The interesting one with this quake was the duration.

The locals were wise to be worried as a long duration quake is a signature tune of a megathrust driven tsunami.

The good news in this case however was that the quake was actually a transform/compression driven quake in the mid forearc slightly west of the junction of the bismarck backarc basin transform/rift zone with its junction with Papua @ Aitape.

The result was a series of small segments rolling & rotating in turn creating a "mole track" over a significant amount of time with small amounts of movement per segment in a particularly annoying "cal-i-forn-i-ayy" style.

result was lots of jostle and no tsunami.

On the other hand, a forearc thrust event of the asme duration would have produced a 10-15m tsunami but the quake then would have been close to 8.6 rather than 6.8; and would have been a substantial distance from the villagers to have had the same effect on the ground.

All praise to the villagers for doing the right thing when faced with a long duration strongly felt earthquake. That habit would preserve their lives in a 1 in 10 situation typical of convergence zones.

Have a nice day: Ag