Who do you side with in Ferguson?

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#157 Aug 25, 2014
Let's have a fundraiser and send Parker Lewis with his auxillary police.They'll fix Ferguson. LOL

United States

#158 Aug 25, 2014
Sometimes police brutality happens without anyone outside the community knowing about it; it's on the back page of a newspaper, if it makes the newspaper (if the town has a newspaper; increasingly few do). Sometimes, as in the case of Ferguson, it snowballs into something bigger. And when that happens, somehow the nation riles itself up in a paroxysm of outrage for a week or maybe a month, deepening already fathomless left wing/right wing divide, until finally everybody just collectively shrugs and shakes their heads and says, "Terrible thing, terrible thing, nothing can be done, way of the world" and gets on with the mundane daily business of life.

And then it happens again, and the process repeats. The liberal outrage. The lock-'em-up-or-run-'em-over backlash. The macho racist blustering. The transparent bureaucratic face-saving tricks. The commissions and panels and trials. The forgetting.

We have to stop the cycle long enough to realize that what we are really shrugging off is racial inequality. This is not: "Well, if ya factor out race, it's a class thing." We all know in our hearts that that is, at best, only partly true. The full truth must include the acknowledgement that if you're white, different rules apply.

So much of the crosstalk, the shouting, the debate over Ferguson stems, I believe, from an inability to admit this fact of life, which was illustrated so plainly to me that night in front of the deli. I've never been profiled. I've never been stopped and frisked. I've never experienced anything of the sort because of the gift that my parents gave me, and that my son's parents gave him: white skin. I've had encounters with police, mostly during my youth, in which I'd done something wrong and thought I was about to get a ticket or go to jail but somehow didn't, because I managed to take back or apologize for whatever I'd said to a cop in petulance or frustration; these encounters, too, would have likely gone differently, perhaps ended differently, if I hadn't been white.

Again, I already knew this stuff. But after that night in front of the deli, I understood it.

More details will emerge about the shooting of Michael Brown, and there will be investigations, maybe trials, related to the aftermath. Cops will get suspended, a few may lose their jobs. And throughout, there'll be a steady chorus among law-and-order types that if only Brown had done this, or that, or not done this, or not done that, he'd be alive.

It's all denial.

My son already knows about the deli incident. It's a part of family lore now. But as far as he was concerned, the takeaway was, "Dad was not thinking clearly, he had a chance to walk away from a confrontation but didn't, and he's ashamed of that now, and you should try not to let your temper get the better of you." That's all true, and useful for a child to hear.

But there's another lesson to draw from the incident, and it's more disturbing, because it illuminates the flaws in a larger society, as well as the fact that complicity in racism is mostly passive: if you're not fighting inequality every day, in ways both large and small, and if you accept the benefits of white privilege without questioning their rightness, you're part of the problem, too.

Even if you think you're enlightened. Even if you think you know.

I've been thinking about what, exactly, to tell my son when we finish our conversation. I might as well just tell him the truth: that different rules apply, that the different rules are part of the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow that are among this country's great sins, and that it's part of his job as a human being to fight against it.

Hopefully understanding will arrive faster for for him than it did for his dad.
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Houston, TX

#159 Aug 25, 2014
So if they find the policeman guilty.... Does that mean that all public servant personnel are going to riot now... Just saying... Of course .. Just ignorant people do.. Even when they are wrong...

Jefferson, GA

#160 Aug 25, 2014
Davenport wrote:
Gettysburg, PA: The Child Rape Capital of the United States. Gettysburg Men are either street gang members, child sex abusers or dumb hillbilly farmhands.
They all eat Gettysburg Sausages for most meals.
You leave us dumb, hillbillies out of this.

Delano, CA

#162 Aug 25, 2014
karma killer wrote:
The cop should have shot him in the leg. The thug shouldn't have been a thriving thug.
blacks need to get educated and quit askin for handouts!


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#163 Aug 25, 2014
I side with Officer Wilson and the Ferguson police department. The truth with prevail.
They cannot kill a Spook

Taylor, MI

#164 Aug 25, 2014
Larry wrote:
If this was a black cop shooting a white teen or a black cop shooting a black teen. We would never had heard about it.
In Columbus Ohio where Columbus comes into Fairfield county Columbus police shot and killed a homeowner. that was chasing a man that had just broke into his home the home invader managed to.steal a poloce.cruiser while the cops where involved with the victim and still the cops didn't shoot and kill him. The grand jury said the police were not criminally liable because they were in the line of duty and didn't know which one was the homeowner even though that information was readily available from dispatchers.
No riots, no marches. Not even a wrongful death lawsuit.

