Genetic Engineering
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Munich, Germany

#1 Nov 9, 2006
Hello everybody, we had a discussion about genetic engineering at school and now i have to write my opinion about this topic.
First I have to say that i´m against genetic engineering in general, but a positiv aspect of genetic engineering is the possibility to use it for healing diseases.
One the other hand there a enough reasons to be against g.e., because the are many risks and it´s not ethical, because people and animals are individuals!

Hagen, Germany

#2 Nov 9, 2006
Hey Vera, I'm not quite sure what you mean by saying "it's not ethical", but I get your point in general.
I have to say, that I totally disagree!!
Clones are clones and necessarily to be distinguished from natural born babies! I think the positive aspects are not only in case of healing diseases, as you said, but also in every other aspect. Let scientists investigate everything they can and don't compare clones with actual human beings. I don't think they're the same. Just look at how short their lifespan is...

Neubrandenburg, Germany

#3 Nov 9, 2006
I must say that I agree on Vera absolutly and
to O_Reily: I cannot get your point exactly because if clones are created, they would live as human being in our world and so they cannot be distinguished at all! Of course their life expectancy is not as high as ours but in the time they live, they have to be seen as human being, as you and I!
Furthermore: What are other positive aspects you see? I only see the point that g.e.can help healing diseases, too.
As well I think that it´s rather difficult for us, as "normal born" people to think that in some years there could be people who are created in a test tube, for instance. So I have my moral doubts there, too...

Hagen, Germany

#4 Nov 9, 2006
My opinion to that topic is that we should take the chance to investigate as much about this science as possible. Research already brought us the possibility to heal many kinds of diseases, so that you won't die because of a flu for example. Of course you still have to respect life as a kind of "God's creation" but for example investigation in stem cells could help people with Parkinson's disease like Michael J. Fox who is very often on TV at the moment to support this investigation.


#5 Nov 9, 2006
Hi..My name is Christina from Datteln. We had this topic in School an we should write a comment about it in this forum now. But I hate English and this Topic and so I will not write more then this damm 3 sentence !
Cya !

Erndtebrück, Germany

#6 Nov 9, 2006
I think that we cannot deny the positive effects coming with genetic engineering, for example healing parkinson as it was already said but the problem is that there are also many ways to manipulate and exploit it. Nowadays you can see this exploitation with the cloning of pets for instance only because of privat and emotional reasons.

Dortmund, Germany

#7 Nov 9, 2006
Well, as we already had this discussion in class, wether genetic engineering is a blessing or a curse, I can totally agree with this positive aspect conceirning to the "healing diseases" process. But in every other aspect, like for example cloning human beings only to exploit them as donors, definitely harms the dignity of man and the esteem of life itself. This all could end up in some kind of disaster and the competent scientists should handle their investigations with high attention.


#8 Nov 28, 2006
Yes, we also talked about this in school well we saw a movie. Anyway I do agree with vera if they are clones then they have to be different in some way.Also g.e works great on curing diseases, why not just keep g.e on that.
James Winkler

Otter Lake, MI

#9 Dec 4, 2006
I wonder why Europeans are so much more afraid of genetically modified foods and crops than are Americans. Americans have been eating and using them for quite some time with few side effects (allergies).

Simi Valley, CA

#10 Dec 4, 2006


#11 Jan 10, 2007
what are the benifits of having genetic engineering on your crops, babies, and every thing else

Eufaula, AL

#13 May 13, 2007
Genetic Engineering was only discovered in the firat place because of children w. diseases. Scientists were researching cures for these children and discovered the fact that w. g.e. they could change everything. I think that if your child (as an embryo) has a birth defect/disease such as down syndrome for example, having g.e done to make your childs life less complicated is good your using genetic engineering for HEALTH!!! health is something everyone needs up the top of the list w. family and god!! Now, on the other hand if you're a rich person who insists on your child having baby blue eyes your CRAZY!! God made man in his image we look the way we do for a reason. So i believe genetic engineering has its good points and bad! Also genetic engineering has made food in america's nutrtitional value rise.

Bangalore, India

#14 May 20, 2007
hai this is sekhar.
iwontdetails about Bsc gentics plzzzzz.i am in Indian(A.P).which college is better to join Bsc (genetics).plz replay this
Sarbesh Dangol

Beijing, China

#15 Jun 8, 2007
I am a Nepalese student and completed my intermediate level in Science with major Biology. I want to study BSc. in Genetic engineering and it's not available in Nepal. So, I want to study this subject abroad. I want to know about the university, scholarships and model question for entrance. Please kindly provide me with the informations.


#16 Jun 27, 2007

Saudi Arabia

#17 Jun 27, 2007
our doctor said that there is an italian scientist that have a submarine with a lab inside it

and he is doing all the genetic engeneering Experiments , changing eye color and all that kind for rich people
But unfortunately no one can arrest him because he is all over the world entering and traveling between countries
Its interesting actually ,,, and he need a technician, if any one is interested !
Am just kidding , but like the subject and judges and lawyers must have a good background on each tests and experiments limitations and stuff like that
kishor acharya


#18 Jul 8, 2007
i am from i dont know more about it. i have develop an innate desire to read this subject but thing of surprise,i dont know where is it better to study and i want to join it in france.i don't know i can join there or not.i have generate a hope to get help from any one who know about it.this guy would be greatful to him
Saugat pokhrel

Central District, Hong Kong

#19 Jul 10, 2007
i am studying +2 and want to study genetic engineering. but there are no colleges for it and thus i am in surprise where to study and how. moreover my economic condition is also not good and want someone to help me for my further studies so that people can help me
Ashish Dhakal


#20 Aug 6, 2007
My opinion on genetic engineering would be that it is the revolution in science. I personally believe that people hate it because they are afraid of it. Why do you mark the negative side when there is heaps of positive ones. Cloning and Hybridization may be dangerous but this is the inseparable part of science. I dont's understand people.


#21 Aug 6, 2007
I am sorry bye bye. I am a Psycho and a madman. A result of genetic engineering. Go hell with it.

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