Carchdontosaurus,Giganotosaurus and A...

Carchdontosaurus,Giganotosaurus and Allosaurus vs T Rex, Dasleptosaurus,Tarborus

Created by Godzilla on Dec 1, 2010

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All of them would die

T Rex would die

Giga would die

Carch would die

Daslepto would die

T Battar would die

Allosaurus would die

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#1 Dec 1, 2010
Comment and vote Now you can do stories and other ending just no inapproite laugauge

Dallas, TX

#2 Dec 8, 2010
I beleive the team with giganto carcho &allo would wip those tyranosaurus with their size & feirceness.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

#3 Dec 13, 2010
Dinoman wrote:
I beleive the team with giganto carcho &allo would wip those tyranosaurus with their size & feirceness.
I agree

Salisbury, NC

#4 Jan 21, 2011
Dinoman wrote:
I beleive the team with giganto carcho &allo would wip those tyranosaurus with their size & feirceness.
amen brother!

Salisbury, NC

#5 Jan 21, 2011
allo wolud rock the rexs wourld

Eustis, FL

#6 Jan 31, 2011
(Coughs)Sorry to disappoint, but i'm not on this allo train.No sir,Team Rex is where it's at.First, lets look at T-rex vs Carcharadontasaurus.Lets see, T-Rex is at 7 tons,36 ft long, with jaws 10 times more powerful than a lions can crush bones.Carcharadontasaurus is at 7 tons, 39 ft long, and with jaws that can slice into flesh.In a nutshell, they're equals, but, T-Rex's jaws prove to be the big factor.Which is worse, bones breaking, or flesh cutting? I say no more.Next up is Daspletosaurus vs Giganotosaurus.Daspletosaurus is as follows:30 ft long and weighing at 2 tons. Giganotosaurus is at 41 ft long, weighing 7 tons.Here, this round goes to Team Allo.Giganotosaurus is far bigger than Daspletosaurus, and gives him an oppurtunity to crush his kneck.So the score is Rex-1 Allo-1.In the tiebreaker,its Allosaurus vs Tarbosaurus.Allosaurus is 26 ft long,and weighs 1 ton.Tarbosaurus is 33 ft long, and weighs 6 tons.Huh.Turns out Allosaurus isn't as god-like as ya think.Now in the final battle, its T-Rex and Tarbosaurus vs Giganotosaurus.Really? Unless he pulls a Chuck Norris outta his ass,Giganotosaurus is a sitting duck.Com bined,the tyrannosaur tanks destroy the 'great'gargantuan carnosaur.With that, Team Rex 2, Team Allo 1.

Sarasota, FL

#7 Feb 1, 2011
I voted all of them would die... eventually. All things die sometime.
:D But seriously, all the cuts, wounds, bites, they all add up 2 make all of them die. Also, please be quite about tarbosaurus not being as good as rex. They were pretty much the same animal.

Since: Jan 11

Salisbury, NC

#8 Feb 1, 2011
hey lock at the facts.allo had longer arms then rex,so he could easily hold down his prey and finish them off.rex on the other hand had to rely on just bite force in the end allo would have a better precentage then rex

Eustis, FL

#9 Feb 1, 2011
Uh, how is Allosaurus and his kind be able to hold on to a Tyrannosaurus ready for battle? Not only does T-rex have massive jaws, he's much more heavily built than Carcharadontasaurus, so he could knock into him head on.Though, if u switch em up,it still wouldn't matter.Team Rex triumphs.

Eustis, FL

#10 Feb 1, 2011
double post :D
Answer to yer statement alloman.Tarbosaurus is bigger than Allosaurus.Ya should lock onto YOUR facts.

Since: Jan 11

Salisbury, NC

#11 Feb 2, 2011
hey size dosent always matter.allo was faster the rex so he could have easily darted around rex and jumped on his back.but i do aggre if rex got a hold of allos neck game over.rex had real good biting power and allo did its pretty even to me.allos speed makes up for rexs power.

Eustis, FL

#12 Feb 2, 2011
Even? How is Allosaurus gonna jump on T-rex? I don't think he can jump that high.

Cockermouth, UK

#13 Feb 3, 2011
allo was faster
so he could have easily darted around rex and jumped on his back.
and allo did to
Basically, Tyrannosaurus is a much better built theropod for battling other theropods of roughly equal size.

Eustis, FL

#14 Feb 3, 2011
Okay, lets switch them up a little.
Tyrannosaurus vs Allosaurus- T-rex easily crushes his spine.Allosaurus has agility on his side,but that won't do to a 7 ton scaly tank.
Daspletosaurus vs Carcharadontasaurus- Same result as the first one. Daspletosaurus is the weakest one on Team Rex, likewise Allosaurus is ironically the underdog on Team Allo.
Tarbosaurus vs Giganotosaurus-I honestly don't know who'd win this one.A draw it is.
Carcharadontasaurus and Giganotosaurus vs Tarbosaurus and Tyrannosaurus-The rexes pull out a narrow victory against their carnosaur counterparts.
Round 3
Allosaurus vs Daspletosaurus-Close bout, but for once,Allosaurus's agility pulls out a win.
Tarbosaurus vs Carcharadontasaurus-Draw.
Tyrannosaurus vs Giganotosaurus-The King emerges victorious again.
Tyrannosaurus and Tarbosaurus vs Carcharadontasaurus and Allosaurus- The Tyrannosaur Brothers destroy them once more.
So, in the score, its Team Allo:0 Team Rex:3

Calgary, Canada

#15 Feb 3, 2011
Here's the stats:
Team 1; 'Tyrannosaur Bros'

T.Rex: 40 feet long, 18 feet tall, 7 tons
T.Battar: 37 feet long, 16 feet tall, 5.5 tons
D.Torosus: 31 feet long, 12 feet tall, 4 tons.

Team 2; 'Agresseve Allosaurs'
A.Fragilis: 34 feet long, 13 feet tall, 4.5 tons
C.Saharicus: 38 feet long, 15 feet tall, 5 tons
G.Carolinii: 43 feet long, 20 feet tall, 6 tons(recent discovories show that Giganotosaurus was actually lighter than T.Rex).

My best guess is (if they all actually worked together), team one would come out victorious.

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#16 Feb 3, 2011
T. rex isn't 18 ft tall and tarbosaurus is a tad bit bigger than that, carch is bigger than that (and heavier), allosaurus is lighter, and t. rex is also lighter.

Eustis, FL

#17 Feb 3, 2011
Correct weights:
T-rex-7 tons
T-bataar-6 tons
Daspleto-2 tons
Giganoto-7 tons
Carchara-7 tons
Allosaurus-1 ton

Calgary, Canada

#18 Feb 3, 2011
An average Allosaurus was more like 2 tonnes, and Daspletosaurus was around 2.5 tonnes.

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#19 Feb 4, 2011
Tyrannosaurus is 6 tons, I think.

Eustis, FL

#20 Feb 4, 2011
NO,he's around 7 tons.

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