Catalytic Converter Theft. Toyota Tru...

Piotrkůw Trybunalski, Poland

#21 Jul 16, 2007
The metal they steal it for is platinum. Platinum is a catalyst, which means that it speeds up some reactions, in this case it speeds up the falloff of toxic gases into less toxic ones
Pissed off

Tustin, CA

#22 Jul 17, 2007
I just had my catalytic converter stolen today. They sawed it off at two points infront and behind the piece. I googled and this is one of the first pages I found and to see that it is only worth about $150-$200 to them really pisses me off because my repair will run waaay more than that I am sure. I am also told that they are stolen for the precious metal inside.
AND my freak'n deductible is $1000.
I have a 93' toyota dlx cab truck with 198 K miles so if I made a claim may insurance possibly would just claim it as a total. So all this comes out of my pocket! Freak'N idiots!

By the way...this happened in a mall parking lot in front of a movie theater in Costa Mesa CA between 8am and 2pm...broad daylight.


#23 Jul 19, 2007
I just purchased [url=http://www.catalyticonver ter.html]audi catalytic converter[/url] yesterday... Iíve never heard of this. This has to be one of the most bizarre vehicle related crimes out there. Whatís inside the CATS that are so valuable? It seems like it would be far less trouble to steal the entire vehicle and strip it down later.
just someone


#24 Jul 19, 2007
It's the rhodium they are after.. said metal is expensive but catcons usually have them in small quantities... that's why they steal a lot of them.. a market must be ready for these stolen catcons though.. a crook would definitely not have an idea how to get that rhodium from cats.. another problem is police can't trace them cause cats don't have serial numbers on them or anything..


#25 Jul 19, 2007
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Azusa, CA

#26 Jul 20, 2007
Tim - mine was stolen from my '90 Toyota P/U the other night. I couldn't believe it. Any tips on where to go to get a replacement?
Tim wrote:
So, I'm not the only one huh? I just had my cat converter swiped off my 95 4Runner in Oakland (go figure)last night. Parked on a main street for about an hour & 1/2 - when I returned & started it up it sounded like a dragster - scared the ***t out of me. A nice precision cut was made on either side. A neighbor had seen the guy under my truck while he was taking the trash out - the loser fled. Oh well, these losers will continue to take anything but a job!

Paramount, CA

#27 Jul 21, 2007
Irvine Spectrum wrote:
My catalyitic converter was stolen right outside my small business office during business hours in a populated parking lot.6-28-07 95 4 Runner.
Mine was just stolen 7/19/07 from the parking lot where I work a few blocks from the spectrum

United States

#28 Jul 25, 2007
My was stolen 7-24-07 in school parking lot.

United States

#29 Jul 26, 2007
I was hit yesterday in West Los Angeles. I've got a '95 4-Runner too. I've heard from local mechanics that they're targeting Toyotas, Acura, Honda, and some Fords.

They contain a few very precious metals. Platinum, Rhodium, and 1 other I can't remember. Basically, the theif takes it, and then sells it to someone with the knowhow and equipment to extract these metal out of them. They have to melt them down and extract the metals via a chemist. So the theivs doing the theiving aren't the big catch.

If I see one of these punks under someone's car, I'm gonna straight kick him in the nutsack.... then hold him there by the neck until I get the cops over there.

Toyota of Santa Monica was hit last week and all the cars on the lot were hit.


United States

#30 Jul 26, 2007
A side note.... You can get aftermarket converters at local auto parts stores, but you might have to do some welding. They run between $60 and $200 for the aftermarket crap.

Total cost from Toyota for my new one after tax was $932. Shop around to different dealers... Toyota of Santa Monica was going to chanrge me $1050 for it, but a different dealer gave it to me for $840 plus tax and gaskets.

Good luck peeps! Keep it parked in a secure lot! And if you can.... take a bus or ride a bike to work.
more catalytics stolen

San Jose, CA

#31 Jul 28, 2007
Police said 3 people were hit in my parking lot during broad daylight in San Mateo yesterday. Toyota 4Runner and pickups. My 95 4Runner catalytic converter was cut clean away when I tried to leave work.

Scary thing is I park in a lot across from a busy gas station, the fire department, and not more than a few minutes walk from the police department.

