No one cares about camels. Maybe camel racing, sure, because racing is a way of life. It takes discipline and preparation, like when they dope the camels so they'll run faster or whatever it is they do because they all did it you know. It's in all the history books. There were no tests and there was certainly no PRESSURE to admit that your champion racing camel was doped to the gills or whatever they breath with. NOT LIKE TODAY where they want to take your balls, TAKE YOUR GODDAM BALLS -- no matter how shrunken by high-tech doping agents -- and choke you with them while they dance on your mother's grave and profane the holy name of God and Jesus and whoever the third one is just because you used YOUR OWN BLOOD for chrissake. Is that doping? Is it? Is it? THAT'S NOT DOPING. I NEVER DID IT.
Now shut up and hang up that bag of blood and roll up your sleeve you little pantywaist. DO IT!!! DO IT OR GET OFF THE TEAM!!!