How long is the "theory" of out of Africa going to be repeated as absolute truth? It is almost as if we are being programmed to believe the theory. The latest artifacts found in Africa are technilogically "modern" compared to the thousands of levallois middle paleolithic tech tools and cores being found in the USA.While academia ignores the evidence of a lower and middle paleolithic tool industry in the USA, the artifactual evidence keeps growing. Levallois prepared core tools of the same kind found in Africa and elsewhere testify to the fallacy of the theory. Complete with hand axes, levallois cores in every stage of the reduction, points, blades on levallois flakes, burins, and abraded ocheres, along with drilled stone "jewelry", and even fossilized bone with marks of human alteration make up the huge assemblage revealed by erosion in a small spring runoff in southern Indiana, USA. When the same tool technology that is tauted as "early man" tech is found in the USA, common sense should tell us something is very wrong at the very foundation of the "out of Africa evolution theory." At the very least , the artifactual evidence alone should tell us we are being propagandized to believe as truth what is in reality just theory at best. A few partial tools, a few bifacial points, a few flakes and some ochre found in one place, does not prove our origins and more importantly, the theorists know it..........rick doninger