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#1 Apr 27, 2009
Smilodon was indeed a formidable creature and could have tackle big preys.
Smilodon's claws where much longer and thicker then that of modern cats.
It needed this to grip tightly into the huge prey it regularly tackled, they where meat hooks and knives so to speak against prey.
Against rivals Smilodon rather then gripping its rival used the claws to slash undoubtedly doing more damage then that of modern cats due to the claws longer and thicker size. Both the fore- and hindquarter where retractile to guarantee that they where always sharp (they would wear out on the ground had they not been retractable).
The hindquarter claws where thicker as well and used to kick at rivals with once the cat was on its back. Like the fangs they where over-sized however certainly not fragile.
Smilodon had over-sized fangs deadlier then that of modern cats. However where to some degree fragile moving in a side to side motion.
However very powerful when moving in a up and down motion this was because of Smilodon's amazingly powerful neck muscles much stronger then modern cats.
When hunting prey Smilodon used its massive strength to bring its prey down and stabbed in once in the throat and almost if not instantly killing it.
It was built for lightning quick kills. Bones of Smilodon have been shown too have holes from battles with other Smilodon undoubtedly holes from puncture marks made from the enormously long teeth.
Though we must remember then when cats fight they mostly use there paws and claws to fight and will only resort to jaws and teeth when the battle escalates and the animals attempt to kill each other rather then try to make each other retreat or intimidate but this doesn't happen with most animals often.

Smilodon was stronger then any modern cat.
It evolved this way to bring down the huge prey it hunted (most experts including me conclude that the fangs of Smilodon evolved to puncture the thick skin of the prey animals living at the time).
Smilodon is thought to be built more like a Black Bear then a modern cat which would explain where the enormous strength comes from. Its limb's where relatively short but it had a wide chest,very thick and immensely muscular forearms. Its extensors and flexors where very well developed which gave it great dexterity with its paws and allowed it to get a great grip on prey with its claws and making them more moveable in combat.
Even a de-clawed Smilodon could shatter the back of a Horse or neck of a Buffalo with a single swipe of its paw and could knock down a prehistoric Bison weighing close to a ton with a short charge.
Smilodon's bones where also much more massive and thicker then that of modern cats the skeleton was over-layed with thick layers and slabs of muscle.
Smilodon was very heavy many paleontologists claim it was only the size of todays largest Lions and Tigers although twice the weight.
Smilodon used its massive weight (up too 290 kg) too bring down huge prey.

So, here we go:
5 Smilodon Vs Stegosaurus
5 Smilodon Vs Megatherium
5 Smilodon Vs Ceratosaurus
5 Smilodon Vs Elasmotherium
5 Smilodon Vs Chalicotherium

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#3 May 3, 2009
Yeah but surely as usual you'd say that Allosaurus wins LOL.

Smilodon canNOT beat Stegosaurus. Smilodon CAN beat Megatherium. Smilodon MIGHT beat Ceratosaurus. Smilodon MIGHT beat Elasmotherium. Well, what's a Chalicotherium?

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#4 May 3, 2009
i think five smilodons could beat any of these animals. this is a chalicotherium, i don't think its too much for an hungry smilodon:

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#5 May 4, 2009
Well, can Smilodon beat Deinonychus?


#6 Sep 1, 2009
Ernst Udet wrote:
Well, can Smilodon beat Deinonychus?
So easily its not even funny, Deinonychus was one of the most fragile dinosaurs to ever live. One swipe from smilodon would cripple it, then its an easy kill from there.

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#7 Sep 1, 2009
Smilodons could take down animals up to 2 ton. Itīs pretty impressive because the aniamsl would more then 5 times as heavy.

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#8 Sep 2, 2009
Ernst Udet wrote:
Well, can Smilodon beat Deinonychus?
Smilodon gracilis, i think would tie with Deinonychus.
S.fatalis would win 7 to 8 times out of ten imo.
S.populator would win nearly every time imo.


#9 Apr 18, 2014
Smilodon was the largest of the sabor cats. They weighed nearly 1000 pounds and were up to 8ft long. Smilodon is called the sabor toothed tiger by some, due to his massive canine teeth that were 11 inches long. Smilodon may have thwarfed over the American Lion. The Short-faced Bear was the most dominant predators of the Ice Age, even more dominant than Smilodon. I know, Smilodon would have been a formidable predator, but Smilodon wouldn't have a chance against the Short-faced Bear.

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