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this girl

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#66 Feb 28, 2012
i like cathy jean shoes. they are cute and fun & last me a couple months but that is why they are so cheap duh people get over yourselfs, you obviously bought them onsale stop complaining.
Ashley Chapman

Lincoln, CA

#68 Apr 21, 2012
I work at Cathy Jean and I have to say my manager is amazing and every girl I work with is extremely outgoing and positive. Maybe because my manager is very picky about who she highers and we're a small newer store? She's worked retail for 6 years and is currently about to get her masters degree, none of our girls have any problem with eachother which actually suprised me since were all 19 to 24 years of age. Again maybe becuase we've been hand picked carefully?? Our stores turn over rate is very very low but I've heard company wise it's high. We ALL hate the sales quata it's way to high even in CA where we have tons of CJ's.

Our manager lets us skate on the 3 pair rule unless the customer isn't sure what she wants but wants a certain style or color then we bring out multiple pairs only because that's part of being a helpful sales person.

As for the list we only had to memorize the color code and style number this is just to make it easier on us as associates. On a packed saturday or sunday when you have multiple customers you don't want to have to carry a bunch of shoes with you to look up stock numbers if you can see the shoe the customers holding and figure ok its a boot boots are 9's and its black it's color code 97 you can proceed to the back room look in section 9 color code 97 and run your eyes over the wall untl you see the box with the picture that's the style your looking for.

And idk if AZ is diffirent but at our Cathy Jean and my Managers previous CJ even if you only work one week they never mail out checks everybodys are mailed to the sotre and held there utnil you come to pick them up and if you don't come in to pick them up they just sit there

I don't agree with the way Corporate runs alot of Cathy Jean but it sounds like you got stuck with a crappy manager and team I'm also thinking about quiting bc of corporate but I'm staying for now because I love my team and I love selling the product
karliaz wrote:
I have never ever got on my computer to rant and rave about a business or company but do also feel it very necessary to say something about Cathy jean shoes.
They are extremely unprofessional as well as shady with there business practices and let me tell you why. I was hired by the company and it is true the managers don't know what they are doing. The turn over rate with this company is extremely high. They have crazy standards as far as sales quotas of which they obviously cant meet due to the fact they now only have two stores in Arizona. They expect you to sell day one training forget training just sell. I mean honestly how can someone sell a product if they are not even aware of all the inventory and store practices etc. As if that weren't bad enough you are required to bring out three pairs yes three pairs of shoes no matter what really!! This is day one forget the fact you don't know inventory forget the fact it is your first day just bring out the shoes cause it all about sales.
Okay fine this is a sales position but lets talk about customer service they have none. They are the rudest sales associates and regional managers ever. I worked here for a couple days and decided I can't work for a company like this do you think i got my check nope four months later I got my check and when i did recieve the check it was dated the week I worked there shady very shady.
They also expect you to memorize a list of all there shoes before you start are you kidding me that is so you can bring out the three pairs of shoes day one. I wish i was told this in the interiew I would never have worked here had I know that. The shoes are way over priced and you can find better quality shoes for the price they are selling there shoes for.
There are several other things I can say but I will choose to keep it classy and will not totally go off like I want to. I also feel this is the number one reason companies fail poor customer service and Cathy Jean Shoes takes the cake.
Former Employee

United States

#69 Jun 19, 2012
Cathy jean may not know how to run a company but the shoes are good for going out acouple times and the service at the carlsbad mall is fantastic

Portland, OR

#70 Sep 27, 2012
I have had the worst retail experience of my life with this company. Their policies are completely unorthodox, and I don't understand how they are still in business. I am not one to write bad reviews, but I am so enraged with how much I was screwed over by them, I want to get the word out so that others don't go through the same horrific experience. I ordered two pairs of shoes online, and when I received them (wrapped in paper so the shoe boxes were completely trashed) I realized that they were unusually large for that particular size. I considered it a fault of my own, and decided to send them back literally the next day (their policy makes you pay for shipping them back to the store) and I re-ordered the shoe right away, assuming the money would be back in my account soon enough. Months later I had not received the shoes I re-ordered (but luckily I was not charged for them) nor had I been refunded for the two pairs of shoes that I had personally sent back. I was appalled that I had not only paid for two pairs of shoes that I no longer had, but over 6 months had passed and I hadn't received my refund. I decided to write a letter to guest service expressing my concerns, and did not receive any response. I waited and I waited, and then decided to send yet another letter to customer service...with yet again, no response. I was disgusted and reported them to the better business bureau, who sent out two letter trying to contact them but they too, didn't get any replies. I'm shocked that a company can get away with stealing my money, and with not responding to not only my emails, but also to those of the better business bureau. I do not recommend shopping here, or supporting Cathy Jean in any way

