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Needs sum1 to talk to

Manchester, UK

#41 Sep 22, 2012
I am 20 year old female an I don't have any friends am so down an no one to talk to
My fam won't listen I work In shop it's so horrible I am so shy I struggle with working around the public .. I feel like am gonna be alone forever I don't no what to do no more .. My life's just a mess i don't have an confidence like i used to ..:(:(

Balwyn North, Australia

#42 Oct 13, 2012
I am a psychology student in Australia and I was reading and article about "the dark side of emotional intelligence" ( )and I was wondering if there was a way of reversing the effects of childhood and teenage psychological abuse to avoid this outcome.
Island girl

Virgin Islands, U.S.

#43 Oct 14, 2012
@Josh I think you should always be open with you psychiatrist about how you feeling. You could probably try something differently; exercise - something you can do outside. You can also try affirmations everyday. It might feel weird at first but it really helps to point out thongs that are good about yourself to yourself. Find something different every week. This will hopefully help you give value to you.
Island girl

Virgin Islands, U.S.

#44 Oct 14, 2012
Josh wrote:
Someone can answer me please? Haha... Just tell me what you think I can do...
I think you should always be open with you psychiatrist about how you feeling. You could probably try something differently; exercise - something you can do outside. You can also try affirmations everyday. It might feel weird at first but it really helps to point out thongs that are good about yourself to yourself. Find something different every week. This will hopefully help you give value to you.
many minds

Raymond, NH

#45 Oct 22, 2012
Okay so i have DID (disassociative identity disorder) and I can't hold down a good therapist. They all want intergration, which I don't want, for obvious reasons. Why is it that nobody gets that 'why wouldnt you want intergration you're crazy' isn't a valid reason? And why am I not allowed the option of communication without not seeing psychiatric help? I'm not unable to function.


#46 Nov 11, 2012
hello ,sir ...
I need a suggestion for my bro.
he was little rash,stressed used to be angry and in tension for all the time and he was little addict to liquor and smoking ...he stoped everything later suddenly he was turned into depressed state later he met a psychologist ... who diagnosed him with tablets bhupron,quitypin ... still he was unable to concentrate , his confidence wastotally gone,while watching tv his eyes wil be lookin at tv ,mind wil be somewhere else ... sometimes his mind gets off that he can't make out what he is doing ...
again he went to doc and told all the above he gave lalithium tablet 400mg which contains lithium . he checked on net he got information this tablet is used to treat bipolar disorder,self harming disorders,for suicidal thoughts along with depression ... now is he too confused whether to take that tablet or not ?? because he was not so angry or so aggressive now then why this tablet ...???
kindly guide regarding this ...
if a doc replies it wil be a strong message for me that I can show it to him make him believe doc is right or not ...
thanks in advance for your suggestions

Riga, Latvia

#48 Nov 30, 2012

i have a problem with following statements could you please help me to find the right statements:

Only adult intelligence may be assessed
Emotional memory disappears until adult age
Temperament is a natural basis for character formation
Nonverbal communication emerges at adolescence

Perception means structuring and grouping of sensory data
Empathy is a barrier of communication
Communication to a patient should increase emotional stress
Psychological crisis intervention must not be immediate

I really do not understand this statements

Thanks in advance

Wellsboro, PA

#49 Dec 2, 2012
What I want to be dominated by my therapist. How much extra should I pay for that?

Floyd, VA

#50 Dec 13, 2012
I know its normal for teenage girl to lash out at her mom, but I feel like I'm going over the top, its gotten to the point where I can't seem to control myself,

I know I can be mean at times meaner than other kids my age, but I try so hard to be good, but all I seem to do is screw things up,

Since: Dec 12

Auckland, New Zealand

#51 Dec 18, 2012
Hey, 22 Years of age and for some time have had these rare moments of what i can only describe as 'pure clarity' For 10 or 20 seconds at a time it is like I forget my whole life, and see everything as it actually is without my mind going elsewhere. It is hard to explain, and as much as I try to stay within the moment it's like a thought enters my mind and a cloud moves over my way of thinking and I am flooded with my actual life again. here's the weird part- Sometimes during these moments i am overcome with an intense feeling of paranoia, I am seeing everything for what it is a a manner which day to day life doesn't allow, But it's like I start to panic about it I feel like something is wrong, then, in no means by my control I just snap back, and it's like I'm looking back on a moment I can never understand, I want to stay there- figure out what the hell is going on and what continually functioning like this could mean, but it's gone.. and I continue life as normal until I'm hit with another random moment.

