Ireland.
Abbot of Clonmacnoise
Born 516 County Roscommon, Ireland
Died 546 Clonmacnoise, County Offaly, Ireland
Feast September 9

Saint Ciarán of Clonmacnoise (c.516-c.546, also known as Ceran, Kieran or Queran) was one of the early Irish monastic saints and Irish bishop. He is sometimes called Ciarán the Younger to distinguish him from Saint Ciarán of Saighir. He is accounted one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland.[1
St. Ciaran's bell
St. Ciaran of Clonmacnoise was St. Kevin's soul-friend, and they were very close. When Ciaran approached death, he said: "Let me be carried to a small height." When he looked up at the sky and the vast open air above his head, he said, "Terrible is the way of dying." Then angels went to meet his soul, filling as they did all the space between heaven and earth. He was carried back into the little church, and raising his hands, he blessed his people. Then he told the brethren to shut him up in the church until Kevin should come from Glendalough. Kevin arrived three days after Ciaran's death, having left his monastery as soon as he heard that his closest friend was dying, but he had been very delayed. At once Ciaran's spirit returned from heaven and reentered his body so that he could commune with Kevin and welcome him. The two friends stayed together for a long time, engaged in mutual conversation, and strengthening their friendship. Then Ciaran blessed Kevin, and Kevin blessed water and administered the Eucharist to Ciaran. Ciaran gave his silver bell to Kevin as a sign of their lasting unity.
Various legends are connected to St Ciarán. One of the most famous relates that it was his cow - which he took with him as payment when he went to Clonard and gave milk to all at the Abbey - which supplied the parchment for the Leobr na h'Uidre, Book of the Dun Cow, one of the oldest and most important Irish literary collections, compiled by a Clonmacnoise scribe in 1106.

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#73 Sep 22, 2012
Futurist view

In the futurist view of Christian eschatology, the Tribulation is a relatively short period of time where anyone who chose not to follow God up until the Rapture and was therefore left behind (according to Pre-Tribulation doctrine, not Mid- or Post-Tribulation teaching) will experience worldwide hardships, disasters, famine, war, pain, and suffering, which will wipe out more than 75% of all life on the earth before the Second Coming takes place.

According to Dispensationalists who hold the futurist view, the Tribulation is thought to occur before the Second Coming of Jesus and during the End Times. Another version holds that it will last seven years in all, being the last of Daniel's prophecy of seventy weeks. This viewpoint was first made popular by John Nelson Darby in the 19th century and was recently popularized by Hal Lindsey in The Late Great Planet Earth. It is theorized that each week represents seven years, with the timetable beginning from Artaxerxes' order to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem (the Second Temple). After seven plus 62 weeks, the prophecy says that the messiah will be "cut off", which is taken to correspond to the death of Christ. This is seen as creating a break of indeterminate length in the timeline, with one week remaining to be fulfilled.

This seven-year week may be further divided into two periods of 3.5 years each, from the two 3.5-year periods in Daniel's prophecy where the last seven years are divided into two 3.5-year periods,(Daniel 9:27) The time period for these beliefs is also based on other passages: in the book of Daniel, "time, times, and half a time", interpreted as "a year, two years, and half a year," and the Book of Revelation, "a thousand two hundred and threescore days" and "forty and two months" (the prophetic month averaging 30 days, hence 1260/30 = 42 months or 3.5 years). The 1290 days of Daniel 12:11,(rather than the 1260 days of Revelation 11:3), is thought to be the result of either a simple intercalary leap month adjustment, or due to further calculations related to the prophecy, or due to an intermediate stage of time that is to prepare the world for the beginning of the millennial reign.[3]

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#74 Sep 26, 2012
Chiesanuova has 7 parishes (curazie):
thats it, im oughta here.Looks ^ like "crazy"

Lake Villa, IL

#77 Oct 3, 2012
...for my book,,,if say something like rays did occur,,Which government agency monitors or would pick up on something like that? Once picked you think the monitoring would ever cease?

