Illyrian tribes or Today Albania
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from Balkan

Cambridge, MA

#62 May 11, 2009
Thank you for your great comments, American Researcher!! Great observation!
Apparently, we (from the region myself) people of Balkans need an outsider to show us the light.

Balkan is so blessed with wonderful weather and great abundance of natural resources. It has such a rich history too. But we, people of Balkan are kind of archaic– we love to get tangle in useless, hatred arguments that build up spiteful clouds, ferocious antagonism, and nonsense resentment for each other. No one is better than the other. Balkan people vary from dark skinned, dark haired to light skinned, light haired. That’s due to climatic conditions and intermingling. It’s the Mediterranean weather that we are talking about. Try to go in Greece in July and taste the melting effect of the sun! How can one remain pale under that heat? Then remember, the Otoman Empire conquered the South of Europe for a long time. I am sure that in all of us, people of Balkan (Greek, Albanian, Bulgarian, Bosnia and Herzegovina , Macedonia, Montenegro) there is a string of Turkish blood running! I am just as sure that our Greek, Illyrians, Thracians, Slavic or what have you; chromosomes have already been muddle up with those of any other suppressors that have defeated us. You see, none of us can really say that we descend from only one group. So let’s leave the tribes warfare to the history books, and move on to the logics of 21st century.

Let's co exist in peace, dear Balkan fellows.
mentor brasha oxford

Kidlington, UK

#63 Aug 10, 2009
The GReat IllryiaN Race wrote:
i just read what that greek wrote short dark skinned albanians lol i am just amazed how can a greek refer to some one as dark, the greeks are the darkest so called europeans, they have african DNA from ethiopa.
ur so right sir,,, im albanian and i can say i hate greeks serbs but why do we hate each other we are so close and we need our support more then never... thnx for ur comment,,

Oak Forest, IL

#64 Sep 14, 2009
first of all for all the greeks on this, GREEKS DO HAVE ETHIOPIAN DNA go to ,they do dna analysis of races. Albanians dna is mixture of mainly illryian,thracian and hellenic all three of those peoples are original balkan peoples!!! as for short and dark skinned thats such bullshit not everyone is gonna be pale white or dark dark so that proves nothing and as far as wilkes and coon lets not forget that they said the northern albanian mountain gheg is the PUREST race in europe and modern greeks are nothing like ancient greeks, ancient greeks ruled the world now greece has become nothing more then a cool place to visit for tourists cause modern greeks are morons, peace

London, Canada

#65 Sep 23, 2009
"Mr. Greek person, you are definitely wrong, Illyrians not even close to Slavs, not even a little bit. I ll tell you why, you pathetic excuse for a Greek. My friend Vasilis, a very educated Greek and he comes from a respectable house or should i say family."

I started reading your comment then stopped and I made to two conclusions about you just on the basis of the first paragraph you wrote.

