Accused Rapist Wants Name Cleared

Accused Rapist Wants Name Cleared

There are 25 comments on the NBC San Diego story from May 14, 2008, titled Accused Rapist Wants Name Cleared. In it, NBC San Diego reports that:

A Pacific Beach man who was arrested but never charged in the rape of a young woman says the accusation has cost him thousands of dollars and his reputation.

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Ron K

Los Angeles, CA

#1 May 14, 2008
That sucks for Timothy Sullivan. From what I'm reading here, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Doesn't sound like at all he is the rapist. Sounds like the woman needs to be investigated more and questioned again. Who knows, she could be making this whole story up from the beginning for whatever reason or she has a terrible memory who the attacker was.

Ron K.

San Diego, CA
Everett B

San Diego, CA

#2 May 14, 2008
So why doesn't Mr Sullivan get his name cleared? The police should do something about this, especially since they took part in his being accused which directly lead to costs out of his pocket. Does anything fall back on the accuser pointing him out? She, although a victim, has some level of responsibility here as well. Our system is severly out of control. The only ones who make out here are the lawyers, who eventually become politicians who setup the system. What has happened to "innocent, until proven guilty"? Maybe the law should read "Accused, not yet proven guilty therefore has to pay for life, even if cleared."
Always Reading

Puyallup, WA

#3 May 14, 2008
What a nightmare for this guy..... all because he didn't want a bicycle DUI..... just horrible.

San Diego, CA

#4 May 14, 2008
The chick who mistakenly pointed him out should pay his legal fees. He should file a civil suit.

Cimarron, CO

#5 May 14, 2008
Sue her!!

United States

#6 May 14, 2008
Terribly unfair. This must have been a nightmare for Tim. Where are the apologies for the false arrest from the SDPD? It is a travesty that they do not exonerate him completely at this time. I thought the Mexican Judicial system was a few miles south.

San Diego, CA

#7 May 14, 2008
Nifong nation

Carlsbad, CA

#8 May 15, 2008
CousinDave wrote:
Where are the apologies for the false arrest from the SDPD? It is a travesty that they do not exonerate him completely at this time.
Hold your breath because that doesn't happen in the real world. What does happen is that Sullivan has now been in the system (ever so minimally), so he has a chance of acting out his aggression on the citizenry, he might vent his rage on you. He now could become violent.

They have PERT for those people, as they are now mentally unstable. He would be committed in the community. He will lose more money, employment, family and friends.

That's how the SDPD covers up its mistakes. They'll say he was crazy anyway. And I'm not going to listen to any arguments about this, because that's what they do.

Carlsbad, CA

#9 May 15, 2008
Just noticed which officer was involved. Charles Q. Kaye has been arresting the wrong people for decades now. See he's a detective? That's where things go wrong in San Diego, the incompetent get promotions and the good get fired.

Kaye used to find citizens who would lie for him to make a bad arrest. Sullivan's lucky DNA cleared him. Before DNA, lies would have put him away forever.

When you're home alone with your doors locked, there's really very little that you can do to get in trouble. Unless civil servants like Kaye are lurking outside, anyway
it isnt working

Escondido, CA

#10 May 15, 2008
dude wrote:
The chick who mistakenly pointed him out
Nazi girls who lie on purpose.

Escondido, CA

#11 May 15, 2008
it isnt working wrote:
Nazi girls who lie on purpose.
You mean there are girls who would lie on purpose to get someone in trouble who isn't really guilty? No kidding? I didn't know that! Wow! And now, in the day of Megans Law, a lie like that could get someone put in prison for life, or even killed before he got there! That's not good, that's bad!

So, if girls lie deliberately to get someone in trouble who isn't guilty, what should happen to those girls? Should they get the same kind of sentence for lying about or framing an innocent man? Life or something? Meddling with a civil or criminal case while it's in court is a serious crime, giving false witness is even a sin.

False witness is in the Commandments, you know.

So, that's bad. What's worse? Obviously a child who really was molested, as an adult male is expected to roll with life's punches. But a lying woman? That hurts both child and adult male.

