Why are so many cops corrupt or mean?

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#190 Apr 15, 2013
Cain wrote:
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Yeah because if people went against their corrupt "authority" before the genocide hits they are bat shit crazy right?
You said it "stupid" all people like you do is complain and spout nonsense

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#191 Apr 16, 2013
Too many whiny offenders on here, bitching about cops......

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#192 Apr 19, 2013
Yer Dum wrote:
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Really? Thats the best you can do?
The best sign of someone that is a complete moron is someone who posts baseless crap on a forum and wont back it up with REAL facts.
Good day...
Yer Dum
They have to back up that they don't get paid to educate you????????? Are you claiming that they indeed do?

Lmao. And you dare question anyone else's intelligence?

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#193 Apr 19, 2013
I'm here because of my bad experience yesterday. Four cops came into my complex up the one way road. They were at the end Where it's down hill exit. They arrest someone. I've been told it's my right to know what is going on, but I am not sure how accurate that is and really didn't care. I only spoke to the last officer. Two back up turn around and drive back on the one way. Only to be followed by the third shortly after. I would've spoke with that third, but I was helping someone. Well Where they are they are Right near the end of the road. Go down the short hill and you are out. To go back you must turn around, go back down the road, turn back onto the middle street, turn onto the entry road that takes you down an exiting hill. So by all means the right way was the closer, faster, easier way. Not only that, but the entry to the one way come around curve with a building, bushes, and trees. So someone going the right way would not even see them until collision. Also many kids ride their bikes through. It's a good blind spot asking for trouble.

Anyway many people seem to miss the one way sign and I ask the last guy standing there chatting kg they realize they all went down the wrong way. His entire demeanor changed. He immediately got very rude. To put it simply my question seemed to amuse him comically in some way, but piss him off. He became a total effing prick. He continued to ask me if I was serious. If I was joking. Proceeded to point out they they were up here a lot and obviously knew it was a one way. That they had important business. When I said it could end bad he just kept being ignorant. Even told me that nothing bad could happen of it. Then proceeded to ask if I had an I'd. I stupidly gave him my I'd and told him that I previously live in another state. When the local scan same clean he decided he need to do a triple whatever country wide scan. When it all came back squeaky clean he was much Morrison but very rudely told me to leave. Then went right back to chipper with the people he was standing with.

I also recognised him from one prior meeting. I was trying to help some friends out who were arrested unjustly with no lawful reason for arrest and to this day are still fighting the case and cps battle with small hope from the beginning of this year. While there he was not very rude, but one track and rushing me off. Come to find out he lied about the scene and situation.

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#194 Apr 19, 2013
What did you do with your life??????????

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#195 Apr 19, 2013
I also get scanned quite often just for walking around. A few years back I also recall when a cop I needed to talk to was talking to the Spanish lady next door...whole other story Nobody wants to hear or have to deal with such a family. Anyway I was about 15 or 16 and didn't want to interrupt them. I waited a few minutes. When I did speak to him it became apparent he was a good friend of hers...."of the whore" so more than friends I'm sure. Her kids were harassing me and my younger siblings chasing us around, trying to start fights, throwing things, and getting physical. The complex thieves, bullies, sluts that could do no wrong. When I proceed to try to talk to him his response what the he'll did I wait for? Would I have waited if I got shot? Meanwhile things had already been over with at that point. Then the mother proceeds to start tearing on me claiming I'm no angel and she sees me pick fights with her kids all the time...meanwhile I never associated with them period if I could help it.

He becomes rude. Asking why I cause problems with them. She then brings up how here daughters bracelets were stolen from the on my party and someone associated we me had to do it. Even though the place was jam packed with people. He then starts asking me how this happened and when I explain that there was many people and that I don't believe my friends did it he starts arguing everything I said and about my friends. Don't remember the very end really, but he got bored I guess and sent me off.

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#196 Apr 19, 2013
Just recently on the way home with my friends from a local club we get pulled over. The cop wasn't that bad, but had certain demeanor over us. Proceeds to ask everyone they were drinking. Surprisingly Nobody was nervous. They can easily make you nervous for no reason. We were all of age, but only one person had a couple drinks, they were not driving, and still would come in under the legal limit. That was explained...minus legal limit. They got to finish their cigarette.

