Union of science and spirituality

Union of science and spirituality

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Haiku, HI

#1 Jul 7, 2012
Generation 1: Container and Contained. God within GOD. God Speaks and Creates his Image and Consort.
2. We start at 10d. The nested sphere, flower of life field (FOLF). This the in the ball found under the Foo-dog's paw at the forbidden city in China, at the temple of Osiris at Abydos, and also found many other places through out our ancient traditions. This FOLF is the floor field of the Eternal Self(s) Existence of Conscious Reality. To create a subject/object relationship experience without the cancellation of it's own Omnipresence, the Light "hides" itself by receding to a periphery internally creating a bubble of darkness, a zero, "0" a uni-verse....and to a single point of light as the Center of this spherical void. A Central Abode. The Central lens. God's foot stool. 10d in proper context of this total consideration would be "God's" Planck field...11d are the uncountable numbers of Gods in body like you and I, having thoughts (myriad, myriad, myriad, Uni-verses, "One Word's"), and 12d is their Eternally Infinite Omniverse of All-powerful Universal possibilities! I bow my head in awe and reverence.
3. This movement is forming both the ceiling and the floor structures of Creation. The ceiling is 10d , the floor is 1d...the same 10d sphere compressed to a single point at the very center of the 9d void sphere. What happens in the space between, satisfying Newton's third law, is the internal reciprocal of the face centered cubic (FCC) lattice of the spherical packing relationship also called cubic close packing with 12 spheres touching a single internal one. The repeating star tetrahedron, 4 vector, 8d lattice of our scale Planck field (cubic space), the isotropic vector metric (IVM) of Nassim Haramien's and others work.
4. This is first fractal iteration inward. God at the very center of His Creation. 1d Center point. 9d is the vacuum space sphere itself and the space inside/around is the 8d crystal snowflake lattice. The 10d FOLF 9d vacuum sphere interaction is the reason why light behaves as both particle and wave. It is the fluctuation of a spherical membrane. An "upflux" appears as a wave, the "downflux" as a particle. The first overlay lens for the internal projection of Light is complete and it sees all else to follow at every level of Creation. Pattern, Pater, Father is now established inside and still yet outside Matrice, Mother. Fib: 1, 1
5. Surat Al-Hadid: 57:3 "He is the First and the Last and the Outward and the Inward." The Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) said, "...Allah, You are the First, for there was nothing before You, and You are the Last, for there is nothing after You, and you are the Outward, for there is nothing above You, and You are the Inward, for there is nothing beyond You. Remove our debt, and relieve us from poverty."
6. So now you have Patter (Light ceiling), diving outward into Matter (3d snowflake plank field floor) from the 1d center sphere, within the universal "0" sphere. This forms the first torque of Creation. Creating central spin axis, polar orientation and thrust. The Vesica Pisces is born. The flooding spherical twisting of light into a torus so that can remain in constant motion. The Primary of 5 total toroids formed later when we get to iteration 3...this is important) The Light is pulled apart and expands from the center into the 7 colors. A "3d", laminar standing wave suspended between the top and bottom Patter/Matter combined light twist inversions inside the universal Sphere. Violet at the periphery of an expanded rainbow, shaped like a 3d vertical Eye going inward through the colors V.I.B.G.Y.O.R. then to darkness with the sphere of Light in the very center. Given the directionality of the First Orientation, and magneto matrice natures, I'd imagine it would look something like a Rain-bowed teardrop multi-layered Gem around the central Eye, shining lighting and fire in all directions!
Who is hungry for more?

Haiku, HI

#2 Jul 7, 2012
Okay so was a bit of a wall of text...I'll keep it bite sized.

Eager to share, discuss, and explore!

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