There have been runners and reviews posted about HillCroft stables, none are true. We are a boarding lesson training facility in Schenectady that believes in the teachings of the late Sally Swift. We stand by our choices in what we teach and have experience in jumping and dressage.

The slander that was posted was simply childish and written by people who were angryfor being fired for not ffollowing our rules that were in place for safety measures and by people who left us because we wouldn't allow them to treat their horses, or employee's, or us with disrespect.

The horses are turned out as much of the day as they wish unless weather or footing is bad. they are fed nice hay and grain up to 3 times a day. We do not believe in overwriting our school horses. All horses boarders and lesson are treated as our own.

I hope that anyone reading this will come see for yourself what a remarkable place this is.