The then proceeds to tell the driver the reason we were stopped was because "we were heavily heavily swirving ". Load of crap I can promise you. I was in the front seat and actually watch the road. This driver is one of friends That's a very careful, non crazy, non speeding drivers. I'm shocked I know a few like that.

He pulls the driver out and brings him by his car. Talks to him and asks why everyone was so nervous "again surprisingly everyone was very calm" and again asks if he was drinking. Then proceeds to ask if we have drugs it were hiding anything. He answer was no. So he proceeds to ask everyone to get out and stand by their cruiser. His partner was thankfully a delight to talk to and even joked with. Telling us about the new goose club down the street. They car got inspected. Nothing was found. Got some kind of warning or "advice" and sent on our way.

Now he was not rude, but lied about why he pulled us over, claimed everyone was shaking in their boots when we were very calm, continually asked if we were drinking even though we are all 21 or over and said you don't have to drink to have a good time, and search the car for no reason.

Weirton, WV

#197 Apr 19, 2013
jeff6 wrote:
<quoted text>nut
So far anyone who is open to the truth, has had situations, and speaks their opinion here; according to you is a liar, a criminal, wrong, a nut, or every other thing in the book. Obviously not all cops are corrupt. This thread is about people who had bad run ins with the law. Logic would tell you that means that you are going to see many comments from people who know of, or have bad cop experience.

I don't smoke, I barely drink, I'm not a drug addict, I've never been arrested, never charged for anything, etc etc. However I have many run ins with cops and more bad experiences than good. I'm posting some Now.

But sadly the number of plain ignorant cops "not necessarily corrupt" are very high. And the number of corrupt goes Well beyond just a measly 1 or 2%. And I'm quite sure you know this.

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#198 Apr 19, 2013
All the "boot lickers" here are amusing.
Apparently having a ruff job makes it OK to very rude, unlawful, and ignorant. Apparently $3000-$5000/month from only one of the house providers or the only is not decent living. If a single Mom busting arse to support three kids can strive off $800-$1200/month without assistance then I would Love to know how $3000-$5000+Maybe $1000- another$5000 from another provider doesn't cut it.

Apparently half of you are dumb enough to believe that cops only pull over speeders, and only hassle law breakers.

Anyone who has a complaint about a cop is a criminal or something of the sort.

We are looking into conspiracy theories to believe in corruption.

Someone has to post proof in order to claim they get paid to educate someone here.

Supposedly most cops are good and there is only one or two bad ones.

Because people suck it's OK cops suck. Because other job fields need improvement it's OK that cops do. Because other counties are worse what we have is OK.

This has become quite an interesting pole

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#199 Apr 19, 2013
Once in the same complex with the whore I was stopped by some cops at night for walking around. I was either 18 or not past curfew. They proceed to ask why we are out and what we are doing and find nothing really going on. Just so as to get some edge in they have to point that they could've arrested us for not being on the sidewalk where provided in the complex. Even though only a couple strips had the. I bowler I found be somewhat factual afterwards, but there ass few sidewalks as I stated, and no reason to bring it up. And again it became for that time. No the whole time.

Especially since things were calm they could've simply enlightened us.

Weirton, WV

#200 Apr 19, 2013
Also at that same time period while riding bikes to McDonald's with one of my friends we passed the police station. Riding up that street and around the whole building I have never smelt so much pot in my life combined and don't know if I ever will. You don't have to be a pot head to know the smell since I can smell some wacky responses coming. The entire building and surrounding street absolutely oustandingly reeked of it.

Weirton, WV

#201 Apr 19, 2013
I do not know every detail to this, but here it goes.
After a bust in the complex recently my friends fiance was taken away in cuffs. They took him on conspiracy. They proceeded to want to search the house for some "mystery" gun. There was not one and they didn't find one. They tore the place up though. As far as I've learned nothing was found. They were kind neighbors, clean, didn't bother anyone, she worked at the salvation army on kettle road.

While they arrested him for the conspiracy of selling That's all it was at that time. They could not and did not touch her or the kids. Thank God. However even though she got a welfare check "which she worked 40 house a week for" everything they had was drug money bought, all her money was taken. She was then by the next day cut off from benefits, fired, and told to be off the premises within six days. Two kids, no job, no money, 6 days.

