You would have to be naive and gullible in the extreme to believe this global warming scare monger, originally developed and promoted from western Europe, where there are hardly any natural resources of significance, was honestly
intended for the benefit of the global population and natural life forms.

The Global Warming dooms day propaganda facilitated the imposition of a tax based on lies and opportunism always intending to create another artificially induced financial bubble in Carbon Credits trading for the ill gotten greed's of the financial parasites.

However, we see due to the powerful interests promoting this flawed science, continually dogged by controversy and defended by powerful such as examplified in this article, often with heavy handed threats and intimidation, there is a sizeable portion of the public vigorously supporting the the Global Warming story and the Carbon Tax. Showing that the human being mentality is infinitely malleable and programmable by external forces. An individual that can think for themselves is a rarity and maybe does not exist at all.

Whether you believe in global warming or not, take note that moneyed and powerful interests who support the imposition of a tax are able using
the mass media to "program" so many of the population.

We should really re-think what a "human being" is. It dose not appear he or she is an individual. They are so easily influenced by the thoughts and
attitudes of the "Mass" as programmed by the tools of the Mass Media.