The pesticides are not what is killing the bees. But they can contribute to the mechanism of death in that the bee's like White Nose Bat Syndromes is caused by spirochetal prion protein infections.

The Bats eat insects like mosquito's who feed off of spirochetal infected animals and get infected with the gene sharing stealth that is the real cause of AIDS immune suppression and the real PRION all lied about for over 35yr.s since they infected us all with it in contaminated vaccines.

The bee's get theirs from fertilizers made from fecal waste. Because they KNEW in 1985 when they infected us all- prion spirochetal proteins were Immortal. They cannot be killed. They use what ever DNA they need to survive.

It is also the cause of Morgellons in the masses of people suffering their syndromes and most don't even know it yet.

And it is the cause of All syndromes/psych/cancers today. But they intend to prosecute like they did Big Tobacco back in the day for causeing cancers that Tobacco never caused. Infectious junk in vaccines did.