Spinosaurus beating T.Rex in Jurassic...

Spinosaurus beating T.Rex in Jurassic Park 3 was.....

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Honolulu, HI

#1 Mar 13, 2013
Wow, maybe Spino will become DinoChampion in 9999! Bravo! Bravo!
Omega T-Rex

Kolkata, India

#2 Mar 14, 2013
that scene was just stupid
Lord Vader Garfield

Honolulu, HI

#4 Mar 14, 2013
And T.Rex would definitely lose, It's size and claws were smaller. The T.Rex has stupid, tiny arms.

New York, NY

#5 Mar 17, 2013
spino was a baryonix with a spine!!!!!!!!!!
people say spino was big,but only because of that spine!
it's claws couldn't swope a t-rex only it's not-so-strong-mouth could.

New York, NY

#6 Mar 17, 2013
why can't one of the voting options be inccurate?
Lord Vader Garfield

Honolulu, HI

#7 Mar 17, 2013
Size doesn't matter, but in most ways it does. Agility matters 38%. Size matters 80%.
Hyper Squid

San Francisco, CA

#8 Mar 17, 2013
Do you even math bro?
Lord Vader Garfield

Honolulu, HI

#9 Mar 18, 2013
Yes dude. Are you my homeboy? If you are, then I know math.

Agility: matters 32%

Size: matters 68%

Richmond, Canada

#10 Mar 18, 2013
Lord Vader Garfield wrote:
And T.Spino would definitely lose, It's size and claws were smaller. The Spino has stupid, tiny arms.
xD i fixed it lol

Richmond, Canada

#11 Mar 18, 2013
Lord Vader Garfield wrote:
Wow, maybe T.Rex will still be DinoChampion in 9999! Bravo! Bravo!
Hehehehhee.I fixed it for you lord vader garfield xD

Richmond, Canada

#12 Mar 18, 2013
ajakelhihi wrote:
spino was a baryonix with a spine!!!!!!!!!!
people say spino was big,but only because of that spine!
it's claws couldn't swope a t-rex only it's not-so-strong-mouth could.
Yeah finally someone is actually right

Richmond, Canada

#13 Mar 18, 2013
Omega T-Rex wrote:
that scene was just stupid
You right it is stupid

Richmond, Canada

#14 Mar 18, 2013
The only reason the T.Rex lost is because the Paelontoligists found the bones of a Spino and just because it was bigger they thought it was stronger.Go watch the scene and take a good look at it.A T.Rex bit the neck of a Spino for like 20 seconds.It should've killed it in just 2 seconds.Second of all did you notice that 360 degree twist?That should've ripped the Spino's head off.Second of all who the h**l is dumb enough to think a Spino could actually twist a neck!.Whoever made JP3,your ruined it for everyone and filled their minds with a bunch of wrong facts........So Spino fanboys should actually reaserch some facts on T.Rex's.The T.Rex has the strongest bite force of any animal+it has unusually strong leg power and its huge head could easily topple even the ''future king'' of dinosaurus.
Lord Vader Garfield

Honolulu, HI

#15 Mar 19, 2013
jhet77 wrote:
<quoted text>T.Rex fucks, he has a big fat ass that fucks, and is a cunt what the hell is that bitchyface T.Rex real. I'll knock him in the dicks, fuck his ass. Spino is super duper hunter, it won the ChampDino Awards Trophy out of infinity. It fucked T.Rex out of hell like a adapted, super hunter. I'm a spinosaurus fanboy, I luv spinosaurus!

Richmond, Canada

#16 Mar 27, 2013
Random tantrum,ya little 5 year old.

Mountain Pine, AR

#17 Aug 31, 2013
A spinosaurus had a lond narrow mouth and many small teeth for catching fish. It probably spent most of its life in water and would not have taken on big land game, and it would certainly have ran from a T-Rex. Even if it did stay to fight the Rex has a much wider head and greater bite force. The movie was ridiculous because after the first bite from Rex and Spino wouldn't have a head left and no way in hell another animal could snap a pure muscled neck of a T-Rex. It would be harder than twisting s raging bul in half.
Zachary Morris

Franklin, OH

#18 Oct 19, 2013
I hate trying to reason with idiots anyhow.

