You give the attendant a couple of drachma and he reaches into his sack and hands you 2 or 3 lively sparrows, which you toss, kind of like a wiffle ball, one by one into the poisonous cloud in the cave and one by one each little bird croaks. What then? You say, "Huh. Here, give me three more." Or just "Huh." I mean you could do it all day long, or as long as Eugenides the Attendant had birds to sell. But it would get pretty boring, unless you had a severe personality disorder as so many of us do today. What would happen if, as you could reasonably expect, some dude steps up and says okay, WTF? There's a hole in the hill and it's full of poisonous gas and if you throw a bird into said poisonous gas, it'll die. So what's the deal? If this is the best Pluto can give us, I mean, he's a fraud and a douchebag. This is a scam. At which point our noble sceptic pushes Eugenides the Attendant (and also the Perpetrator) into the cave, along with the pathetic hallucinating pilgrims and he opened a Kebab.