Body odor, Asians, and earwax

Body odor, Asians, and earwax

There are 46 comments on the Discover story from Oct 25, 2010, titled Body odor, Asians, and earwax. In it, Discover reports that:

When I was in college I would sometimes have late night conversations with the guys in my dorm, and the discussion would random-walk in very strange directions.

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The Reporter

Tokyo, Japan

#1 Oct 26, 2010
The article was illogical and bordering on the stupid. That is what happens when people take a common racial stereotype and then try to force the science to fit into it. Thus destroying the facts before them and adding in fiction and belief systems.

East Asian dry ear wax is indicative of a population that was geographically closed off so that a specific genetic variation is widely disturbed among the group. Geographical and environmental forces will also be at work to select traits conducive to survival.

Africans have wet ear wax, and so do many other racial/ethnic population (including White Europeans) because it may be providing a survival benefit. Like prevent insects from climbing into your ear and doing any damage. Obviously, in hot Africa, so a trait would be pretty useful.

The ancestors of East Asians obviously came from a small breeding group. So that dry ear wax may have become pervasive and the environment didn't need the wet ear wax type for their survival outside of Africa or in colder conditions.

Anyway, the article degenerated into body order and racial stereotypes.

But here is something from 1st hand experience.

1. Many Asians do stink and have body odor if they don't use proper hygiene. There is NO non-body odor gene.

Could into a disco or gyms of sweaty Asians. Or how about live with Asians.

See that is when a bullshit theory crashes against reality. Its one thing to say some crap theory from a lab room to create some artificial racial hierarchy, its another to sleep next to a lot of Asians.

2. Deodorant and soap sells well in East Asian countries like Japan and Korea.

People that have no body order, just wouldn't need all that soap and deodorant would they?

3. Soap, deodorant, and daily hygiene works wonders on all humans, regardless if they are White, Black, Asian, Indian, etc...

The problem with the smelly Barbarian theory is they were NOT taking BATHS. That is about hygiene. Tell the smelly barbarian to take a shower every day and use soap, then smell the difference.

Duxbury, MA

#2 Oct 14, 2011
You are way off. Deodorants are only recently worn in Asian countries, and by far less than in America - and it *is* because mostly they don't need it. I have had three Asian girlfriends. None of them ever wore it, and none of them had any objectionable odor. It is genetic, nor based on food, and there is a difference among races.
The Reporter

Tokyo, Japan

#3 Oct 22, 2011
I get really annoyed sometimes by lying azz ignorant folks.

I live in Japan and travel to Korea and other Asian countries often.

I can go to the corner store and see the abundance of deodorant.

In fact, there are a lot of STEALTH deodorants you very likely don't know about.

Nothing genetic about soap and water, daily showers, and deodorants. And Asians do it, because they know they will STINK if they don't.

They have deodorant sheets, creams, fragrant lotions, over perfumed shampoo, electric underarm hair removal, etc... People that give of no odors, would not need that, would they?

Something I forgot to add, was diet. Heavy beef eaters and the common Western diet, will stink more than people that eat less meat and many types of Asian diets.

By the way... I work with, live with, play with, and sleep with Asians. I damn sure know how they smell. Your 3 Asian chicks, doesn't even register to the many thousands that I have encountered.
19 year old SE asian

Hicksville, NY

#5 Jun 3, 2012
Other then the routinely daily ritual of hygiene, i can honestly say i never wore deodorant cologne or any other type of scent to mask my own other then soaps, etc. I do have the whole dry ear wax thing, but back to the topic not one person, friend, stranger, class mate, adult, parent, etc has ever said I smelled even after I sweated and it evaporated leaving the bad scent. So the whole your an expert just cause you live their doesn't mean you know exactly what happens. Not that everyone is the same but from MY personal experience I've never gotten a single negative comment aboutmy smell, btw I live in NYC with a large population surrounding my every day life. Maybe I'm lucky but whatever the reason don't discredit every asian just because most of those you met did smell. It is genetics and your daily lifestyle (diet and hygiene).

Adelaide, Australia

#6 Apr 10, 2013
I think Asians don't smell as much is because most of our parents expect us to shower everyday because of the heat and the climate in our country

Jakarta, Indonesia

#7 Apr 18, 2013
sorry some people clearly have stronger odor than others even after bath. Just search about those topic further. Dry earwax does not mean you're completely free from body odor just less.
The Reporter is retarded

Toronto, Canada

#8 Jan 3, 2014
Holy crap some people are thick.
The article isn't trying to say all East Asians are without body odour, just that the dry earwax/non-apocrine sweat phenotype is more common in East Asians, therefore a greater percentage of the population doesn't need to wear deodorant compared to other populations.