Paris, TN

#165 Aug 25, 2014
yes wrote:
Thug dead, cop went home. As it should be.
Screw the justice system. Let us let the experts, the cops, decide who is and who is not worthy of living.


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This one

#169 Aug 25, 2014
Well I just can't take it anymore and I need to step in and make a comment. I fell that all of you on here making judgments on your own uneducated at that are all part of the problem. OPEN your eyes and stop blaming color in every "I DON'T GET MY WAY" situation you run across. NEWS FLASH BLACK AND WHITE PEOPLE COMMIT CRIMES! Yet it amazes me how oh wait "he was this color" seems to be more of an issue then the FACTS. Dear President Obama this was not your business and you need to mind your business. This country has been past this racial pity for hundreds of years and yet lets play it all over again. I am so SICK of hearing People claiming it was a racial issue when the facts are what they are. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD Innocent until guilty is still what this country operates on so get on-board with that! Stop hiding behind the OVERPLAYED color game WE ARE ALL HUMANS NO MATTER THE COLOR ! CRIMES ARE COMMITTED AND ACTION IS TAKEN! Play the facts, not the I feel this way crap, know your place and role in society and maybe some peace can come of all this. I want to add that all of you people causing riots and disruption effecting lives forever in adverse ways are no different then killers and scandalous people yourselves. I pity all of you for this disgrace and shame you have brought upon this world. I feel that people will never be the same because of these little self justified horror events that have plagued this US the last few weeks SAME ON YOU ALL! Grow UP and live happy lives and let the family's that have lost RIP and yes that's REST IN PEACE not anything else......IMPERFECT PEOPLE JUDGING IMPERFECT PEOPLE !

Jefferson, GA

#170 Aug 25, 2014
Diamond Daisy wrote:
I side with the family of the victim.
I side with the victim of the family.

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Lawrence, MA

#171 Aug 25, 2014
You weren't there and you don't know the truth. One went on to his judgment day and one went home to his wife and kids. Ain't nobody sqeaky clean here, everybody got a past. And the first thing the media does is bring up the past. Everyone's got some skeletons in their closets, or did you get here the day before yesterday. Passing judgement or your thoughts ain't nothing. Everybody's got one, just like a butthole and we all do the same thing with it. GOD knows the truth and exactly what happened. Get your house in order before you try to clean up mine. POINT BLANK YOU DON'T KNOW, SO SHUT UP AND KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.

Zanesville, OH

#172 Aug 25, 2014
I wonder how many run-ins this kid had with the law, previously? Really college bound??

Paris, TN

#173 Aug 25, 2014
YES yes wrote:
I agree with "yes"
What makes you think anyone cares about your stupid opinion
Damn Shame

Alexandria, LA

#174 Aug 25, 2014
Jarome wrote:
I wonder if a black cop would have shot a white guy that robbed a store and stole cigars, would the whites set fire to the town and loot ? These blacks need to be shipped back to Africa and infected with AIDS by making love to gorillas.
All people of different race than your precious pale behind are not Thugs! White people do more robbing, stealing, meth labs, incest. Than any other race. The ones that decided to loot the town that was on them. Not a whole race. Now u get on your boat and take your racist ass back to Africa and sleep with a gorilla. Oh that's right you sleep with black women undercover!
Need Info

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#176 Aug 25, 2014
It sounds like rapid fire during the first 7 shots, a 3 second pause then about 4 more shots.That police officer was definitely in distress. Why else would an officer fire 11 shots on an unarmed man. Complete panic for his life. I know the law is technical on self defense especially on what gives a police officer the right to use deadly force.
Will this go audio go before the Grand jury
Duke for Mayor

Cleveland, OH

#179 Aug 25, 2014
The police officer.

Crossville, TN

#181 Aug 25, 2014
Let's call it like it is. If they didn't act like they did they wouldn't be called out on it. It's not racist. It's fact. White ratchet thug will get called out just the same. Give respect where respect is due.

Booneville, KY

#184 Aug 25, 2014
badge cams and dash cams for all police force

Flint, MI

#185 Aug 25, 2014
The cop. Thug up to know good as they usually are.

Madisonville, KY

#187 Aug 25, 2014
The cop did what he needed to stay alive if Brown acted like a real person instead of a thug he may still be here but now it is all about race if he had killed the cop you would still be saying that brown wasn just n the right and praising him

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