The Current Corruption of Schenectady...

The Current Corruption of Schenectady Led by Democrat Mayor

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Torrance, CA

#1 Nov 11, 2013
Much talk about how corrupt Schenectady is especially under current Democrat party control headed by Gary McCarthy.
city of the lost

Saratoga Springs, NY

#2 Nov 12, 2013
Move out of Schenectady while you still can!
McCarthy is a Thug

Torrance, CA

#3 Nov 19, 2013
This current mayor is not for the landlord and working class. He is seizing many properties and raising taxes forcing many to abandon Schenectady. This guy is the worse Mayor Schenectady has ever seen!





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McCarthy is a Thug

Torrance, CA

#4 Nov 19, 2013
I left my house and moved to the west coast. Many are leaving Schenectady now. This mayor McCarthy and his corrupt administration will help the rich and give millions of tax money that stupid golf course he constantly gos to. they will seize properties from those struggling because Schenectady's economy is suffering greatly.If you own a house in Schenectady sell it now to some sucker from out of town before it's to late!





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Saratoga Springs, NY

#5 Nov 19, 2013
Here is some thing to read for yourself.
April 18, 2012 The Daily Gazette:

Mayor Gary McCarthy has ordered police to begin arresting those who refused to show up in court this month to answer summons for alleged code violations.

“People have to take code enforcement seriously.”
The arrests are the latest in a series of housing-focused changes under McCarthy’s administration.
Code enforcers are also doing publicized neighborhood sweeps for violations.
“That’s more frustrating, where people are collecting rent and not putting any money back into it,” McCarthy said.
After so few came to court, judges signed dozens of arrest warrants. McCarthy told police to give those warrants priority, and in less than a week,

police spokesman Sgt. Mark McCracken said, offi cers have arrested about 10 of the owners.
“We’re starting to put special emphasis on the code violation warrants,” McCracken said.“It’s almost a daily occurrence.”
McCarthy is hoping the pressure forces owners to take action.
“I want them out of the business,” he said, referring to owners who buy rental property as an investment but don’t maintain the buildings.

It is well known that In Schenectady they have all the welfare lunkheads destroying property there.

Also The landlords are forced by law to rent to them and then they wreck the places.

So Instead of going after landlords get rid of those bums destroying the homes Mr Mayor !

If you work and save your money or own a business….You have to be a real idiot to invest in that dump of a town.

its a place of broken dreams.

The city officials will turn on you because remember they only care about their salaries and their own benefits.
FormerScenectady Employee

Saratoga Springs, NY

#8 Feb 11, 2014
that bloated hog mccarthy is going to completely destroy schenectady! he needs to be stopped and an investigation from outside. youy will find plenty!

Montréal, Canada

#9 Feb 11, 2014
Hey FormerSchenectady Employee!

Did you work at the city garage?

I know who you are lol!

Yeah it's def who I know it is. You called it right a few years back.

That McCarthy was a detective and a mean disrespectful SOB

How he bamboozled people to vote for him.

He is all about power and is very shady!

Glad I Got Out and Moved to Canada!

Kansas City, MO

#10 Feb 11, 2014
I from Schenectady and my family still live there. I go back and forth here from the south cause it better down here in the winter an I'm glad not to have to be there most the time now anyways. So now every year it seem to get worse there in NY. So now you know what they do? So they be goin after all the landlords and then fining them with city codes. So then now some of the landlords are makin it harder on tenants all a sudden an they fighting . So people is all getting mad there in Schenectady cause it already been hard on most folks. So it gonna get real bad in the summer there. I told my family to move outta there and you know what they good people not on welfare. So Schenectady gonna lose good people not the bad ones that coming in an makin trouble.
poor babies are mad

Berlin, MD

#12 Mar 13, 2014
Who the hell do you think you are, trying to imitate my best friend by using her screen name, and picture? Make another profile, FAKE mississippi gurl, now!!!

“Ha Hee Hee”

Since: Oct 08

Location hidden

#13 Mar 27, 2014
Anyone have anything incriminating about that Schenectady Mayor who's seizing everyones home who have fallen on hard times in that ghetto town?

