Good California colleges that offer m...

Turlock, CA

#64 Apr 2, 2008
Why does everyone want to go to college in California?

Anyway -

I have the reverse dilemma. I am on schedule to graduate next year from a CSU, and I'm trying to find a graduate program in marine biology or marine science or related field somewhere in or near New York State, preferably within driving distance of New York City.

My fiance has an internship with a company whose main location is in New York, and if he is hired with them we might move to New York after we are married. I saw a really nice one in Rhode Island, wow it looked good - but it is too far to commute, way too far. Any suggestions/help?
Skater Boy

United States

#65 Apr 29, 2008
whats a good collage to study for a marine biologist? please HELP!!

United States

#66 May 17, 2008
I am a sixth grader but for years, I have been interested in studying sharks. I would really like some input on how to pick which college or university to go to get that opportunity. I would really really love it if you people would help me.
Thanks a bunch.

Columbia, MO

#67 Jul 24, 2008
yeah i want to be a Marine Biologist to and im 15. I haven't done anything with the deep sea but i would love to. Plus my boyfriend is going to take me scuba diving and i don't know if i will change my mind or not i don't think i will but you never know until you have done it before. I mean we are young and there are so many things me might change to or want to be something different. What i would say is learn alot about Marine Biology then see what you think but don't just focus on that learn about other jobs to and see if you might like something better.

Woodridge, IL

#68 Aug 9, 2008
Im in 8th grade and want to be a Marine Biologist im not sure what collage Would be the best but I do know that, any one who wants to be a marine biologist should work VERY hard in science classes, be a good swimmer, take extra biology classes,and love lakes and oceans!
Molly Lieberman

Omaha, NE

#69 Aug 16, 2008
I need to start thinking about what college to attend. And i need help! I want to do something with marine biology. Specificly i would like do do things with sharks. Like diving with them and studying their patterns in the ocean. Just things like that. I would prefer schools in florida or california. Does anyone have an ideas? Please help!
Michaela Stiles

United States

#70 Aug 17, 2008
I'm going into 7th grade and my parents are already asking about what i want to do with my career when i'm older. My dad doesn't care what career it is as long as i'm not flipping burgers. But my mom thnks i should be a doctor and i keep telling her i don't want to be a doctor. I barely like sick people that much.But marine biology is something i like. Its pretty cool that i like fish and marine life. But i don't know of a college that has a good marine biology program. Can anyone help me please email me at [email protected] i'm in need!!!!!!!!!!♥& #9580;♥╬ ♥╬&#98 29;╬♥& #9580;♥╬ ♥

Waldorf, MD

#71 Sep 12, 2008
Hey Sarah...yeah me too!! I'm a junior I've wanted to be a marine biologist since the 2nd grade. Check out Univerity of Tampa, New College of Florida, and Eckerd (also in Florida). Those are the ones I'm looking at now and they're all located on the coast. Its also a good idea to look for a school that has zoology too, as you might be interested in different species of animals.
You should also get your SCUBA certification. I have mine and although I've never gone deep sea diving, I have been scuba diving in Australia and was the best thing I have ever done!!! Hope this helps.

Exeter, Canada

#72 Oct 3, 2008
i just want to suba and be in the water but i'm not very smart so i don't know what's going to happen.

Wautoma, WI

#73 Nov 11, 2008
Hi, im 13 years old and im soon going to be in high school. Ive wanted to be a marine biologist since 2nd grade. I recently have been doing research and looking for good colleges for this topic. I really would enjoy training whales or even dolphins, but im not sur eif this fits into marine biology? and to tell you the truth im not so big on scuba diving. so i was wondering if there was anything else for jobs that i would enjoy. im an excellent swimmer and im really eco-friendly, im recently volunteering for roadside clean up and other enviromental activities...
does anyone have any suggestions for a good college and job that is in the field of marine biology (without the scuba diving)???

Swansboro, NC

#74 Nov 15, 2008
Most of the universities in the U of C system are actually quite good. In particular I'd recommend taking a close look at (in no particular order) UC San Diego, Santa Barabara, Santa Cruz, Northridge. Several of the others have very good programs as well, but those stand out in my opinion. For reference, I'm finishing an MS in marine biology and looking to start a Ph.D.
sammmy whammy whale

Sioux City, IA

#75 Nov 17, 2008
ok. im 13 i want to be a marine biologist and i have no clue on earth where to go to college. i'm in 8th grade. im going to be a freshman soon and i need to know what classes to take! im not very good at math. i'm in pre-algabra and i have trouble with it, so i need to know what classes i should take in high school to get ready for colledge and im thinking about going to a colledge in california. im thinking in sandiego!!
i love marine biology i doodle fish on my paper all day. its fun and im good at it to. maybe i can draw all the diffrent animals in the sea. ok i live in idaho. in boise. ya there is NO ocean in idaho. so....that means no aquriums!! or anything of that nature! so all i have to study with is stuff on the internet and books i have and t.v!

heeeelp!! if you have any suggestions on anything!

p.s everybody calls me sammy whammy whale becasue they know i love love love the ocean,and whales :)

Aptos, CA

#76 Nov 21, 2008
If you are looking for good Marine Biology schools in California,I suggest either UCSD (San Diego) or UCSC (Santa Cruz). East Coasters best bet is Florida, if you consider yourself dedicated to Marine Biology, you might consider moving there, because im sure these statesalso have thebest job opportunities as well.

Kailua, HI

#77 Dec 12, 2008
hi im a loser
Cat Fish

Lincoln, NE

#78 Dec 17, 2008
hi, i love marinebiology. i even did my room like the ocean. i'd do any thing to get in to a marine biology college in florida. i'm not old enough yet, but i know so much.if it's about sharks, dolphins, whales, star fish,parrot fish, and cristations. if you need help with any of that i might be able to help. just so u know i'm ugly.

United States

#79 Jan 9, 2009
Hey im in the 10th grade and I also want to be a marine biologist. Depending on what type of student you are I would suggest going to Hawaii Pacific University. They have a wonderful program. I have done numerous research papers on marine biology and have used Hawaii for a reference. Another school to look at is University of South Florida. Their program is good also. Im going to apply for an internship at the MOTE MARINE research lab. It is always on Discovery. They do great research.
Good Luck!

Trinidad and Tobago

#80 Jan 20, 2009

Little Rock, AR

#81 Feb 5, 2009
To rhose out there you have to want it. College of the Atlantic, Darmouth, Hawaii
Brianna elliott


#82 Feb 17, 2009
hi I am in 5th grade and i want to be a marine biology. I want to be a sea lions and dophins trainer. I loved animals all my life and still do.also I was looking at this college because I don't know where to start. I don't know what school offer marine biology then I found you.
P.S keep me in your minds. THANK YOU.
brianna, Northeast, PA

Phoenix, AZ

#83 Apr 7, 2009
KMN wrote:
u are a very mean person

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