Lake Villa, IL

#78 Oct 9, 2012
"Good Fortune" an 117

Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_Valle_del... - Similarto Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Coordinates: 03°53&#8242;N 77°04&#8242;W&#65279; / &#65279;3.883°N 77.067°W&#65279; / 3.883; -77.067 ...Buenaventura is a coastal seaport city on the department of Valle del Cauca,...Buenaventura (Spanish for "good fortune") is the main port of Colombia in the Pacific ...

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#79 Oct 10, 2012
constantine coincidences
Found this information for symbol, two lions fighting each other with a knights hat on top, from a pack of Pall malls:

Full name Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus
Born 27 February ca. 272[2](2 117's in birthdate,312 symbol of trinity,and a winning vision)

By 312, however, Constantine and Maxentius were engaged in open hostility with one another, although they were brothers-in&#8209;law through Constantine's marriage to Fausta, sister of Maxentius. In the spring of 312, Constantine gathered his forces and decided to oust Maxentius himself. He easily overran northern Italy, winning two major battles: the first near Turin, the second at Verona, where the praetorian prefect Ruricius Pompeianus, Maxentius' most senior general, was killed.[5]

Vision of Constantine
It is commonly stated that on the evening of 27 October with the armies preparing for battle, Constantine had a vision which led him to fight under the protection of the Christian God. The details of that vision, however, differ between the sources reporting it.
Lactantius states that, in the night before the battle, Constantine was commanded in a dream to "delineate the heavenly sign on the shields of his soldiers" (On the Deaths of the Persecutors 44.5). He followed the commands of his dream and marked the shields with a sign "denoting Christ". Lactantius describes that sign as a "staurogram", or a Latin cross with its upper end rounded in a P-like fashion. There is no certain evidence that Constantine ever used that sign, opposed to the better known Chi-Rho sign described by Eusebius.[6]

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#80 Oct 10, 2012
Saw a redtailed hawk two days ago

Born 1990?
Known for Nesting on 5th Avenue Building

Pale Male (hatched 1990) is a well known New York City Red-tailed Hawk who has made his home since the early 1990s near Central Park. Birdwatcher and author Marie Winn gave him his name because of the unusually light coloring of his head. He is one of the first Red-tailed Hawks known to have nested on a building rather than in a tree and is famous for establishing a dynasty of urban-dwelling Red-tailed Hawks. Each spring birders set up telescopes at the Model Boat Pond to observe his nest and chicks at 927 (an 117)Fifth Avenue.

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#81 Oct 10, 2012
Brothers Grimm
The popularity of the Grimms' collected folk tales endured well beyond their lifetimes. The tales are available in more than 100 translations and have been adapted to popular Disney films such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella.
In 1798, the brothers left the Steinau and their family, moving to Kassel to attend the prestigious Friedrichsgymnasium, arranged and paid for by their aunt. Lacking a male provider (their grandfather died that year), they relied greatly on each other and became exceptionally close. Although the two brothers differed in temperament—Jacob was introspective and Wilhelm outgoing (although he often suffered from ill-health)—they shared a strong work ethic and excelled in their studies. In Kassel they became acutely aware of their inferior social status relative to "high-born" students who received more attention. Each brother graduated at the head of his class: Jacob in 1803 and Wilhelm (who missed a year of school due to scarlet fever) in 1804.[1][5]

Two number 1's in "03" and "04" An 11/7

Lake Villa, IL

#82 Oct 11, 2012
Disneyland 117's

Anaheim, California - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_California - Similarto Anaheim, California - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Coordinates: 33°50&#8242;10&#8243;N 117°53&#8242;23&#8243; W / 33.83611°N 117.88972°W ... It is the site of the Disneyland Resort, a world-famous grouping of theme parks and ...

Anaheim Home of the Angels and Ducks ( Beginnings, Ben Baxter)

Walt Disney

Walt discovered his first movie house on Marceline's Main Street. There he saw a dramatic black-and-white recreation of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

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#83 Oct 22, 2012
That would be page 1314

Luke 17:27

New International Version (NIV)

26 “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. 27 People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all.






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