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andrew j langham


#48 Mar 22, 2010
note, all mass is made up of low energy photons;

Einstein did not understand the reciprical nature of energy. especially the fact that energy is a reciprical value of the photon mass, example; free low velocity photons possess mass and form hydrogen within extreme pressure ie in neutrone star, the hydrogen emitts photons at 10 metres per second approx and is gravity; similarly protons are made by high extreme pressures and link low energy magnetically. note; magnetism is composed of low energy phontons at distances of less than 1 atometre and move isototically so act in two planer angles where as a photon travelling at the speed of light has no infuence in the tangential plane; einsteins mass squared is a maximum value of energy, to calculate the kinetic force of a defractionated proton is very much dependent on its environment, so it is the density of released mass divided by the immediate cubed mass x the sum volume = possessed energy


#49 May 5, 2010
cern is a total waste of money; its a farce! most scientists know atoms are composed entirely of low energy photons;
of which cern just is advocating silly names to various bunches or configurations of said photons! fact; quantum physics is a total con; all it really is a view point of observation and was originally a singular view snapshot; now it is computer analysed so observation can be multiplexed and from many angles and can be frozen time or vastly speeded up; quantum theory as it was known, is now not qualified working thesis;

high energy photons are accellerated by the dipole of the atom; when the neutron proton encapsulation is disturbed; the exterior of the atom is just a low energy photn cloud; note not electrons; an electron is only a unit of photon energy as released from an anode in a vaccuumit called thermonic emission;

Hollywood, FL

#51 Jun 25, 2011
if you could travel at that speed 34,596,000,000
you could reach andromeda in 20 years
Just Passing By

Calgary, Canada

#52 Aug 5, 2012
TruthWalker wrote:
israel benitez, because I do know that much that your comment was in error.
You don't even know what truly causes gravity, no human does, yet you know that if you jump off a building, you fall down.
So how is that any different?
You do not need to fully understand the whole mathematical components of the equation of gravity to understand that!
I'm sorry, i'm failing to see how this is relevant.
Take the mass of the pen(lets say for the sake of argument that the pen weighs a pound) so the matter made up by the atoms in the pen combine to weigh a pound. Take that pound and accelerate from a state of rest(0 miles per second) to the speed of light squared or 34,596,000,000 miles per second and then according to einstein any mass moving at that speed will convert into pure energy.
This comment has nothing to do with gravity, but the acceleration of an object and the effects according to Einstein's theory of general relativity (e=mc2(squared)).
To me it sounds like he is correct, and you have given an invalid argument for the sake of an unknown personal result.

Hampton, NH

#53 Sep 24, 2015
TruthWalker wrote:
<quoted text>
Proof? Show me this proof! It's called a THEORY because its NOT proof!
Um, it's called a "theory" because there IS proof, if there was not proof yet it would be a "hypothesis".
Also, there is a ton of documented experiments of matter being converted to energy and vice versa (Hiroshima?)
but this has nothing to do with moving at the speed of light squared and Einstein never said that, in fact, as mentioned above, he said NO"THING" can move even AT the speed of light, so a velocity of C^2 is absurd.

Since: Jul 12

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#54 Dec 6, 2015
TruthWalker wrote:
<quoted text>
Can 1 ever represent more than a "single entity"?
For example, I can give you one rope. However, if you take it apart, you will notice 3 smaller ropes that make up "one rope"
Seems to me the number 1 in your example can represent more than when and only when each of the 3 smaller ropes represent 1 ROPE. The number 1 is not a physical reality by itself. A rope is, so 1 rope is reality. 3 ropes separate from each other are: 1r+1r+1r=3 ropes. Yet, 2+2=4 is an imaginary mathematical construct, i.e., a tool we can use to reason with and conclude that 1r x 3 = 3r(opes). Or, when 3r are twisted together, they become 1r. Was this a trick ??
langham science derby

Hockley, UK

#56 Dec 15, 2015
not you can collapse atoms with high electrical charge this happens in stars
langham science derby

Hockley, UK

#57 Dec 15, 2015
you can create gravity using high power directional magnetic fields that that attract low energy photons in an tube but not a toroid' the B field is zero unless made into a solenoid winding ; then the B field is ohms law calibrated; note all atoms are magnetic at high magnetic applied values' and to a large extent align in vector moment' the earth does this everyday; gravity is a photo vector and is an electrical charge' and at 90 degrees to the charge vector is the magnetic field also made up of lesser charged photons' if you could make a super bar magnet in a tube form' what you have within the tube is gravity' this principle can be used for the space station or many things in industry; note the magnetic tube induces the atoms in the tube to collect in the centre of the tube thus creating gravity; power DC induced magnetic fields are not dangerous its only high frequency magnetic fields that cause cancer; andrewlangham@live.co.uk

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#59 Dec 16, 2015
Well, how hard can it be to make a super bar magnet in tube form?

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