dienosuchus vs. megalodon

dienosuchus vs. megalodon

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Stockton, CA

#1 Jul 20, 2008
I have no clue.

Notting Hill, Australia

#2 Jul 29, 2008
Well, deinosuchus was larger.

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Since: Jul 08

Live in Menasha, born in Cali

#3 Jul 29, 2008
Deinosuchus, because it had thicker skin

Monessen, PA

#4 Jul 30, 2008
Megalodon wins this.. I prefer reptiles to sharks, always have guys, but seriously, meg wins in my opinion.

If the two were ever to meet, it would have to be in the ocean, and even that is assuming that deino had the glands necessary to excrete excess salts from his body - as modern saltwater crocodiles do, which would allow him to go to sea

Since you'd never find a meg on land - that puts the fight at sea - his home turf. Deino, like other crocs, is equally at home in the water as on land, but is not specialised for either environment - a jack of all trades, master of none type scenario if you will.

Megalodon is strctly a marine animal, designed to live its entire life in the water - from its beginning to its end.

Megalodon would also be much heavier than a deinosuchus of the same length, just a great white sharks are heavier than crocodiles of the same length today. Now make the weight even by comparing say, a 30 FT meg to a 42 ft deino, and you've got a toss up, but animals of equal length as opposed to mass, will always go to megalodon, considering its other advantages because of being a completely marine animal

Notting Hill, Australia

#5 Jul 30, 2008
I suppose your right about megalodon being heavier, but the teeth of the shark was designed to cut through unprotected flesh, and deinoauchus had armoured skin. Also, deinosauchus's bite angle was probably big enough for it to have been able to crunch down on megalodon's girth, but the opposite might not have been possible.

“One of many, yet he who is one”

Since: Jul 08

Live in Menasha, born in Cali

#6 Jul 30, 2008
You have some valid points, however, crocodilians, or at least those of today, are much more suited to aquatic life. While they have the ability to come out of the water, millions of years of evolution has made them much more at home and imposing while in the water.

Brampton, Canada

#7 Dec 5, 2008
i wud have to say megalodon would win even though i like deinosuchas more....megalodon would be able to out swim and out manuver a deinosuchas....and can go deeper and strike from beneeth

North Brunswick, NJ

#8 Dec 17, 2008
megalodon wins in deeep water. Loses anywere else

Melbourne, Australia

#9 Dec 25, 2008

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Since: Aug 08


#10 Dec 26, 2008
Well, if we take on normal circumstances, it would be near an estuary.

Rome, Italy

#11 Feb 17, 2009
my money is on deinosuchus , it's sleeker and stronger , and its bite is probably 2-to 3 times more powerful , sharks are made of cartilage ,so they're quite fragile creatures , a well-placed bite from the croc is enough to injure the big hungry fish.... also crocs are likely shark-eaters.

Kissimmee, FL

#12 Mar 6, 2009
Dudes,Meggy would win this fight. With it's 5 ft wide and 6 ft tall jaws,it could strike from underneath and make that 43 ft croc lunch.Even though Deino has a 2 time stronger bite,meg has a bigger and chunkier bite.And just because it has a cartilage skeleton, does not mean it is fragile.Meg could probably strike when Deino is taking an air breath.And meg's largest size is 53 ft.

“Science is the key.”

Since: Jan 09

Ottawa, Ohio, USA

#13 Mar 6, 2009
I think Dienosuchus would win in shallow swamps. Meglodon would win the open ocean.

Kissimmee, FL

#14 Mar 7, 2009
Actually,a cartilage skeleton makes the Megalodon even tougher than human bones,and are more flexible.Sharks can also withstand more damage than humans and can strike back quickly,leaving it's enemy severely injured.And haven't you thought that Meggy could bite Deino's soft underbelly wile it is at the surface to breath air?

Monroe, LA

#15 Mar 10, 2009
You ***** dienosuchus would win

Monroe, LA

#16 Mar 10, 2009
he has higher bite pressure than Megalodon

Bronx, NY

#17 Mar 10, 2009
gamabunta wrote:
You ***** dienosuchus would win
just because someone who has a different opinion doesnt mean he/she is a bi***.learn your facts.

Rome, Italy

#18 Mar 13, 2009
calm down people
Big Al


#19 Mar 14, 2009
Gianmario92 wrote:
calm down people
To! 1 italiano! E chi l'avrebbe mai detto????!!!!


Since: Mar 09

Karachi (born in Houston)

#20 Mar 14, 2009

a 70-ton 18 m shark against a 15m 10 ton crocodile?

Megalodon is too huge for this contest.

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