textures, repetitive pattern phobia

Shrewsbury, UK

#524 Mar 29, 2013
I'm forever describing things as "itchy" and people don't get it at all! So glad I'm not the only one. For me it's things like lotus seed pods, clusters of things, when the bubbles in the washing up bowl cluster together, the layers in bee hives makes me skin crawl, clusters of insects or naturally recurring patterns actually make me feel sick. Once saw this toad that gives birth through holes in it's back - that's stuck with me forever and makes me feel like peeling my skin off when I think about it. Once got so bad that during a holiday (when camping) there where these tessellating lumpy hard mushrooms growing out of the ground and i would accidentally walk on them and feeling the lumps under my feet made me gag, so i ended up gauging them out the the ground with a fork as I was that repulsed. My mum has this too though and had a weird dream about someone cutting open a pigs belly and there where clusters of oats packed in there and they were all standing up like little spikes. Feels really weird writing this but hopefully someone can sympathise!

Dayton, OH

#525 Mar 31, 2013
The oats in the pigs guts makes me want to tear it to pieces with that fork!!!!!

Hollywood, FL

#526 Apr 28, 2013
I have it too!!! I will NOT go into detail because I am already itching all over and nauseated!!! This is called trypophobia!!! It is God awful:( It makes ne so sick!!! And I have to see this thread on fissured tongues today and I am so sick.

Twickenham, UK

#527 May 3, 2013
From reading these comments I'm soooo glad I'm not the only one! Me and my sister have it too, things like the holes in the frogs back, a fish when it's descaled and the scales stick up is my worst EVER image that I can't get rid of... beehives.. and the list goes on! People don't understand it and think you're crazy when you itch all over. Some wedding dresses with certain patterns disgust me as well..

Twickenham, UK

#528 May 3, 2013
Oh - and the urge to smooth things out, like if people have hairy legs or splinters.

Atascadero, CA

#529 May 8, 2013
I am soo glad to have found this thread! For me it's clusters of holes like the lotus pod, honey comb, that awful back birthing frog, the maggot breasts and the thought of big open pores...( makes me seriously nauseated even thinking about these things!)'scuse me while I go puke.

It's good to know there are others and that it has a name. I just thought I was sick. Nothing else ever bothers me.

Hamburg, Germany

#530 May 9, 2013
I am so glad to have found this. My father had this, and all 4 of his children (me included) experience it. Just got online to research it again because I sliced a carrot and it had tiny holes in a circle around it. I immediately starting itching. I never knew what it was, but now I have some direction.

Rocky Mount, NC

#531 May 13, 2013
I know these holes and clusters and oddly but perfectly arranged patterns in things will not hurt me, they just make me feel like my heart drops into my stomach when I encounter them. The Geico commercial with the guy whose face and body are made of dollars that flap erratically? That makes me cringe.

Singapore, Singapore

#532 May 14, 2013
Hey guys the name of the phobia is Trypophobic !!
Me too

Red Deer, Canada

#533 May 18, 2013
Vee wrote:
OMG, I also believe I have this phobia because of chicken pox when I was younger! I'm also artistic.
me too i had also chicken pox when my mom gave birth to me and im also artistic AND i also have this phobia...

Mansfield, UK

#534 May 19, 2013
I'm glad I'm not the only one who has this I can't stand the sight of fish gills and scales or the underside of squids tenticals this means I can't eat sea food as just thinking about it makes my skin crawl



#535 Jun 6, 2013
I am not alone. I told my boyfriend today and he acted like i was a freak i was veryupset because he is my potential husband. Therefore i should expect full support anyway. I have been suffering from this since i was little about 9 yrsold i thought i was crazy and it was just me until a month ago a girl that i have met said she couldnt stand looking at holes and she told me it had a name so i did some research many pictures of holes and other patterns (disturbing) come up so be careful. I just pray that we all can free ourselves from this phobia it affects my life and and your too since you suffer from it too. But im Glad to know i am not alone.i

Pleasanton, CA

#536 Jun 19, 2013
I am also glad I'm not the only one. Clusters, patterns (particularly in nature), anything with lots of holes or bumps. I feel so itchy and just plain freaked out. Even reading the posts others have written bother me because I am right there with you. Is this a phobia? Do we need therapy for this or just avoid such objects?

