Ebonics is an African-American pidgin/dialect that employs simplified consonant-vowel combinations to create easy versions of more formal English words and sentences.

Ebonics, like any other subculture dialect, is a grouping symbol of social identity and organization expression. While some scholars argue that Ebonics is not a recognized formal structured language or even dialect, others contend that its regular predicable occurrence among African-American communities makes it a reliable standard to study African-American subculture behavior and hence street expressions.

In some odd ways, Ebonics is like a computer language --- a filtered set of commands meant to direct a symbol to encode a certain value.

In this way, Ebonics is a sort of "archaeological slang artifact" symbol as efficient, translatable, and encodable as a simplified computer read language.

Intelligence-themed Hollywood (USA) movies such as "Ghost in the Machine" (1993) suggest that human societies are interested in understanding the perceptual relationship between social logic and infrastructure lingo.

Are they printing movie posters on hemp/recycled paper yet?

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