Los Angeles, CA

#72 Oct 9, 2012
News flash: nobody cares
Karizona Chandler AZ wrote:
To whom it may concern,
Very little prompts me, positive or negative to hop on the computer and document an incident; but little has irritated me as much as my experience in your store today.
Sixteen days ago I purchased a slouch styled boot from your store at the Chandler Fashion Square Mall location. We have had a warn spell here in Arizona, so I didn't wear them for several days after I bought them. The first 2 times I wore them with pants, so I had a little heavier sock on with them. The third time I wore them I wore a skirt and nylons. Mid-way through the day I could barely walk my, heels were so sore. When I got home I put my hand in the boot and realized there was a 1X1 peg that was coming up through the heel in each boot!!!
I work long hours, so it wasn't until today that I could get back to the mall to exchange them. When I explained to the clerk the problem with the boot, she said they had gotten a memo about the defect and would be happy to replace them with another pair. No problem. Love the boot and she assured me that only a small number of boots had the defect. After bringing out 4 different boxes in my size, it was pretty clear the problem was more wide spread. All were defective to differing degrees. She offered me a store credit. No thank you I said, I almost never even walk in this store, the heel height on almost all of your styles are too high for me. That was all she could do. WHAT!?? Defective boot!!!! You can offer me only another defective boot? And my only option is a piece of paper to spend more money here?
I'd like to speak to the manager was my next request. Come to find out the other woman, who had not made eye contact with me or even acknowledged me while I was in there (keep in mind it's been well over 1/2 hour), was the MANAGER???? And I was informed by Kassi (the salesclerk); that it was Lauren's (the manager's) first day. Well she's off to a fine start!! Complete lack of customer service and she leaves her staff to deal with someone who is becoming a more and more dissatisfied customer.
Fine get me the district manager or someone by phone that I may speak with. No, that was not possible as they do not speak with customers......humm. So after Kassi finished speaking with the manager by phone (she left the room...odd), she came back and informed me that there would be nothing else she could do or anyone could do because it was store policy. I asked again that she make the call and get the district manager on the phone; please let her know that the customer is extremely unhappy at this point and that this is not just a typical return/exchange. Again defective item and I am given the option of another defective item or a piece of paper to shop here again???????
I am in customer service for a living, so I know there are rule and policies that must be followed. I also know when there is an extreme situation that there are always exceptions made to the rules. I was 6 days past the 10 day return policy, fine but the merchandise is DEFECTIVE and apparently your company is aware of it!!!!!!
Neither your clerk Kassi nor the new "stellar" manager you've hired for the store know much about working with people. To let me walk out of the store as irritated as I was; unbelieveable!
My rant is over. I don't feel any better because I have a yellow piece of paper worth $71 that will probably never be spent. As a single mom this is not money I can afford to throw away. I will blog and note wherever I can my experience today. It is the reason so many companies eventually fall. POOR customer service.
One dissatisfied customer,

Los Angeles, CA

#73 Oct 9, 2012
Yall just want your ass kissed as a customer- and when it doesn't happen you complain as if a crime has been committed. Nobody gives a shit about your stupid complaint that's why nobody returned your phone call dumbass