Osaka, Japan

#9 Jan 3, 2014
Jomon/Ainu = wet earwax, greek foot, etc
Yayoi/Yamato = dry earwax, egyptian foot, etc

San Francisco, CA

#10 Jan 21, 2014
I'm white n never worn deodorant and almost never smell...except my feet

Amagasaki, Japan

#11 Feb 1, 2014

Toronto, Canada

#12 Feb 22, 2014
That last picture is not an Evenk, you ignorant Ainu. He is a North American Indian. Look at his face structure, he looks more like a proto-Mongoloid than a classic Mongoloid. This is a true face of an Evenk:

Stop posting crap here, fake Japanese Ainu.

Osaka, Japan

#13 Feb 22, 2014
Nop, he's Evenk living in China. You mean Evenks are all the same??? As you see both Asian looking Ainu and Russian looking Ainu, you see both in Evenks too.

Since: Jan 14

Location hidden

#14 Feb 22, 2014
Gotta agree with Takasan here. He does look like a North American Indian. We Canadians have looked at enough pictures of North American Natives in textbooks to the point where we can tell the difference between a North American Native to a Native from another country.

Oh and hi, Takasan! Long time no see! Ainu continues to be ignorant as ever ever since you left. He still believes in his Kamikaze stereotypes and continues to believe the Emperor is divine/god, lel. He also believes us "Asians" are weak minded people that can't support our country even though Canada's economy is pretty strong, and was able to survive pretty well when US banks temporarily went dead years ago.:P

Tokyo, Japan

#15 Feb 23, 2014
Don't judge from looks, you ignorant fools. He is Evenki for sure. Don't get a stereotype, idiots. If you see non-Asian looking Japanese, you just call gajin??? Ridiculous LOL

Even Ainu have both Asian looking and non-Asian looking people:

Canada is full of Asian worthless immigrants and finally Canadian gov banns them LOL Enjoy identity crisis there LOL

Since: Jan 14

Location hidden

#16 Feb 23, 2014
>He is Evenki for sure.

LOL, you're not even sure yourself if he's Evenki or not. What a failed argument you made there. And what the f**k is a "non-Asian looking Japanese?" Does that even make sense? Last time I heard, you hated Japanese people with mixed blood, so why are you suddenly defending them? And the Ainu people are an exception, they're NATIVES.

Finally, Canada is not full of "worthless" immigrants. Last time I heard, some of these "immigrants" have high position jobs that earns them a lot of money. For example, one of my friends from China has a nuclear engineering degree, and he has an actual job for nuclear engineering. He's rich as hell and you call him worthless?

Stop judging people based on nationality or race, Ainu. And no, the Canadian Government is not banning Asians from entering the country. It's called "decreasing the amount of immigrants to come to Canada." If Canada allows too many immigrants into the country, the country itself will turn into the UK (if you know what I mean). It also has nothing to do with identity crisis you moron, stop saying that.

Tokyo, Japan

#17 Feb 23, 2014
I don't defend at all. I tell the truth. Yes, Ainu are natives and Japanese of course.

So where's Asian player in Canadian national team??? I've never seen "worthful" Asian players there although you can see a lot of Asian immigrants there LOL

No matter what you cry, Canada is a white nation. Whites rule Canada. They are just scared with Asian immigrants because they don't want Asian immigrants to take Canada.

Hey, it's time to fight with whites not Japanese, you Asian immigrants. Don't you have a ball? Why you always blame Japan??? Why can't you blame Canada??? We know your real feelings LOL

Since: Jan 14

Location hidden

#18 Feb 23, 2014
Too bad you don't "tell the truth" all the time, let alone at least 1/4 of the time.

It wasn't too long ago when racism has subsided exponentially to the point where most people won't hate each other over race or nationality in Western countries. It'll take several decades until we see more and more Asian (including Japanese athletes) in many national teams. There are a couple of Asians in many well known teams (a couple Japanese ones as well)!

Do me a favor and do a wiki search.

Canada is not entirely a white nation. See, what you just said was a lie. If Canada was scared of Asian immigrants, then why are there so many Asians with high profile jobs here in Canada?

As for your last paragraph, I'm not even going to answer that as I already did in another thread.
Imperial Red

Tokyo, Japan

#19 Feb 23, 2014
We Japanese have no body order. 100 Japanese can stan packed in a box and nothing smell. No take bath for 5 days and still smell is pleasant like flower.

2 foreigners stand together and it smell like hot dog poo. This is why we Japanese never want to be near always stank foreign peoples. Japanese nose very sensitive.

Toyonaka, Japan

#20 Feb 24, 2014
Imperial Red

Tokyo, Japan

#21 Feb 24, 2014
Takasan25 wrote:
That last picture is not an Evenk, you ignorant Ainu. He is a North American Indian. Look at his face structure, he looks more like a proto-Mongoloid than a classic Mongoloid. This is a true face of an Evenk:
Stop posting crap here, fake Japanese Ainu.
You betray your family. Change your name to something Canada. Find a fat ugly freckle skin white woman and shut your face.

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