Disney Carnotaur vs. Jurassic Park T ...

Disney Carnotaur vs. Jurassic Park T Rex?

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Naga City, Philippines

#1 Mar 23, 2009
Who will win?


Since: Mar 09

Karachi (born in Houston)

#2 Mar 27, 2009
T-rex had bigger arms and a stronger mouth.

Suffield, CT

#3 Apr 9, 2009
The Tyrannosaurus was stronger, smarter, and faster.

JP T.rex.

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Since: Aug 08


#4 Apr 10, 2009
Intelligence would have nothing to do with this battle, nor any other large pred v. large pred showdown.

Suffield, CT

#5 Apr 11, 2009
It's just an added bonus that the JP Tyrannosaurus would have.

“I don't exist:youve gone crazy”

Since: Aug 08


#6 Apr 12, 2009
Bonus? What benefits do you think that little intelligence would render the T. rex when in a fight of such epic proportions?

Calgary, Canada

#7 Apr 23, 2009
T-Rex had huge jaw power and a head the size of a car(in JP) he would win without a doubt.

Madera, CA

#8 May 14, 2009
carnotaurs they are bigger and have horns

Spárti, Greece

#9 May 15, 2009
carnotaurus are not as big and bulky as tyrannosaurus and absolutely not as strong as t.rex and generallly i think that comparing tyrannosaurus with carnotaurus is like comparing a tiger with a leopard

Spárti, Greece

#10 May 15, 2009
my friend BRACHIOTITAN dont exaggerate so much.A car has a medium lenght of about 4 metres .As for the tyrannosaurus head it is around 1.4 metres.

Hartford, CT

#11 May 20, 2009
i think the tyrannosaurus rex will win. becuase it was stronger and had more powerful jaws

Cleveland, TN

#12 May 20, 2009
na the Carnotaurus will win

Leeds, UK

#13 May 22, 2009
What if other dinosaurs joined in the battle?

“Leader of Shadow Archos”

Since: Dec 07

Site Manager of Spirits

#14 May 22, 2009
I'm honestly not exaggerating; a Tyrannosaurus would probably be able to bite a Carnotaurus once and then easily lift it off the ground and throw it a good few meters. This isn't even a contest!

Suffield, CT

#15 Sep 27, 2009
A Tyrannosaurus can judge depth & distance, could crush a carnotaur's flimsy spine with one massive bite, and it was 1/2 the Tyrannosaurus's size. Additionally, the oddly bull-shaped head would hardly be of use in the hit-and-run tactics the carnotaur would need to win.
Spinosaur King

London, UK

#16 Sep 27, 2009
t rex wins.

Calgary, Canada

#17 Oct 20, 2009
the trex would win
bigger better stronger

Im not saying i hate carnotaur i love it to but its true

Calgary, Canada

#18 Oct 20, 2009

Southampton, UK

#19 Nov 6, 2009
rex=bigger, faster, stronger, smarter, longer arms. the carnotaurus in dinosaur was oversized, should be like 8-9m not about 13m.

Coquitlam, Canada

#20 Nov 8, 2009
Tyrannosaurus Rex Versus a Carnotaurus.
Hmmmm.... Well, first off, though not proven in real life, in the JP book, T-Rex has very weak jaws, which aren't good enough to chomp through things very well, which is why when he picked up Ian Malcolm, Ian didn't bite the biscuit. Yet they have strong neck muscles, again according to the book, which is why when they catch a person, they step on their back with their three-clawed foot and proceed to clench them in their jaws gently, then snap their neck up and rip them in half. Carnotaurus is not described very well in the Disney movie, but in real life, the size of one is not very large, much smaller than the tyrannosaurus. And as for the brains, they both appear to be the same on that, average stupid predators. Although if you measured the T-Rex to the Carn from the JP book, not Disney movie, you would find that T-Rex can smell out his child and easily locate it, and was able to push the trailers over the cliff to dispose of them, which is quite smart for an animal. The Carnotaurus used Camouflage skin, waiting by fresh water supplies in the day, and forests at night, ambushing unknowing prey as they drew near. As for arms, they are proven too short to even scratch the opponent. And for the T-Rex picking up a Carn and lifting it up the ground, it's neck muscles MIGHT be able to, but it would have to get a strong grip first with its jaws. Another thing, the Carnotaurus seems more agile in Dinosaur than the T-Rex in JP. Given all this information, I would assume Tyrannosaurus Rex would win, as Carnotaurus is more of an ambusher and not fit for fighting and is smaller. Although with its strong jaws it probably could damage the T-Rex very well, even mortally wounding it. David~

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