Windsor, CA

#74 Jan 6, 2013
A "fun few nights" are you freaking kidding me. I don't spend $70 to wear a pair of boots 3-4 times. This is the quality I would expect from Walmart and certainly not for $70,$50, or even $40. If you read the reviews on the company you supposedly help to manage, you will see that woman don't like to shop there unlike what you suggest. My daughter wore her new boots a total of 3 hours and they ate falling apart. Company refuses to offer refund or exchange. They were bought as a Christmas present 2 week before Christmas so by the time she wore them she was passed the 10 days. Stay away from any Kathy heaven store!
Jonah wrote:
Wow! So many bad experiences everyone seems to have had. That not only frustrates me but irritates me as well. Me being a Cathy Jean Manager in CA I understand the value of outstanding customer service and quality of the product.
First what the consumer needs to understand is that when you shop at Cathy
Jean you need to go into it knowing these shoes are fun and trendy. They will not last you a lifetime but a few fun nights! Everyone knows that, thats why women love to shop there because they're getting a fun faboulous shoe for a great price! Lets face it, if your spending $350 on a pair of shoes they better last forever right? But $35? C'mon now, they're just for fun!
As far as bad experiences people have had in stores I feel really bad. While not an excuse, as a company we tend to hire High School age sales girls. This may only be their first or second job so while not a seasoned sales person you should still recieve great customer service. As far as management goes there is no excuse. I've been in sales for years and years and so has all the upper management so outstanding service and going the extra mile is definately something I pride myself and the staff on.
I hope women of all ages continue to shop at Cathy Jean because it is a great store and you can always find something fun cute and affordable there!!

Chula Vista, CA

#75 Jan 7, 2013
I've never had any problems with Cathy Jean myself. I have a pair of black patent ankle strap 4inch heels that are 5 years old and are in great condition. I wear them all year long too! My pumps are also very durable. I'm surprised this company has so many negative comments! They do have a few styles that are obviously cheaply made with glue showing and whatnot but overall I feel their shoes are great quality. No problems with customer service either. I'm sorry you all had horrible experiences!

Chula Vista, CA

#76 Jan 7, 2013
Erik wrote:
Yall just want your ass kissed as a customer- and when it doesn't happen you complain as if a crime has been committed. Nobody gives a shit about your stupid complaint that's why nobody returned your phone call dumbass
Rude, just plain rude.

Chula Vista, CA

#77 Jan 7, 2013
Erik wrote:
News flash: nobody cares
<quoted text>
Based on your name I am going to assume you are a guy... Commenting on a forum about women's shoes...creepy enough?

Saint Cloud, FL

#78 Feb 7, 2013
hmmmm... I never even heard of Cathy Jean shoes, until I saw one of her stores while visiting Scottsdale, AZ. It must've been near the summer of 2010. I found a pair of the cutest over-the-knee boots during their 50% off sale and took them home without trying them on (as I am a true size 10 that never fails).

Fail. They hurt so bad when I tried them on at home, that they MUST'VE been fitted as a size 9.

So when I came back to return them, the rep told me, "exchanges only on sales". Luckily, they had them in black and I tried them on in the store (this time) and flew back to Austin, TX happy as a peacock on speed. I received sooooooo many compliments for the boots from both women AND surprisingly from men, as well.

I put those boots in HEAVY rotation from then until now and...

Three years later (now), sadly, I will have to retire them, as the faux leather is beginning to peel at the toes and where the boots bend :(

So after putting two cute pairs of boots in the online shopping cart, while looking for online coupon codes, l ran into this site.

Now, I am beginning to think its a bad idea to order online from CJ. At least in the store, they give you a LITTLE leeway with the ten-day policy.

Thank you, ladies for posting!


North Highlands, CA

#79 Mar 2, 2013
I was a Store Manager at Cathy Jean for a couple years.Here are a couple things you should know:

First, they sell cheap shoes, mark-up the "original price" so that when they stick an 80% off sticker on it, it seems like a great deal.

Second, everyone who works at these stores works on commission (hence why they are asked to bring out two extra pairs even though you asked for only one). Don't feel pressured to buy something you don't really want! The girls we hired were good at selling ANYTHING! Also, the company is so cheap with their wages, commission was the only way some of our girls could pay their bills.

Third, they will make up any excuse not to take something back,(they can take back shoes they don't have in the store by the way). If you didn't make your sales quota for three consecutive weeks you were let go.

Fourth, the people who work at the corporate office are total A******. I did not leave on bad terms, I quit because I finished my degree at UCLA and wanted to move back home. They don't care about their employees, their product, or their customers, all they care about is $$$$$.

I REALLY ENCOURAGE YOU ALL NOT TO SHOP THERE UNLESS YOU REALLY NEED A CHEAP PAIR OF SHOES. If you pay $30 more you can go down to Nordstrom, buy a pair of shoes, wear them for 3 weeks and return them because they gave you blisters (I'm not saying I do this, but Nordies will take back anything, they stand by their product and even though they are commission too, they don't try to get me to buy somehting I don't need).