Citrus Heights, CA

#32 Jul 30, 2007
Some piece of debris stole mine (Tacoma 4WD) in a Sacramento area carport, apparently making little noise; people were home a few dozen feet away. There needs to be a car alarm sensor that responds electrically to chassis alterations. Whatever the level of vibration, it wasn't enough to set mine off.
This lowlife was at least "kind" enough to leave the 4 mounting bolts on the ground and didn't cut anything; probably to minimize noise. It (not quite human) also hung the pipe hanger neatly up in the chassis, probably to delay it being noticed. Replacement cost was about $800 plus new gaskets.
This was annoying on many levels, making me want to turn back the clock to 1870. There was a reason they used to hang horse thieves. The aggravation of these events goes well beyond cost. Scrap yards need to crack down on druggies and derelicts who bring in cats for money, but I suspect many of them are in on the scam.

Dallas, TX

#33 Jul 31, 2007
So I was leaving work started my 99' 4runner an yes it sounded like a muscle car or harley. Didn't have any power either. Luckily there was a dealership minutes away. I was told that they contain platinum which is why they are stolen.
Dallas, Tx

Pennsville, NJ

#34 Aug 2, 2007
Mine was stolen off my Toyota Tacoma this past Friday from MARC commuter lot in Savage, MD.$1400.00 to replace but insurance will cover except $200 deductible. Toyota says nothing they can do to secure it from happening again. There is an article in the Baltimore Sun today 8/2/07 ( ) title "Precious Metals Ripped from Cars." It only takes them 60 seconds to steal and no alarm will deter them. The converters contain Rhodium which is currently trading at $5,960 per ounce and Platinum which is currently trading at $1,300 per ounce. In comparison, Gold is only currently trading at $667 per ounce. Drug addicts and crooks are walking into Junk Yards and getting $100-$200 each. Now that it has happened to me, hearing numerous stories of people being hit more than once in the same place. Going to have to get another vehicle (low to the ground) until POlice find a solution to this.

Dallas, TX

#35 Aug 3, 2007
I drive a 2000 4runner and my catalytic converter was stolen at work today (in the morning before lunch) in an open parking lot 2 1/2 blocks from a police substation!! All of family drives 4runners and we've never heard of this until today.
Joe-s Muffler

United States

#36 Aug 5, 2007
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Steve AL MS Gulf coast

Brewton, AL

#37 Aug 7, 2007
Joy wrote:
I drive a 2000 4runner and my catalytic converter was stolen at work today (in the morning before lunch) in an open parking lot 2 1/2 blocks from a police substation!! All of family drives 4runners and we've never heard of this until today.
Well my wife had hers (2 ea) stolen in a so called secure hospital parking lot with a circulating patrol such as seen in WalMart parking lots. The theft was identical to all the preceeding tales. It occured 080607 in daylight. I hope these aren't being harvested for some less obvious purpose,such as to support some terrorist activities requiring exotic metals. BE ALERT & VIGILANT

Richardson, TX

#38 Aug 8, 2007
To the few TX posters, my wife was in Kohls for 15 minutes at Skillman and NW Highway. She said she came out and 2 Mexicans were parked in front of her 4runner w/ their hood up. When she beeped the car they put their hood down and drove off. Sure enough it sounded like a rice rocket when she drove off. They used a hacksaw but didn't completely get it. We have tape from Kohls and the police are now searching for these guys. Hopefully they are the same that took y'alls. Now they will owe us the money we lost and hopefully be dealt the death penalty.
92 4Runner_Dallas TX

United States

#39 Aug 8, 2007
Apparently it is a nation-wide epidemic. Mine was stolen at the train station near my home. The armed security guard never saw anyone (but it's a big lot). The police its common. The internet reports I've read say it is most common in SUVs because they are easy to get under. A local Toyota dealer said 18 4Runners were hit last week at the American Idol auditions in Dallas and he had four in his shop waiting for parts.

Valley Mills, TX

#40 Aug 12, 2007
My catalytic converter was stolen from my 2000 Toyota 4Runner at Texas Stadium (Irving, TX) while I was inside auditioning for American Idol! I didn't make it...which was okay...but then starting up my car and hearing it sound like a race car didn't make the day much better. This happened on August 6, 2007.

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