Anyone ever heard anything like this before? I'm a deep thinker, have no mental health issues, but this is something I don't understand- it makes no sense to me at all.

Arnsberg, Germany

#52 Jan 6, 2013
Is someone here whod like to talk bout depersonalisation and anxiety/stress?

Athens, Greece

#53 Jan 7, 2013
so my problem is that im with a guy now who is really in love with me but i dont,first time we made out both were like ''just for fun'' but now he has turned a lot more serius. i should mention that i am 16 and he is 15...perhaps kind of mature for his age but i wanted to say that i feel glad on the one hand for having a guy who cares so much,is always there if i need him ( though i wont say my problems to him, he tries to make me talk) but on the other hand i dont like having a guy who i do not love,yes i care but in other way. im thinking his reactions before i do/say something...i feel like he wants to keep me as closer as he can and thats annoys me. also i feel really annoyd when i want to hang up all together (friends and him) and he is like << oh come on lets spend some time together>> i say ok but inside me im pissed off. lately i made him recognise that he is not that much importand/special to me (it was hard to tell but im happy for saying the truth), anytime i TRY to break up with him he really freaks out,he starts shouting WHY WHY WHYY and begging on my knees,hitting his head on wall,throwing his handy...once he told me when heacts like this he just wants to hit me but he cant. then he started saying stuff like ''im going to drink,i dont deserve to live etc
i cant stay that way anymore i hate myself for doing something i do not want all the time a done his favors(come here,lets go there..)but not anyore i just cant
also one thing he told me and really dissapointed but made me mad too waas that he said'if you break up with me none of the the others guys will want to talk and hang out with you just because they know you as my girlfriend'(we have the same friends,actually they were his friends and then i met them)
i also understood that its not him that i want to see but his friends, i just dont call them 'cause they will feel weird and uncomfortable.
but i cant understand why i cry when im not seeing him for some days once i do not even miss him...
except all that i want to break up because he just loves with no response,it would be better for him to go to someone who loves him back.
also i dont really feel happy when i go out with him except the times i know we will go to see people
another thing that annoys me is that he TRYES to make me happy,i dont want that(he just fails)but happiness is something that comes naturally by people eg im happy by just sitting next to my guy friend without even talk,i dont get bored but with that guy before i even see him i know i will get bored..i dont like for being so cold and negatve but i dont want to try change it either,i want nature speak..
so guys please tell me,do you advise me to break up and how to tell him if yes?if not why?
im thinking that i may wont have a guy who loves me that much again but it cant last when is one sided love,right?
my friens tell me to break up,my inside too but idk why i dont do trying but anytime i change my mind when he starts freaking out last time he told me'you will be the blame that i will drink and smoke tonight and tomorrow come to my funeral'also he says things like i will come to your friends house or yours wherever you are and yell if you do not come out and im just like FUUUCK but say nothing
maybe this relationship abuses me psychological
also once he tryed really hard to ''touch'' me and was like what why you dont want?? why couldnt he respect the thing that i just do not want to??! and then he said that ;;i want let you go from here if you dont answer me>> im glad that it was time for me to go that day....i never justify things to anyone,not even my parents i wont justify to him...
im really confused with my feelings,i dont know what i want
when im around him im bored,before i meet him i dont even want to go
when im not around him with other buddies i feel perfect but when alone i cry
when i talk about him i get pissed off and feel like i hate him but when i hear about him i feel guilty sad and mad simultanusely

Milwaukee, WI

#54 Mar 6, 2013
I need facts about OCD
Jackie Sullivan

Fresno, CA

#55 Mar 7, 2013
Me and my friend are doing an experiment on lucid dreaming and i need lucid dreamers to take this personality test for our experiment! Please help us out!
Sun Guided Visualizations

Chardon, OH

#56 Mar 21, 2013
To Tattuum - I hope you dumped the fellow immediately! He is no good for your own mental health and wellbeing. Be good to yourself, first. Don't spend time with the wrong people. You are too valuable for that!

