JrEsq wrote:
"List some of the harms that you think will come. Be specific. Make it a decent list, longer than just two like you gave above, which were basically the same thing."
Actually, queer Eddy, I did just that about 3 or 4 months ago. I presented a very detailed analysis of the mechanism by which gay marriage would harm traditional marriage and society.
There were no replies for a long period of time, as the gays realized they had no valid rebuttal, so they finally resorted to the typical homosexual tactic of bombarding the thread with nonsensical posts, in a successful effort to bury my post.
I see. So, it was a long time ago so no one can find it, it was such a perfect posting that no one could reply, and the reasons were all just SO amazing that you can't list them again. Is that about right?

Sorry, I'm not handing out blue ribbons for the posting that you might have made somewhere else, months ago.