1/ You have no respectable discourse as shown here in your comment, "I'll tell you why, you pathetic excuse for a Greek," as your so called, "friend Vasilis, a very educated Greek and he comes from a respectable house."
2/ Anyone who has a love for knowledge doesn't need to insult the other to make an argument. You lack knowledge.
Kassander wrote:
Mr. greek person, you are definitely wrong, illyrians not even close to slavs, not even a little bit. I ll tell you why, you pathetic excuse for a greek. My friend vaisilis, a very educated greek and he comes from a respectable house or should i say family.He said that the illyrians are pellasgians but they are the pelasgians that didnt mix with other races such as, the helenas and the persians or the romans. The illyrians or the illiros as he called them are a true peasgic branch of northern parts of maccedonia and albania and the entire continent of yougoslavia, such as montenegro, bosnia, croatia, and part of hungary. He said that most of the illyrians in macedonia and albania and epirus didnt mix with other races because they wanted to keep their pelasgian identity. The illyrians of epirus, he called thesprotis and epirotis. He said they werent greek but unfortunately some of them mixed with greeks and lost their identity but for most of them, they still are albanian-pelasgic tribes and they speak their own language. Vasilis also mentioned that the thracian tribes mixed with the illyrian tribes of macedonia which are the called argead tribes of macedonia-they were illyrian too but much more sophisticated in terms of democratic views. Vasilis said," that most of the illyrian-thracian tribes of macedonia survived and kept their identity, and thats why we have albanians today in macedonia who speak their pelasgic language. He said some of them mixed with greek tribes in thesaly for them was unfortunate because they lost their identity. He said clearly, that alexander the great did come from a PELASGIAN-ALBANIAN TRIBE FROM MACEDONIA BUT HE MIXED AND LOST HIS IDENTITY. I would greece and macedonia and parts of albanian are not that different, as the matter of fact we are all cousins except we evolved differently. That was Vasilis point of view. God bless that nice gentlement because he saved my cousin in greece from turkish mobsters. I guess he knows the truth about my pelasgian origin and he said Id rather help my own pelasgian brothers instead of the mongolians. He was chrisitian too but he said it doesnt matter what religion you are as long as you are a true greek meaning a true pelasgian-albanian. We have to help each other out for the last war against our persian, turkish, and slavic enemies in the future if we want to survive as a whole.
I am kassander of macedonia
I am a true Pelasgi-illyrian, orginially from LIHNIDAS.
The greek race needs to know the truth about themselves because it was the true pelasgi-albanian tribes that saved them from the persians, egyptians, and other filthy tribes from the east. They should do the same for us, now. My gread grandfather, god bless his soul, his father's name was dorian. His mothers name was Larissa. He never critisiced the true greeks because he knew that we are not that different except we evolved differently. He said the slavs and the turks were the biggest threat at that time. Its true that i am muslim, but being muslim saved my pelasgian identity. Religion is one thing and nationalism is another thing.
Lets stop racism.


#66 Dec 12, 2009
The ancient greeks and their country without any doubt make a great history to the world. But, is hard to believe that today greeks are descendant of the ancient ones since they're so dark skinned and obviously havent inherited the knowledge and culture from them. Greek today is full of hatre, poor economy - same as other Balkan countries, with government and justice system fully corrupted, people attacking their own government (see videos of greek people in you tube what happened just month ago - SAME LIKE IN FALLUJA). These are one of the facts that truly make me believe that today's greeks have nothing to do with ancient greek.

Northville, MI

#67 Dec 18, 2009
The fact of the matter is that macedonia was just a state of illyria with many different illyrian tribes within. Just like states in the U.S. with the same people. Maqedonia is an albanian word. You guys took Epirus from us. Europe gave epirus to greece after world war 2 without knowing that it was Pirro That they were giving away an albanian terrritory. And that is the true name Pirro a pure illyrian name. You guys are influenced under the Egyptian language. Ever name that was Illyrian you add us to it. For example Bardhluss. Bardh is the color white in albanian. Zeuss a greek word. Zot albanian form. ylleuss the first illyrian king located in present day greece in Epirus(Pirro). Yll means star in albanian. And what about Dardania which you say is dardanus. And a funny thing is one of the ancient greek gods also egyptian gods name was thot. Yet thot means nothing in greek or egyptian. And to you guys this god speaks great things. But in ancient pelasgian, Illyrian, Albanian Thot means someone talks. And don't even get me started on the fact that if you look at the people of Cyprus they look like greeks have the same name as greeks and have the same exact language. But they don't call it greek.


Ivanhoe, Australia

#68 Feb 13, 2010
Edmond wrote:
Shkodra is one of the most ancient cities in Albania. It was founded in the 4th century B.C. as the centre of the Illyrian tribe of the Labeates. Shkodra-from-the-castle Under the rule of the Illyrian king Gent, it became the capital of the Illyrian state.
The people who resisted the ottoman devestation were Labeates and led by an albanian, Lek Dukagjini. Some Labeates are migrated in the southern Albania, who today are referred only as labs.
Now the pure Labeates are only the people that are living in Mirdita and Malesia e Madhe. They are the original illyrians even today, with they own old culture and traditions (The Code of Leke Dukagjini). I am from Mirdita.
Is that so were you there in thoses time were you. Im from krasnici tribe north tribe of radavac peja..My family didnt mix with turks like the malesia they mixed it was ok to intemarry in there tribe.So how can they be pure illyrians.Go do some research before you say stupid things.

