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#123 Mar 5, 2012
I dated Dave when I went to Santana High. Hi younger brother introduced us. Funny but he was one my dad liked. Liked him so much that I took a vacation to Colorado with him and his moms boyfriend Barry. Mind you this was just a few years before the killings. I was awful to him wondering if I was part of his craziness

Dallas, TX

#124 Mar 6, 2012
I was aloud to visit his apartment and cook for him he loved streak with mushrooms. We had fun but I was mean. Thought I wa being funny back then but when I look at it I was just mean. He had a little sports car I would curl up on the floor board and honk the horn down the road. He would invite me to his house and since he was old enough to buy booze I would tell my friends to come party making him pay for it. Id break up with him to go out with somebody else. I was only 16. I could have easily been the first of his victims. Stayed in a cabin in cripple creek co for 10 days.

El Cajon, CA

#125 Jun 4, 2012
David Allen Lucas lived a block away from us. He bought avocados from me for years, ( I was 10 years old when I started selling them on my corner). It totally creeps me out that he was one of my customers during the years that he was actively killing people. I didn't know Anne personally but she went to St.John of the Cross before I did and she would sing on Sundays at church. My mom called someone she knew at the sheriff's department and got some details that were not released and I don't understand why they weren't. People should know how sick he truly was. He hooked her up by her neck (dog collar) to the back of his truck and drove around the hills just south of Jamacha Rd. until she was almost decapitated. I am truly appalled that he did not get convicted of the 3 murders that everyone knows he committed (Strang, Fisher and Garcia). I would love to have a little discussion with the one juror who held out on the Strang/Fisher verdict. I guess there wasn't enough evidence in the Gayle Garcia murder to convict but I wish her family could get some justice.

Rockdale, TX

#126 Jun 11, 2012
I went to high school at Clairemont HS during the time of the Chris box murders. Chris was a year ahead of me so he had already graduated/dropped out, not sure which because I didn't know him personally. I moved to Clairemont in the middle of my Junior year of high school. At that time a vast majority of the students where bussed in from "other" places and white was the minority. There was no welcome committee for a white kid that looked more mature for his age than the rest and coming in in the middle of a semester I was automatically assumed to be a NARC. As a 17 year old with no friends to speak of I was alone. That's no big deal really but the days and months went by and the accusations and slurs kept getting worse.

I eventually made a few close friends that knew I wasn't a NARC, through either working as a grocery bagger or just didn't care and met my parents, bringing any suspicion to rest , if there was any for them. One night, one of these friends whom I worked with, and I went to a party that was being thrown by Chris Box. When we had arrived there was no parking near the house so we parked down the street and walked. On our way up we were met by some kids who had said the party was busted by VICE, so we left. The next Monday at school I was in art class and a fellow student said Chris Box was going to find me after he got out of jail and "take care of me..." It was going around the school that I was at the party and tipped off the VICE Squad, that was under cover at the party, that there would be drugs and alcohol, etc... From that day on I stopped going to school, was truant to nearly every class everyday for fear that something may happen. I started carrying a knife, not that I knew how to use it or would be able to but it was what it was. Then several months had gone by and I heard the reports about the triple murders. It was crazy to think that I may have been someone that he wouldn't have a problem with doing the same to.

Funny thing is the last day of school that year, I came to school wearing a San Diego Sheriff Narcotics T-shirt I had borrowed from a friend, complete with plastic hand cuffs and badge I had purchased at a toy store. It was pretty hilarious approaching some of the students that ASSumed I was a cop. None of them wanted anything to do with me. Most of the other students in classes I had just laughed after they pulled their head from their rectum.

After that school year was over and I returned for my Senior year, all of the same people that made life very uncomfortable for me at Clairemont HS, wanted to be my best friend and even invited me to hang out with them out side of school. Yyyyyyeah..NO! Sorry chumps. Better things were awaiting me in life than to go down as a burn out with you douche bags.
steve greene

San Diego, CA

#127 Aug 8, 2012
If you want more information you can look that up and google and it will tell you information

United States

#128 Aug 18, 2012
HeidiMD wrote:
hello, I am new to this site and looking for any information about David Allen Lucas. Internet does not show much. This is the most I have found from you guys on him. I'd like details or info on where I can find that. thanks so much.
I'm wondering if you ever found any info on david lucas? I dated him for a couple of years before he did these horrible things.

San Diego, CA

#129 Sep 9, 2012
I'm not surprised Christ Box ended up in prison on death role, he was a street bully on "Magnus way" in San Diego with a bad temper. I knew someday when he viciously punched me in my jaw when I was a little boy, and him being a monstrous size teenage would come back to repay him in life someday. He's right where he belongs, in a cage locked up like a bengal tiger. I still remember that crushing punch all these years. Now let me buy a Hambuger as a man free without handcuffs. Hahahahahahahhaaha..........

San Francisco, CA

#130 Oct 8, 2012
Her name was April, knew her personally she was a local supplier of weed to street level dealers. I was on my way to her house to pick up an oz the morning after. The guy talking to the cops was a good friend of mine and clmt hood local he found the bodies. She was a way cool chick dont let the drug dealer shit make u think she had it coming she had a big heart and would give u the shirt off her back. It was a strange time for clmt drug abuse especially meth was rampant.

