In computer design and software engineering, understanding and managing data compression utilities, Flash player embedding, and network access security encryption become major issues in the reliability game of Information Age marketing.

There are many platforms for Internet media entertainment and information distribution: I can stream digital movies from Netflix onto my laptop or Playstation video game console, I can peer-edit Wikipedia online encyclopedia web pages, I can order groceries at , I can upload digital photos onto the shared Facebook website, I can schedule an interview with a prospective university online, etc.

All of these coordination Internet capacities require skillful data encryption and compression tools. These layering tools serve as network infrastructure stabilizers that facilitate the efficient management of degenerative computer hub viruses. Norton AntiVirus is a recognized manufacturer of trendy anti-virus software.

Do these society considerations reflect the new age marketability of paranoia-themed Hollywood (USA) movies such as "Virus" (1999)?

Are they printing movie posters on hemp/recycled paper yet?

God bless!