“its me ”

Since: Apr 09

Location hidden

#15 Mar 27, 2014
people are moving out of Schenectady

people talk about it thats there no future here

all the kids even know the mayor's a gangster and hates people and if you don't support him or a democrat he will come afar you
feed up with the mayor

Selkirk, NY

#16 Oct 29, 2014
well I have been speaking out about al of this n he des not like it all he is pian in the butt who would like us residcns to ust seat back and take it but now we are oing to ebll revolt gaitshim togoetout ofoffice abfrenovmerber 2015
carl phallusstinkco

San Jose, CA

#17 Oct 30, 2014
feed up with the mayor wrote:
well I have been speaking out about al of this n he des not like it all he is pian in the butt who would like us residcns to ust seat back and take it but now we are oing to ebll revolt gaitshim togoetout ofoffice abfrenovmerber 2015
Well...are you drinking when typing because there's alot of spelling and grammatical!!!! you are going to feed the mayor...or something?
carl phallusstinkco

San Jose, CA

#18 Oct 30, 2014
Listen that mayor is corrupt and bloated drunk making closed door deals. The people who work there know what he's all about. Taking as many homes away as possible through foreclosure and seizure. Mr Booze, along with his corrupt corporation council staff, and especially the midget lawyer who suffers from small man complex, are causing others to abandon their properties by non stop of raising taxes and sending code goons out to fine homeowners until they can't take it any more. That situation is a corrupt one and It's called The McCarthy Situation in Schenectady. I let them have my property and doing much better out on the west coast. McCarthyism has made Schenectady the most dangerous city to live in New York. I advise everyone there to get out of that stinkhole now.

Sangrur, India

#19 Oct 30, 2014
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sick of it

Schenectady, NY

#20 Oct 31, 2014
Reading the schenectady paper is just so disheartening. McCarthy is a power grabbing hypocrite that was voted in by people who vote a straight democratic ticket without ever thinking the consequences. Backroom politics is the name of the game here and has been for generations, Some folks do get ahead that way, get their buddie a job, that sort of thing, but most just get their taxes raised. Yet they keep voting the same way. How stupid is that? Our best chance was with Roger Hull but they blew that. If I could actually sell my house for what it is accessed for I would get the hell out. No wonder McCarthy refuses a city wide re-assessmet. He probably couldn't get enough into the city coffers to pay his own salary AND THE PUBLIC PENSION HE DRAWS AT THE SAME TIME ! He is no public servant. He serves himself and his cronies. A moral person wouldn't do the things he does. I am ashamed to say I am from Schenectady.

Saratoga Springs, NY

#21 May 6, 2015
Aren't you paying any attention at all? the democrat team is making Schenectady Great!. We have lots of entertainment happening downtown now! people are having a good time in Schenectady. I don't understand the complaints. this mayor is the best mayor Schenectady has ever seen. Vote Democrat to get this others who don't follow the lead that the mayor had establish with Own Your Own Home! and he has been tearing down the blight like on Broadway, a burnt out building that has been standing for many years. Crime is down, business is thriving, affordable homes..Hooray Mayor for all you are doing and have done for schenectady. oh yeah and The Casino! hello! lol need anything else need to be said?
Carl Faloticos xboyfriend

Albany, NY

#22 Jun 5, 2015
The Drunken Bozo who is he mayor of Schenectady. The bloated democrat mobster who is raping the home owners ad he taxpayers. Get that no good Otis The drunk out of there this November before Schenectady becomes another Baltimore. Democrats are crooked scum! Forget voting for any evil democrat they just rob everyone.
We Left Schenectady

Albany, NY

#24 Jul 3, 2015
I just sold my house cheap in Schenectady this year and moved to Albany. That mayor just is out for himself an he is not a nice man...he's a mean Mr Mustard and A Grinch. At city hall they don't help you when you own a home or want to start a business but try to sop you. Schenectady is just the worst place ever because of McCarthy
Schenectady Employeee

Columbus, OH

#30 Mar 26, 2016
Lots of Back room deals with MetroPlex headed by Ray Gillan and Gary McCarthy They use Schenectady's tax money handed over to hand picked corporations. The whole thing is corrupt and sickening . McCarthy is not for the homeowners or small businessmen nor Schenectady's residents. He has seized well over 1000 properties and if you find yourself in any trouble managing to pay your taxes they will come against you without any pity. McCarthy sends his midget lawyer after you and he's a ruthless little bastard.

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