I wonder who willl win!!!???

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#199 Sep 19, 2012
DrJEDunn wrote:

We have "Freedom of Speech" in America, but it is against the law to yell "FIRE" when there is none in a crowded movie theatre, and you will be prosecuted for yelling it.

However, it is apparently "ok" to write a book which one KNOWS will inflame a large international religious group!

This country MUST make its law, in this regard, similar to its "FIRE" laws!!!
Dr. James E. Dunn
It has been demonstrated that Americans,whom are Christian, can take abuse heaped upon abuse when free speech is aimed at Christianity. The Prime Time TV show, "Family Guy", makes offense jokes about God, Jesus and Christianity, on a nightly basis. Broadway has a show that picks at Mormons and to my knowledge, Americans are not tearing apart the country in riots.

What you suggest demonstrates two things. First you are willing to sacrifice your freedom and second you believe concessions should made to a lowered expectation of humanity.
Go Blue

Miami, FL

#200 Sep 19, 2012
...Sadly, Grama and Grampa learned on their television, that they would never be a part of Mitt Romney's America....though, they lived out their dwindling years on their meager life savings and social security, Romney had called them, the users of the country's wealth.....not worthy, despite all they had lived through, the Depression and World War II.....not worthy of the Romney/Ryan vision of America.........

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#201 Sep 22, 2012
Agree with you Blue!


Richmond, KY

#202 Sep 22, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand

#203 Sep 22, 2012
hello to you too

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#204 Sep 25, 2012


Romney is practicing and practicing for the debates with Obama, but how do you help yourself when these questions are asked of him:

1. Instead of Social Security, what would you recommend?

2. How would you deal with our #1 enemy, as you say, RUSSIA?

3. Should we outlaw all abortions, even for rape and insest?
and more.

I can hardly wait to hear his answers!

Dr. James E. Dunn


North Myrtle Beach, SC

#205 Sep 26, 2012

After the Russians surprised the world by puttimg Sputnick I
into orbit, we, the Americans, placed our hopes on Vanguard I.

It got about 4 feet off the ground, and then it crashed and burned.

Kind of reminds me of the Romney campaign!!!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Santee, SC

#206 Oct 1, 2012

There is a great deal of news regarding which presidential candidate will do the best job of answering the questions posed by the moderator in Wednesdays debate,, but no one has said anything about what the questions might be.
Some of them most likely will include the following:

1. Do you generally support pro-choice legislation?

2. Do you support Defense spending to balance the federal budget?

3. Should we increase taxes of all American citizens to balance the Federal Budget?

4. In order to balance the budget, do you support reducing Medicare and/or Medicaid payments?

5. Do you support requiring states to implement educational reforms in order to be eligible for competitive federal grants?

6. Do you support federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions?

8. Do you support combat operations in Afghanistan?

9. Do you support repealing the 2010 Affordable Health Care Act?

10. Do you support requiring illegal immigrants to return to their country of origin before they are eligible for citizenship?

11. Do you support “same sex” marriage?

Now I really hope and trust that you will identify WHO will win the debate!

Dr. James E. Dunn
Go Blue

Miami, FL

#207 Oct 1, 2012
Unless Mitt learns to debate in two days, President Obama should earn his second term.....amazing considering all the blocking of this nations economic recovery, by the mutant republican party......

Santee, SC

#208 Oct 2, 2012
Agreed Blue!!!


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#209 Oct 6, 2012

Obama really got the unemployment rate below 8%!!!


North Myrtle Beach, SC

#210 Oct 7, 2012

All national polls are derived by calling the subjects on the telephone, the phone numbers of which they find in the local phone books.

Of course cell phone numbers are not included in the phone books, and people who only have a cell phone but not a regular phone as well, make up a very substantial percentage of phone users.

Most of those people who only have a cell phone are of the much younger American generation, and they are NOT INCLUDED in the national polls.

Who do you think they support - Obama or Romney - but are definitely not counted in the national polls???

Dr. James E. Dunn
Henry Kissinger

Seattle, WA

#213 Oct 14, 2012
I see DrJEDunn is still self-medicating himself and overdosing all the while.

Seattle, WA

#214 Oct 14, 2012
Henry! What are you doing loose? Nap time!

North Myrtle Beach, SC

#215 Oct 14, 2012
Good intellectual comment George. Henry will be proud of you!!!

Go Blue

Miami, FL

#216 Oct 15, 2012
Interesting item...Benghazi, murdered American Glen Doherty's mother asks the Romney Campaign to not use her son's death for political purposes......Doherty's friend, tells of when Glen shook Romney's hand, then 20 minutes later, of Romney reintroducing himself.....how the friend and Glen thought it humorous that Romney would forget Glens face, that quickly......Then, just last week, Fox showed a campaign stop, where Romney spoke of his recalling meeting Glen, and what a nice young man he was, even misting up and choking up, as he spoke of his sad death.....geez....is there no bottom, for this creep?.....President ?...I would'nt even buy a car from this piece of sh*t.....

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#217 Oct 17, 2012

I'm on the Tacoma, Olympia, and Vancouver forums: Come join me!!!


Fairfax, SC

#218 Oct 18, 2012

The news commentary explanations, which go along with the current daily polls regarding the presidential race, leave very much to be desired.

Say in one state, Obama is ahead of Romney by 8%age points, with 3 or 4% remaining “undecided;” but a week later, Obama is only ahead by 1%age point with 3 or 4 %age points still being “undecided.”

Now these polls are telling me that there are 3 or 4%age points still being “undecided,” but those 7%age points of Obama voters who changed their minds are considered as really being “decided,” even though they rapidly changed their minds as to who the favored!!!

Something a very, very wrong about this!!!

Dr. James E. Dunn
Go Blue

Miami, FL

#219 Oct 18, 2012
Those polls are dependent on phone calls, and i never answer the phone now, too many robocalls...i let the machine get them.....so, we are 2 Obama votes, that aren't in any polls....

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#220 Oct 20, 2012
www.bainport.com Great oppurtunity to see what Mitt Romney's jobs plan for America, looks like?

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