"Learners"? "In all, 300 learners will take part ... " Hey, I bring my young daughter to school. Am I a "bringer." I fuck my wife. Am I a "fucker"? What on earth are these dull-normal journalists doing to our language and our way of understanding phonomena? These adults with "learning difficulties" -- who are they, what sort of "difficulties" do they exhibit? A range from organic brain damage via trauma or congenital bad luck to Down Syndrome to just run of the mill stupid (like the dork who wrote the story) to drunks like myself whose brains are so shot I can't "remember" how to put on a shirt? Surely the news in this story is the method of teaching these people (and we have to know what their limitations are) and what the expected outcome is, even if it's only that they drool less and smile more. Otherwise it sounds like the archaeologists are just using a bunch of cretins for slave-like labor. Which they may be doing. I've personally always thought the low IQ cohort was underutilized. I mean other than punching up Fox News's ratings and registering as Republicans. Anyway, it was one of the worst things I've read on Topix, and they run a ton of real pap and non sequiturs. Think I'll have another drink and try to get this fucking t-shirt on.