San Francisco, CA

#131 Oct 8, 2012
Havent thought about that day in many many years. Before the internet, before cell phones, carrying beepers makin deals on pay phones. Funny that i thought of this shit today and googled it, strange world we live in.
J Jacobs

Santee, CA

#132 Oct 30, 2012
his side wrote:
David Allen Lucas is innocent. 2 other men confessed to this murder. There is so much more to this case than people realize. Just because he was found guilty does not mean he commit the crime.
I can't stand ignorant people such as yourself. I am the daughter of Michael Jacobs, born in 1981 after he lost his first wife and 3 year old son May of 1979.. You obviously know NOTHING about the undesputable forensic evidence that led to his guilty conviction. Handwriting evidence, hair/DNA left clutched in my dad's wife's hand, and even entemology evidence. My dad has a void and hurt that will NEVER go away and I had to grow up affected by it as well. So please save your ignorant banter. This is one PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING who deserved to die a LONG time ago. Don't post about a crime you have NO clue about. Thanks.
J Jacobs

Santee, CA

#133 Oct 30, 2012
HeidiMD wrote:
that post was from a long time ago, two years ago. I know more about it now. Another man confessed to these crimes and there is so much more to this. He is wrongly accused.
I'll repeat to you Heidi what I did to hisside. You are obviously ignorant so don't post anything you know NOTHING about. My father is Michael jacobs. His first wife and son Colin were David Allen Lucas' first victims. There is overwhelming and indesputable DNA evidence to prove his guilt. My dad has suffered SO much so I don't appreciate uneducated people such as yourself posting non-factual opinions when they (you) are WRONG. Talk about something you DO know. Which is not this case obviously. Thanks.
J Jacobs

Santee, CA

#134 Oct 30, 2012
As Michael Jacobs' well-educated daughter, WRONG "because" are IGNORANT.
J Jacobs

Santee, CA

#135 Oct 30, 2012
hmd wrote:
There is a lot of the David A Lucas case that just does not seem right, has anyone ever thought that he may be wrongly accused?
Another ignorant idiot out there. Have some respect for the victims and their families, me being one of them. Read the DNA evidence before you speak your falsities please. Thanks.

New York, NY

#136 Oct 30, 2012
J Jacobs wrote:
<quoted text>
Another ignorant idiot out there. Have some respect for the victims and their families, me being one of them. Read the DNA evidence before you speak your falsities please. Thanks.
I feel for ya- my mom and brother were killed by Christopher Box and Manuel Flores. My dad will never be the same. So sorry for your loss!

United States

#137 Dec 2, 2012
As for chris and manuel, I knew and wresteled with chris, now sure we dont know everything about it but as far as manuel being "good" or now a man of god give me a break, he stole my bike from school and when I went to his house to retreave it his family gave me the no-say no-say, he no here, crooked as a polititian and if one deserves to die then shouldnt both get the same, set chris free or lock up manuel, crazy times in clmt then and the only ones that deserve pity were the victums.Just a shame people try to characterize manuel as some poor little forced accomplice, laughable.

San Diego, CA

#138 Jan 13, 2013
Hello, I am trying to do a report on David Allen Lucas. I am a criminal justice major and was really intrigued on his story - but there aren't much pictures on this guy....does anyone have pictures of this guy and his victims? i've been scouring the internet and news archives but haven't had much luck. much appreciated.
His ex girlfriend

Boston, MA

#139 Jun 27, 2013
Re Chris Box and Manuel Flores. Not one of you were there when this whole situation went down. I sat in court day after day, hour after hour listening to testimony after testimony, watching two men finger point and behave like children. They were BOTH drug tested, Chris had meth in his system, Flores did not. Box failed a lie detectoe test, Flores did not. Irregardless, they both were involved, does it really matter who did what?? A child died, come on people, lets keep things in perspective here!!
CHS graduate

Poway, CA

#140 Aug 11, 2013
I knew your brother and Box when I attended Clairemont High. They killed 3 people. They both deserve to die for it. Worthless scum.
CHS graduate

Poway, CA

#141 Aug 11, 2013
His ex girlfriend wrote:
Re Chris Box and Manuel Flores. Not one of you were there when this whole situation went down. I sat in court day after day, hour after hour listening to testimony after testimony, watching two men finger point and behave like children. They were BOTH drug tested, Chris had meth in his system, Flores did not. Box failed a lie detectoe test, Flores did not. Irregardless, they both were involved, does it really matter who did what?? A child died, come on people, lets keep things in perspective here!!
Is this Harkleroad? CHS class of '88?
From Mangus Way

United States

#142 Dec 8, 2013
I knew Chris Box as a kid growing up... He was a giant bully with a terrible temper. One day Chris punched me in the jaw when I was just a little kid and he was way older then me. I was shocked how hard and vicious he punched me for my size, it was the trait of a murderer I thought. I remember after Chris Box punch me in the jaw as hard as he could and still couldn't knock me out because I was a little tough kid. Chris screamed at me not to look back at him while I walked home shocked. Even though I was a little kid, I looked back at the beast because I knew one day when I got older I would get revenge. There's a thing Chris didn't know about the little black boy he hit, I've always been a special and magical kid. I knew Chris would someday pay dearly for that killer hit to my jaw with his hulking size. When I looked back at Chris after his terrible hit he didn't know his life was cursed and doomed. Well, your in prison now over your outrageous ape temper, and while I get laid by beautiful girls overseas and travel the world and enjoy my freedom and any where I want to eat freely, your rotting in a cage in hell. Hahahahahaahahahha..... Chris I hope you rot to your final death you stupid idiot with a bad temper. The death penalty is to good for you, rot in the cage you cursed FOOL! And you know who I am..... just remember that vicious hit on the tiny black kid who lived down the street from you. Hahahahahahahahahh.... last laughs hurt. And remember I did look back at you fool.

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