London, UK

#537 Jun 22, 2013
becka wrote:
Wow my 2 sisters my twin brother and i experience this as well. We did not all ways no that the other experienced these repulsions to patterns and clusters until adulthood.I am glad to know this is a legitimate phobia, i have considered it as such even without knowing the proper name. We are all Artistically inclined. I wonder if it has anything to do we the Creative Process. Is any one else Artistically inclined??
I'm am also artistically inclined too and had this nightmare of scales growing on my skin and wanting to scratch them off. It's so weird but reliving we all have something in common

Dayton, OH

#538 Jun 27, 2013
My daughter and I found a rotted tree in the dark woods with 10ft long clusters of mushrooms that looked like small breasts all the way down!!! We went crazy and took sticks and mutilated it. They were connected to the rotted tree by tuber type things...we destroyed them too...they made a sucking type noise while we tore it up. We were totally sated and exhausted when done. Like a couple of lunatics. What's wrong with me?

Boca Raton, FL

#539 Jul 10, 2013
I have a fear of crossword puzzle patterns that are assymetric I can now look at it on the computer I went thru hypnosis but I can't deal with it moving around on the sidewalk or street in the wind. Is there anyone else that has a fear of crossword puzzles

Boca Raton, FL

#540 Jul 10, 2013
I have a fear nof the crossword puzzle pattern. I went thru hypnosis I can now look at it and do one on the computer bur cannot deal with it when it is on the street and the wind starts to blow the puzzle in my direction

Paris, France

#541 Jul 13, 2013
I am relieved on one hand that this isn't just me being obsessive or crazy. I have always had an aversion to symmetrical patterns and clusters, but I never knew that there were others out there with the same feeling.

One particular event that I can recall this affecting my daily life was in biology class when we were studying cell biology. The diagrams of mitochondria made me itch and squirm and I had to try and explain to the teacher that I was physically unable to look at the textbook because of this disgusting feeling. She did not understand my feelings and didn't try and help. That really upset me that I couldn't make someone understand my disgust.

I wonder if my poor performance in science subjects can be attributed somewhat to these symptoms. I can recall video of capillaries and tastebuds and other pustules turning my stomach to the point I wasn't able to take part in some discussions or classes.

What makes things worse in my opinion is the fact that it seems like most of the time I only have to think about flaky skin, scales, bumpy textures etc. and my body is set into physical reactions like itching and shuddering.

I hope the discussions such as they are on this forum get the science community talking and get some diagnosis and treatment to help those who have suffered in silence with this little known disorder.
AlwaysRoomForMod ification

San Antonio, TX

#542 Jul 21, 2013
Maggies here wrote:
Just curious if anyone has ever heard of a name for this. Repetitive patterns, very distinct lines and certain textures especially visual ones make my skin crawl.
Trypophobia: having an excessive sense of uneasiness when looking at clusters, cracks, holes,and etc. Even describing the visual can cause these intensities.

Melbourne, Australia

#543 Jul 26, 2013
I can't stand the feeling of anything silky, I can't even look at something silky without getting slightly painful shivers, even saying the word makes me think of it and makes my skin hurt for up to half an hour (on and off). The same with the texture of whatever it is holographic pictures are made of (you know that thing they made the goosebumps books out of?), I was watching a video just now and it had a hat in it made from that, I had to stop watching the video and take my mind off it. I really think I have a phobia of certain feels, tastes and sounds, although I'm not sure exactly how to explain each individual one or if there are even proper phobias for them, I just know I have to avoid a lot of things and it sucks!:( I've even had moments where I've felt I have to cut myself just to take the shivery sensation away.

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