Ivanhoe, Australia

#69 Feb 13, 2010
They did resist turks an didnt pay taxes an give soldiers to the ottomans. but they payed the price for not doing it..Rape,killed,Starved...meli sia tribe mixed with bosnians an montoneg.FACT

Doncaster, UK

#70 Feb 15, 2010
No-Nation wrote:
First of all I don't believe in
autochthonous theories of any nation
Admixtures,Discontinuities and Gaps are alive and kicking through
I may agree or not but Just for the dialogue's sake I put a post
Wilkes has been proven CORRECT by science when the Human Genome Project's Y-chromosome study of European populations, confirmed that the vast majority of contemporary Albanians do not share anIllyrian or any Indo-European linneage - they are mostly a pre-IE Mediterranean population.
John Wilkes correctly puts Illyrian descendants among contemporary ex-Yugoslavs, centered around Montenegro and Bosnia and branching out into Dalmatia and south-western Serbia. Wilkes hints that ex-Yugoslavs are slavicized Illyrians and he leans on C.S Coon who insists that Albanians are of mixed Slavic, Thracian, Turkish, Armenoid and Illyrian origin.
This work was published in 1991 and based on the newest excavations undertaken in ex-Illyria. Wilkes brings out plenty of the most recent archaeological and anthropological evidence which other's in his field did not have access to.
Ten years after he published this work, the Human Genome Project's Y-chromosome study proved him correct. Modern science has dealt a huge blow to Albanian attempts to usurpe theIllyrian legacy. He was a decade ahead of his time. Because of his work, many academics within Albania have also come out in favour of accepting the new findings; namely: Kaplan Resuli, Fatos Lubonja, Ardian Qosi and Ardian Vebiu. They are joined by many international critics of the now debunked Albanian-Illyrian theory: Paul, Hirt, Weigand, Tomashek, Georgiev, Pushcariu and many others.
Read this book. Keep in mind that it is based on evidence older works did not have access to and keep in mind that science has proven Wilkes correct ten years after he published this long-overdue honest and objective, thorough analysis of the legacy of one of Europe's oldest civilizations. The Albanians can no longer unjustly monopolise a whole people as they have done in the past.
What about the Illyrians language or languages?
U have some contradictions here, while u say that albanians have no indo european lineage then u go and say to the next post that albanians are indo europeans, Lets asume that i have got no clue of what you is indo european, and am waisting my time reading that actually yes, but no, no yes! Albanian is an indo european language, but his race is not indo european? Is there such a race? What are u saying?


#71 Feb 28, 2010

Durrës, Albania

#73 May 8, 2010
"SHORT AND DARK SKINNED SIMMILAR TO MODERN ALBANIANS"????What you say?????You don't speak for albanians people , but for Albanians "Egyptian minorities"..... The albanians people have not dark skin ,maybe Greek people have dark skin , but albanians are white. Maybe in summer yes thay have it , but hi made from the sun in beach :D ....

Melbourne, Australia

#74 May 20, 2010
The GReat IllryiaN Race wrote:
i just read what that greek wrote short dark skinned albanians lol i am just amazed how can a greek refer to some one as dark, the greeks are the darkest so called europeans, they have african DNA from ethiopa.
Why do people bring up DNA as arguments.
What do you know about genetics.
The further back you go, the more related everyone, and everything, is.