A Spinosaurus Tooth/Teeth we're hollow and brittle, meaning they couldn't grasp and hold something for long without breaking. A Spinosaurus also had a long snout/mouth which mean't it couldn't hold up a lot of pressure. A Spinosaurus hands we're faced inward and very close to each other, they would have to unnaturally bend sideways to even hit something. A Spinosaurus may have eaten fish but that doesn't make it smart, It didn't have to hunt Ankylosaurus or Triceratops on a daily basis so it didn't require a lot of intelligence.

Tyrannosaurus Rex had teeth that we're the size of bananas and weren't hollow meaning that they wouldn't break easy, maybe lose though if struggle lasted.A Tyrannosaurus Rex also had Bacteria filled in it's mouth similar to a Komodo Dragon. A Tyrannosaurus Rex had a small mouth/snout but it was focused with a lot of muscles meaning that it had a considerable bite force. Hands don't really matter for Rexe's besides maybe grasping giant prey. A Rex usually hunted the so called Duck Billed Dinosaurs, but on rare occasions had to hunt Ankylosaurus and Triceratops, even fighting these animals most likely ended 50/50 with the Rex or Trike dying, since it required to hunt such dangerous prey, it had to develop a lot of intelligence, Most people say T.Rex, Raptor and then Troodon we're the most intelligence Dinos, probably we're.

Now to the fight,
If you guy's so kindly look back into the Spino vs Rex video, you see in the beginning of the fight the T.Rex put's his massive chompers with banana teeth, bacteria and thousands of pounds of bite force into the Neck of the Spino, that's instantly death for it, If you see the Plane hitting the Spino also, it hit the spine which would of immediately either weakened the Spino greatly or killed it, it did neither. Anyway, the Spinosaurus had the T.Rex neck in his mouth for a few seconds to long, it would have been hard to keep it in his mouth do to not a lot of pressure built to withstand in the mouth and break it's teeth. You also see the T.Rex manhandle the Spino into a tree, also hitting it's Spine.

Now that I proved the Rex would of won, Let me also put in that, People who say that Rex wasn't a Super Predator and was a scavenger, It takes quite a lot of food to keep up that body weight and size for the Rex, Scavenging wouldn't be able to suffice the Rex to keep it that size, meaning it's a Super/Apex Predator.

Spinosaurus hunted the giant fish of the past and small land animals, Most people could probably beat a Spinosaurus if given a nice gun, Spinosaurus would even make my top 100 Dino's that i'd be afraid of.

Bradford, UK

#19 Oct 20, 2013
Trex would win if spino didnt kill it in 1 bite as its teeth are relativly flimsy and shallow rooted compared to the trex so any struggle will dislodge them also arms are not a factor as these would have been used to grab fish and trex wouldnt need its combined with dislocating jaws and a greater bite force trex would win.

Toronto, Canada

#20 Mar 7, 2014
Jp3 does a lot of exagerrations and mistakes, I know that.
The main reason fans got angry at this scene is all because the T.Rex was a cultural icon. You don't need to be an expert to know what it was. The spinosaurus isn't as popular. To be honest I didn't mind the scene at all. The scene did have some inaccuracies. The sizes aren't at max estimates for sure but that doesn't really matter. One of the things people keep mentioning is the way T.Rex grabbed and rubbed spino's throat across the ground. The creature just shrugged it off and killed T.Rex by snapping its neck. I don't think it would have done that so easily. A better kill idea is to have spinosaurus get a firm grip on the back of the tyrannosaur's throat with its crocodile-like teeth and use its arms to push it down. The T.Rex would then die of blood loss .

Ashbourne, Ireland

#21 Mar 13, 2014
But Spinosaurus was bigger than Tyrannosaurus.

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