I really hope this helped some of you
Bad Service Rude Employee

Antioch, CA

#80 Apr 10, 2013
I was at the Cathy Jeans store @ Storeridge Mall, California

1) Walked in store .. no greeting , ignored by employee's .. wow

2) When I finally was able to get someone attention; I ask for my size on a clearence shoe I really liked .. her first comment was is anyone helping you .. in a very rude tone.

3) After getting my shoes which were on clearence for $20.00 clearly marked as well.... I decide to purchase them.

4) Once I walk up to pay for the shoes , employees stated that the shoes where $27.00 no return since it was a clearence item IN A RUDE TONE .. I explained to her that they were $20.00 she rolled her eyes AT ME went to get the shoes and saw for herself shoe's mark $20.00 spoke to store manager who stated she would not honor Mark Price .(STORE ERROR )WOW !..$27.00 or nothing ...SO I DECIDE ON NOTHING AND WILL NEVER GO BACK !!!!!!!
Bad Service Rude Employee

Antioch, CA

#81 Apr 10, 2013
Very rude employees, StoneRigde Mall California... Manager and Employees should get award for being Rude .

Shoe was priced $20.00 (clearence item ) once I was ready to pay for them I am told they cost $27.00 I mentioned shoe is clearly marked $20.00 employee rolls her eyes at me.. spoke to Store Mgr. was told manager won't honor wrong price.. so I decide they could keep their shoes ..WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN....Rude , Super Bad Customer Service.....

Sun City, CA

#82 May 16, 2013
erica wrote:
cathy jeans sucks, i brought shoes a week ago, some thigh-high boots,cute but need to fit over my fitted pants, tried to exchange for a bigger size did not care for money back just a bigger size and couldnt because i didnt have my receipt, how do this company thinks its going to survive in a recession when u cant take care of your customers
if you don't have your receipt what makes you think you'll get anything done? with any store you need a receipt to have anything changed. so does the store really suck? not really. they have always treated me right and have satisfied me every time i walk in. when returning/exchanging or anything you will always need a receipt for future references.

Santa Ana, CA

#83 Jun 5, 2013
Phoenix AZ wrote:
Yes! i completely agree with this! i was working for Cathy Jean for a year as a Co-manager and never received my promised health benefits that I was supposed to receive after 90 days. When I would call the office in regard to my benefits there excuse was always that they never "received" my paperwork! i faxed the paperwork in as well o as mailing it in multiple times. I have had to help countless angry customers and was unable to satisfy them because of the company's policy's and procedures.
<quoted text>

I used to work there a month ago out in orange county. I think you can help me with somehting if you can ??

Lodi, CA

#85 Aug 30, 2013
I ordered a pair of Combat boots online and they were on my doorstep in 3 days! I absolutely love them!! So comfortable and look exactly how they do in the picture! I don't know what all these people are talking about when they say they are having issues with online orders! I will definitely be ordering more shoes from them!:)

Cypress, CA

#86 Oct 12, 2013
Does anyone notice that in the receipt and in the box of Cathy Jeans have the warning says "This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm." If their products contains the chemicals cause cancer, why the company still survive??? Immediately I checked online to see if CJ is a good company, but I was even get shock when see the reviews. I haven't experience their customer service, so I don't know. I just so worry about the cancer warning since I have 3 pairs of them. I actually like the styles, the costs weren't expensive, and the quality isn't that bad, but maybe in the CA their products are different. All made from China. Is that why they can cause cancer? T_T

Riverside, CA

#87 Oct 25, 2013
I just bought a pair of boots with the cancer warning sign...birth defects.... Why would they sell them? I'm about 5 months pregnant and didnt realized the warning signs until I got home.... And I lost the receipt so I don' t think I can even return them. My husband is not allowing me to wear them until our baby is born but seriously? The sales person should at least let use know before we purchase the items with warning signs.... I' m not too happy about that.

Tucker, GA

#88 Nov 2, 2013
Mine said that too....I feel unsafe wearing them can you bring them back they said final sale but I don't want them. Can I return them. They've never been worn

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