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Karachi, Pakistan

#23 Jan 30, 2008
what is the practical us e o f the
quntum chemistry.

Hyde Park, MA

#24 Feb 8, 2008
Please Help!
Water has a density of 1.00g/ml while ice has a denstiy of 0.91g/ml. Will a 750-ml bottle that contains 700.0ml of water burst when placced in a frezer? What should this answerbe??

Albany, NY

#25 Feb 10, 2008
The question is:
What would be the osmolarity of a solution prepared by mixing 50 ml of the Dextrose solution with 100 ml of the 0.9% Saline solution?

Here are things that are known:
the osmolarity of the Dextrose solution is .252 Osmol/L and the osmolarity of the 0.9% Saline solution is .308 Osmol/L.

Other things that might be needed:
Osmolarity for the 0.9% saline solution was calculated using--
0.9 g of NaCl in every 100 mL of solution

Osmolarity for the dextrose solution was calculated using--
50 mg of dextrose in every 1 mL of solution

can anyone help me?
again, the question is:
What would be the osmolarity of a solution prepared by mixing 50 ml of the Dextrose solution with 100 ml of the 0.9% Saline solution?


Belconnen, Australia

#26 Feb 13, 2008
Can anyone tell me what is produced when potassium oxide is dissolved?

United States

#27 Mar 18, 2008
How do you find the limiting reactants of a compound? HELP!!!! High school chemistry at my school is so HARD!
tom hanks

San Antonio, TX

#28 Mar 21, 2008
How would you prepare 250 mL of a 0.150 M solution of CoCl2 from solid CoCl2 and distilled water

Millersburg, IA

#29 May 1, 2008
I need help with a problem...Balance the chemical equation...
Al4C3(s)+ H2O(l)---> Al(OH)3(s)+ CH4(g)

Any help would be GREAT!!!

Gatineau, Canada

#30 May 9, 2008
Could anyone tell me what the normality of NaOH is? I need a final concentration of 0.2N. How does that relate to molarity>


Trinidad and Tobago

#31 May 17, 2008
So we have a question for chem. homework and i really don't understand. can you please explain it.....

Question:There is a change in the type of oxides formed with the period three elements. Indicate the type of compounds formed (ionic, amphoteric, covalent) when the period three elements react with oxygen. Give balanced equations.

Pasadena, TX

#32 Jun 17, 2008
What is the specimen of choice for enzymes and why?

Atlanta, GA

#33 Jun 26, 2008
have you tried

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#34 Sep 27, 2008
I am stuckon a solutions problem. I need 500 g of a 5% aqueous solution. Where do I start. a 37 5 by mass stock solution will be used. I am clueless here. Any help to point me in the right direction would be nice.
ed garcia

Fort Worth, TX

#35 Oct 23, 2008
need help with :
How many milliliters of a .400 M solution can be prepared by dissolving 5.00 grams of NaBr in water?
Jessica taylor

Spencer, IN

#37 Dec 6, 2008
Im a highschooler and lets just say im not the brightest person ever to be made. but they have me taking a chemistry class and im not good at math at all. and i was hoping somebody smart could like help..please ?
Daniel Smith

Riverview, FL

#38 Feb 5, 2009

I have test banks for any text book you require. Please email me the isbn number and the text book name you need, and I will find it. Please email me at: daniel.smith6737 at . Be sure to check your email frequently, as I will do the same.


Email: daniel.smith6737 at

Los Fresnos, TX

#40 Oct 21, 2009
How many milliliters of a .400 M solution can be prepared by disolving 5.00 grams of NaBr in water? i really need some help with this..

Los Fresnos, TX

#41 Oct 21, 2009
do you have mr dungan for chemistry?

Joliet, IL

#42 Nov 17, 2009
Who first published the classification of the elements that is the basis of our periodic table today?


#44 Jan 14, 2010
my teacher wants examples and non examples of mass number, atomic mass and atomic number

Felton, CA

#45 Mar 30, 2010
Need your HELP,please: Estimate the sample volume required for a BOD test given the bottle volume = 300ml, expected BOD results = 317.4, and a 50% depletion?

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