The French socialistic government proved to be bunch if greedy liars who try to re-write history of the Jewish people who lived and flourished in the Kingdom of David in Jerusalem thousands of years before the French peasants storm the Bastille and fought for their freedom against their corrupt kings and tyrants. France fell under control of the Mozlem brother terrorists that dictate anti-Semitic pro-Nazi agenda of the bankrupted morally and financially French people. Israel should be careful dealing with the Israel- hating socialistic and Mozlem Brother sympathizer lying regime of France which stab Israel in the back time and again. France is losing its freedom and independence as it becomes part of the European organization under the German regime. This means that what the ignorant and illiterate French Consulate General also known as Frdric Desagneaux said to the PLO terrorists about the history of the PLO terrorists. The PLO terrorists never were a people as they came from Syria in early 1900. It is shameful and stupid to say the least for idiotic Frdric Desagneaux to deny the history of the Jews in Israel while he represents a morally bankrupted and anti-Semitic people of France.