Hi. First off I am not a medical professional nor am I skilled beyond basic college in Science. Any help with my questions would be greatly appreciated.
THere is a growing number of people moving from cigarettes to ecigs. I have been doing some research on how they work. Now the crave seems to be diy mixing. I do know that the accepted amount of nicotine to kill a human is lcd 50mg per 70kg of weight. I get that. Here is what i dont get. A lot of people on the forums are saying they spill this large concentrate liquid on themselves and never feel any adverse effects.
Lets say i'm using a common mix of 100mg/ml or 100mgs of nicotine per mil of liquid. The nicotine is diluted in either VG PG or a combination of the 2. If someone were to truely spill 1 ml of this liquid on thier skin would they not absorb 100mgs of nicotine thereby causing death?
Is there a way to determine the rate human skin would absorb the nicotine to the bloodstream? Would the VG, PG, or combination make the absorption faster? slower? no change?
What about consistent exposure to nonsmokers/nicotine users. Would there be a potential of addiction with prolonged exposure to this?