textures, repetitive pattern phobia

Manchester, UK

#484 Sep 28, 2012
I can't believe everyone is describing everything that makes me go crazy!!! I thought it was just me but so many people have the same thing. The underside of a flat mushroom is my worst worst nightmare but even the dove advert with the hands mentioned makes me laugh because that gets me aswell!!! odd isn't it!!

Tenafly, NJ

#485 Oct 1, 2012
I have the same fear as well. I always have dreams where I lift up my sleeve and my skin has symmetrical bubbles instead of skin. EW EW Ew It's hard to even talk about.

Frederick, MD

#486 Oct 3, 2012
Chad555 wrote:
This is insane, I have had this my entire life; I thought I was the only one who experienced it. Certain textured patterns and patterns of holes make me feel sick. I feel freaked out and I cant explain why. When something triggers it I often say "Thats sick! Oh my god, thats so discusting." My girlfriend just starts laughing at me. Just last night I had a dream of a person who had skin made out of triangle shaped pieces. The pieces didnt exactly fit together so there was holes in between everyone. The pieces didnt stay flat either, they twisted, but all in the same direction at the same time. God its so sick. Weird.
OMG Chad.. I thought that I was losing my mind!!! This has only recently started happening to me. It really makes me nauseous. It started with the picture online (don't know if it is real or fake) but of a 3D leg tattoo. It totally creeped me out. Since then, similar things are just as creepy. I saw a ceiling pattern at a casino with holes that had the same effect. The thing you wrote about skin made of triangle shaped pieces gave me the same feeling just reading it. What is this obsession/condition??

United States

#487 Oct 13, 2012
Wow...when I decided to google this, I didn't expect to really find others with this same phobia. No one I know understands this at all. It has gotten worse as I age too. It's just so damn icky. I won't go into detail about the worst thing I saw...unless someone really wants me to, lol...because it's just sickening. My only advice is to look away as quickly as you can...and then run away!

Clarksville, MD

#488 Oct 20, 2012
kev wrote:
sorry guys im having a little vision loss. if you guys could email me a couple links of photos that freak you out i would be appreciative. [email protected]
What vision loss? I am also going through that.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#489 Oct 21, 2012
OMG thank goodness, everyone i know says i just want attention or im crazy or im making this up, THIS IS REAL! i wake up and go to sleep scared of holes and clusters and layers and all that stuff, barks of a tree, bumps, eggs, anyhting growing on anything, seeds of certain fruits and vegetables make me throw up! i scratch and wash myself until i bleed! i cant live normally i cant cook or be outside, even when i do chores i get scared of things i see that have cracks and clusters, im shaking just typing about this stuff, thank u all for making me feel not alone! i had a terrible dream about holes in my eyelid! freaked the hell out of me cant stop thinking about it! what can i do to just live a normal day?

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#490 Oct 21, 2012
the worst thing is my own fingers! i cant look at my fingers up close cuz finger print make me feel scared disgusted and angry! i just want it all to stop! i dnt wanna live with this! i wanna be able to go do things without being scared and disgusted and angry of what i might see! no one knows what i go through, i bareley get any sleep cuz i get up every 20 mins to go wash my hands or shake the thought of this stuff out of my head so i dnt drean about it! thank u all for making me feel not alone!i dnt eat any sea food beacuse of scales and things like this.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#491 Oct 21, 2012
i think this is called trypophobia, i thought i was crazy! no one understood thank goodness i found this site, please please please is there a cure or way i can live with this! im soo tired of this phobia i cry and scratch and wash myself sooo many times i dnt even have time to do anything else in the day
Angel-s mom

Heber City, UT

#492 Nov 5, 2012
sarah wrote:
i think this is called trypophobia, i thought i was crazy! no one understood thank goodness i found this site, please please please is there a cure or way i can live with this! im soo tired of this phobia i cry and scratch and wash myself sooo many times i dnt even have time to do anything else in the day
Check into OCD. My daughter has some of your symptoms and was treated with high dose zoloft. She is so much better. I have it too, but with a little different symptoms than her. Mine recently added the horror of patterns and textures that repeat. I figured it was part of OCD, but I haven't been diagnosed, but I do know it is genetic so it is highly possible I have it since my daughter has been diagnosed with it. Good luck.

Manteca, CA

#493 Nov 7, 2012
I suffer from Trypophobia too! It is so consuming!!! Let me just say that for those of you looking for help, BENADRL. I use the generic kind from the dollar tree by Assure and it has helped me a lot. Of course I am sleepy while taking it but boy does it help!!!! It allows me to just look at the images and sort of bypass the itchies. I do still feel angry and disgusted but even that is more of a dull feeling.
I don't think I could try desensitizing without the Benadryl. Hope this helps someone else.

San Diego, CA

#494 Nov 21, 2012
lol and i thought i was alone. i don't know if this is a true phobia unless it really compromises your quality of life in some way. the worst i've done is ruin some of my things by scratching at them.
edinburgh - scotland

Edinburgh, UK

#495 Nov 23, 2012
I find all this absolutely fascinating. Have had the same feelings as all of the above forever: fungus, honeycombs,holes in the sand, toadstools in fact yes, clusters of anything. And didnt realise until read all of the above that it's the word 'cluster' i've been trying to explain for year. When I was little I used to scratch woodchip wallpaper off the wall cos it drove me nuts. Eeek! It's so weird. funny thing is my two daughters have it, my mum has it, my sister has it and her two children also have it! Ewwwwwwww! Nobody else knows what I'm talking about and just laugh at me and think I'm bonkers!:-)

Murrells Inlet, SC

#496 Nov 24, 2012
YES. YOU GUYS. I JUST FOUND THIS OUT. Trypophobia. That's what it's called.

Cincinnati, OH

#497 Nov 25, 2012
A magazine arrived at my house addressed to the person that used to live here (I've lived here 7 years). It is called "Fungi Perfecti" and it features alot of fungus lovers and growers and pics of their prize fungi. I lost my friggin' mind. I'm 62 and my daughter is 31 and her daugter is 5 and we all are flipped out totally by this magazine. YOU WOULD LOSE IT!!!

Pearl, MS

#498 Dec 4, 2012
I Just started experiencing these symptoms about 2 weeks ago following a hysterectomy. I did't opt for the hormones and started having really bad hot flashes, then I started getting goosebumps along with the hot flashes, then that's when I could't stand to look at patterns, textures, or a bunch of the same things in a row, and if the texture is in black, it really drives me crazy. I literally had to leave work several times cause watching the computer screen with popups drove me crazy, Omg. Ughhhhhhh. I cant keep going like this, feel like I am about to lose my mind. Help!!!!

Fitzgerald, GA

#499 Dec 6, 2012
Brain coral and other sea creatures are the worst! Ahhh! Nice to know other feel weirded out by the patterns too!

Twentynine Palms, CA

#500 Dec 10, 2012
i had to stop reading your examples omg grosssssssss!!!!!!
I have the same problem!:( What is it?

Toronto, Canada

#501 Dec 24, 2012
I hate this phobia, does anyone have any suggestions on how to feel better when you freak out from it?

Ipswich, UK

#502 Dec 25, 2012

United States

#503 Jan 3, 2013
My phobia is exactly the same as yours. I saw the exact same picture and it terrified me all day.
My phobia started when I was around 12 (I'm 26 now) when I was at a beach in Costa Rica and cut my feet with a coral. Since then phobia to corals, bernacles underneath boats and larvae holes FREAK ME OUT!

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