To Melimaus - please try listening to some of my recordings - go to Amazon and look for "Sunrise Guided Visualizations." You may find news ways to relieve stress.

All the best to each of you!- Sunrise Guided Visualizations

Lincoln, NE

#57 May 2, 2013
I am 21 and I've always been different. I've always been a loner. I don't know how to talk to people, I try to be brave and normal but my anxiety has gotten so bad. I can't eat or sleep when I should. I had to quit college because I unknowingly got myself so sick I had to get my gallbladder removed because of a stuck stone. I don't feel like I get that nervous but its getting worse everyday. I can't wake up in the mornings without getting sick. I thought it was because I couldn't eat right away but now it won't even go away. I've been in and out of hospitals and been threw so many therapists. I feel like everyday I wake up like this It kills me a little more. I'm scared and weak all the time. I can't work. I have no money or insurance. I've been dealing with anxiety since I can remember. I've had doctors turn me away because I didn't have a job that was in the ER, can they even do that. Anyway I'm scared and everyday I have to talk myself into dealing with it instead of just ending it all. What's wrong with me?? Because no one can tell me.
a man living in Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia

#58 Jun 3, 2013
I'm 23 years old and i'm currently finishing my last year of my undergraduate law degree. I'm currently in the phase where i have really low appeal for studying. This is bad because i'm in the middle of my semester on finishing my final thesis. After reflecting what had happened before, this was due to my recent experience of hearing the conflict between the lecturer with the other lecturers that i'm often keep in touch with. Then during the class, i was trying to talk about my research progress, what can be revised and so on, but what i got was a blatant judgement of how i have failed as a researcher, how i did it wrong and so on. I feel so much pressure with such negative feeling during the class, mostly about how the lecturer talks about her disagreement and gossip about the other lecturer, and how she concluded my research as "somewhat a failure". I felt that such judgment was unfair, because she wasn't telling me and my friends the concrete of example of what to do, step-by-step and so on. The other thing that made me nuts is about my love life. I always have a problem in dating someone, especially because i wasn't the typical of person that wants to give the best i can, and giving much of my time for this kind of thing. I'm a straightforward person. When i do like someone, i'd rather be honest since the first time i'm making the move. But not everybody likes such kind of move. The problem get worse because now i have the tendency for "friends-for-benefit " or "casual relationship" than a real relationship, even though i'm still avoiding myself that this will happen soon. I'm feeling that i'm now down below from what i have expected. 2 months before this, i was quite successful of what i had achieved in my campus, especially in organization. I lead my organization quite in a high position, helping the team to get a highest achievable position we have during these 5 years. I made my promise, my goals on what i'll achieve this year and where i want to be at next year.

Somebody please help get out of this dark hole :(

San Francisco, CA

#59 Jun 4, 2013
I am in desperate need of help for a research proposal paper. I have to make a PowerPoint and 45 minute presentation tomorrow b4 11 am. I think I know the info well and have all my ideas but I don't know how to do it.
It is a correlational study so anyone that knows research methods PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!:0

San Francisco, CA

#60 Jun 4, 2013
Jackie Sullivan wrote:
Me and my friend are doing an experiment on lucid dreaming and i need lucid dreamers to take this personality test for our experiment! Please help us out!
I can if u can help me with research methods a correlational study....proposal. I need to figure out which info are the measures and what to correlate together. Please can u help???

San Francisco, CA

#61 Jun 4, 2013
Is anybody here!!????

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