Couple days later when his mother pays $500 bond he was not released. As they were going to release him they bring him back in for some supposed fine from some previous case. His Mom had to wait til the next week to find out why she paid and he was still in. Only to find out what they were trying to do. The case in question was turned to much less serious and paid off even though they claimed otherwise. She had to remake a long trip home to find court papers and receipt proving it was all taken care of. Luckily she had and kept them.

Weirton, WV

#202 Apr 19, 2013
Another situation close to when we had first moved to this area involved my younger sister. The cops were apparently looking for some kid. Apparently they ran through our yard at some point. While sister "about 12-13" is sitting on the porch talking to a friend. A police officer happens to walk to the front of the house, but not up on to. He proceeds to get mouthy with her saying he knows this person "to whom we don't even know" is in our house. Starting to yell and I believe curse at her. Until our mother came out and bit his head off and his partner came and took him away.

Weirton, WV

#203 Apr 19, 2013
I believe a slight change up is order. Though I have to think on this one....

Got one. Actually still thinking. Most of the time when I've walked around at night and got stopped they were nit rude, but still usually checked me. Once gave my friend a ride home.

Weirton, WV

#204 Apr 19, 2013
I forgot to add that anyone who went o visit the friends was video taped, that day random visitors were thrown against the wall, cars pulling through were "looks like a hit". When one our mutual friends in that area returned home from the store you again heard Sounds like a hit. Said something to her. When she said all she had was Kitty litter and was coming home they very rudely and pompously told her she needed to get in her home now and that nothing here concerned her.

Later on when the friend had a place to stay our mutual friend was told that if she were to visit them that she would be arrested for conspiracy.

Weirton, WV

#205 Apr 19, 2013
My Mom was issued a ticket for not stopping long enough at a stop sign. She stopped looked one way, looked the other, looked back, and then went.

"Flashing lights and sirens go off" you know how that ended. Yes I was there. Yes she really waited and did the double check. No she was not rude or mean with him.

Weirton, WV

#206 Apr 19, 2013
So.... we enjoying ourselves so far? Still going to ignorantly state most cops are good? That only criminals and thugs deal with cops. Or only they have bad cop experiences?

I'm still not done yet. To the people who claimed they have never had a run in with a cop because you follow the law.... I think you are lying through your teeth. If you are telling the truth then you just don't know how lucky you are. And it's not just because you follow the law. You could be the most perfect person anyone knows and still get approached or stopped at random. Maybe even for someone else's offense. You could then have to deal with a nasty one.

Weirton, WV

#207 Apr 19, 2013
Here is a nice one. Once in kindergarten my bike was stolen and I was alone after school and an officer drove me home

Weirton, WV

#208 Apr 19, 2013
In middle school the truancy officer deemed it necessary I be forced to go to operation right track. Kinda like a one day boot camp to show kids what life is ahead of them. This is were they sent the delinquents. Law breakers/offender, problem kids, drug users, school violations, fights, etc etc.

I missed the bus one to many times in his opinion. Was still passing. No other problems what so ever.

You should've seen the Look on the guys face at the end. We had to write out a paper on what we did wrong and how to improve ourselves. While everyone else had serious issues and offenses...when my paper read I won't miss the bus again, try to help Mom more, and share with my brother and sister more...his face was in shock.

Never mind the kids in my school that got in constant fights, skipped all the time, mouthed off to teachers, got suspended, the person who decked me for saying they sat in my friends seat.....yup....these cops are just good people making the best choices that just have a hard life and can't catch a break....more to come

Weirton, WV

#209 Apr 19, 2013
I'm done for Now cause I need a nap before going to the hospital with my mother for an appt. I have more for later.

Any questions so far?
If you have any silly contradictions, excuses, boot licking, illogical thoughts, or don't believe then don't bother with a reply please.

Also a call to the person who runs the complex, the police station, and possible the mayors office are being made today. That cops was a royal piece of shite. And to flat out say that know it's a one and that nothing bad could come if that almost makes me want to alert the news. Sadly I was a complete and utter idiot. I was shocked and angry by his actions. I didn't read his name or ask for it. When I did go back out to get his plates he was gone. But I'm pretty sure they will know who was on call and at the scene. And they will know who the last guy was who was there an extra 15-25 minutes.

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