I read that Rod Luck beats them up. Maybe that's fitting punishment.

United States

#12 May 16, 2008
I've seen it all know,how about a "sorry Tim" Sullivan is handeling himself very well considering.What a nightmare, come on SDPD step up and end this.

Albany, NY

#13 May 16, 2008
Hold on, who said she lied? Why is it that when a rape case goes public, one can always count on some guys to accuse the (female) victim of lying, regardless of the facts?
What happened to this man is wrong, but let's focus on preventing snap judgments rather than on denying that any women (or men) are ever raped. Please?
By the way the Justice Project and other such organizations need help to get people out of prison for such false and mistaken accusations of robbery, murder, rape and other crimes. A lot of times it's law enforcement who messes up--on purpose or not.


#14 May 17, 2008
It's so good to see that an innocent man can clear his name!!!

But my goodness, why did it take so long!!

Van Nuys, CA

#15 May 17, 2008
Thank God for DNA!!! The accuser needs to be sued for damages.
She needs to pay him back the $10,000 in attorneys fees and give a public apology.
Sounds like she just pointed to anybody...what a shame.
She is responsible for this nightmare.
Sue her!!!!!!!!

United States

#16 May 18, 2008
Although legal recourse for the victim's misidentification makes sense, unfortunately the current laws in California shield the identity of all sex crime victims in cases where no charges are filed (like this one).

How could he sue her if he can't even get her name?

Doesn't seem right to me. Does it seem right to you? I think if an accusation is made, you better be 100% sure, or be held accountable otherwise.

Coronado, CA

#17 Jun 1, 2008
Tim is bringing up an issue that needs to be addressed - Innocent until proven guilty - not with our media. Thjis countries media is so intent on sensational journalism they all but convict and hang people prior to a trial by ones peers.....
Oh No

Poway, CA

#18 Feb 8, 2014
And now look what Kaye's people are up to. Nothing but dozens of rapist cops getting busted and kicked off the force. Look the SDPD's track record since Kaye's been the head of sex crimes. Probably more rapist cops than there are real rapists in the whole county.

Bob Filner? Did he ever get Kaye in a Filner Headlock? Missed one, if he didn't.

Women giving bad testimony, whether perjured or from true mistake, really derails a man's life. No amount of amends can repay the years of abuse that wrongfully accused man endures. All the more reason to make sure forever that there are no more officers like Kaye on any police force.

Vista, CA

#19 Feb 11, 2014
See? This is what the SDPD has sunk to since Kaye's been in office: ews/investigations/investigati on-of-san-diego-police-culture -reveals-sexual-posters-promot ions-lawsuits-02102014

Those are posters of your basic police groupie girls, girls that are smitten with police officers just like rock and roll groupies with their rock stars. Police groupies are just as bad as rock groupies, as these women lie, cheat, and steal for their cops, at their cops command. Power is their drug, just as drugs are to the rock groupies. They'll destroy a man's life in a heartbeat. We read about people getting out of prison after decades of false imprisonment; how does that happen? By the women in these posters.

Really, Google these things around. You'll see a pattern. Can anyone make these horror stories stop? Probably never, we'll always read about the terror of false imprisonment. But in America? That's not supposed to happen here.

As an aside, notice all the European immigrants in this town? Is there correlation here somewhere? Is this what they used to do in Europe? Toss a man in prison for no reason? Isn't this banned in America by the Constitution? Will we lose our basic American freedoms now by the influx of foreigners who have no respect for us as Americans, who well never know what America is, who have no concept of human dignity?

But Charles Q. Kaye says yes, that's right!

Escondido, CA

#20 Feb 16, 2014
"Police groupie girls." Lowest form of life on the planet. Without a doubt.

Basketball's illegal now. Why? These are SDPD police groupies cheering on their basketball team now. No semblance of guilt or innocence, no concept of due process. Just garbage groupies that make rock and roll groupies look just fine.

They can kick all the rapist cops off the force they want to, but nothing will change until they find the source. Where's that?

Guess, his name starts with a k.

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