Nelson, New Zealand

#75 Dec 6, 2010
Ancient Illyrians were peace loving tribesman (Illyrian - Ilir, mean freedom in albanian).
Once upon a time the greeks were a superpower. Ruling most parts of the Balkan therefore they stole all the brightest man from the Illyrians-Pelsagians and turned them into their own. This is pathetic. It's like stealing a cup from someone plus claiming that you won the game. There is definitely some greeks that deserve the respect for their ingenuity however you wouldn't have the greek myths, philosophers.. without the help of the wise Illyrians.
Open up your mind a bit "karaiskakisJunio r"

Milton, NY

#76 Jan 14, 2011
lets blame everything on the greeks
Gashi Gurit


#77 Sep 3, 2011
When someone talks about education then he himself should know the origine of the human race which is more about that and you will see....and on the other hand if the great troy and sparta and they ancient hellenia had soldiers that looked like todays greeks i see why you got beat by persia...the only good thing about present greeks-(and you are greek) is that you dont need to build big houses zuc yuo are all to short :))))
Giulio Edmond di Papa

Strasbourg, France

#78 Nov 23, 2012
Guys I am sorry to tell you this but most of your comments are false.
Let me tell you the real thing:
So as you all are supposed to know, almost most of the Balkan Peninsula was inhabited by the autochthonic tribe known as Pelasgians. There were neither Ancient Greeks, Illyrians, Ancient Macedonians, Thracians...
What happened? Around 1200-1000 BC, the Greek Tribes invaded the southern part of Balkan. Greeks are actually originated from the north of river Danube, in the nowdays country of Hungary. Which means they are not autochthonic of Balkan. After this during 1000-600 BC the Pelasgians, under the effect of cultural exchange with the Greeks divided themselves into two groups: the Thracians and the Illyrians. The Illyrians themselves divided into other smaller countries or tribes: Kingdom of Dardania, Kingdom of Epirus, the Dalmati, the Enkeledi, the Ardians, the Taulanti and few dozens more. The Thracians did the same. With time there started to be differencies between the Thracians and the Illyrians even though the language and their cultures were almost the same. Then a few Illyro-Thracians mixed tribes started to show up: the Paeonians, the Ancient Macedonians...
Because of its approximity with the Ancient Greek tribes, the Macedonians were extremely influenced by Greek Culture and language, that's why during the reig of Alexander the Great, Macedonians were considered as an almost Greek Kingdom.
As for the Kingdom of Epirius which a lot of historians consider as a Greek Kingdom, I would like to add that this is completely false. The Epirian language ressemles a lot to the Illyrian language. Also another argument is that nowdays Albanian is divided into two dialects the Gheg and Tosk. Coincedence? NO!!! South Albanians speek Tosk Albanian and north Albanians speek Gheg Albanian. This goes perfectly well with the fact that Northern Albanians are the descendants of the Northern Illyrians and the Southern Albanians are the descendants of the Southern Illyrian mostly known as Epirians. So the Kingdom of Epiria was an Illyrian Kingdom, not Greek.
I would also like to add that nowdays Albanians are the only autochthonic ethnic group of the Balkan Peninsula, the Greek being as said before without a doubt of Celtic Origin, the nowdays Macedonians, the Serbians, Montenegriens, the Bulgarians... of Slavic Origin and the Roumanian of Latin Origin.
People are blind to the truth and only hear what they want to hear: Greeks say Epirian was Greek. They also say they are autochthonic to the Balkan Peninsula even though 100% of Historians say they aren't but it's okay: nothing is going to change. Todays Macedonians think they are descendants of Ancient Macedonian even though they speak a Slavic Language and our History Books say they invaded the Balkan Peninsula with the other Slavic Tribes during the Early Middle Ages.
Thracians don't exist anymore... neither do the Dalmati or the Ancient Macedonians.
As for the Albanians God help them cause men can not! Being the only authochthonic ethnic group of the Balkan Peninsula left they are left with a mere region of Balkan and are considered by the Macedonians ore Greeks or other ethnic groups as UNWANTED FOREIGNERS. IRONIC I would like to say.

South Ozone Park, NY

#79 Feb 13, 2013

Waterbury, CT

#80 Apr 15, 2013
paeonians are illyrian in origin, and not thracian okay
they have thracian influences but that doesnt mean anything okay
lets not forget the maedi, who is an illyrian tribe to the fullest, who thought to be thracian, but its not okay

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