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Durant, OK

#64 Aug 7, 2012
fat and dumb wrote:
<quoted text>
WAHHHHHHHHHHHH STFU, nobody forced you to join the military, you're the moron who signed a contract and volunteered for it, so no, you do not get to whine and nobody is going to feel sorry for you. Now get back to work assclown.
fat and dumb, first off; you must be named after your mother. Also, I do need to advise you that when these folks were deploying, spending time away from their families/loved ones, working long shifts, you were probably sucking off guys in balboa park for crack. It sounds like you need to move out your mother's house and move in with that uncle that used to molest you for all those years. Grease up your a s s, your uncle is looking forward to the new visitor.

Durant, OK

#65 Aug 7, 2012
fat and dumb; how much c o c k do you have to suck to pay for your internet connection?
Your ignorant

San Diego, CA

#66 Aug 8, 2012
My father is a marine and marines are on of the few solders that ARENT fat... They are the ones that actually do the hard stuff. They are on land, on ships, and on air crafts. They can't be unfit or fat. You are mistaken with the navy... They don't work out as much as marines and there are fat navy men. There are no fat marines. Look up the work outs they have to do... Compare them to any other soldiers marines work the hardest.

Someone who really doesn't like it when ignorant people act like they know shit they don't.
Semper Fi

Charlottesville, VA

#67 Aug 8, 2012
I may have no right commenting here, I live on the east coast and decided to see what was being said out here. I came across this WELL my Husband did and we sorta laughed at the thread then the first post!! All I can say is that in my 6 years of being around the Marine Corps "on base and off" I have never saw a Marine that was fat maybe 200-250LBS of muscle and lean fat, Okay so maybe they gain a few pounds here and there BUT from what i see they are required to go on a diet, work their a**es off at the gym and cannot eat hardly anything that they would otherwise LOVE to eat, and unless they want to be chewed out come weigh in time they had better lost what little they gained. When we read what "Lucy" wrote I looked at my husband and grinned then said is she sure she is on a Marine Corps Base and not an Army or Airforce Base!! Maybe it's just a Pendleton thing, because like I've said no fat Marines on Lejeune "Just Joking" since they are plenty from Pendleton that got transferred here and plenty from Lejeune that's got transferred out there!! Keep up the great job Marines, Semper Fi!!!

Durant, OK

#68 Aug 26, 2012
fat and dumb wrote:
<quoted text>
WAHHHHHHHHHHHH STFU, nobody forced me to work the street corner to pay for my crack habit, I'm the moron who agreed to get a pimp, so now, I am going to whine and nobody is going to feel sorry for me. Now I must get back to my wall, that c o c k isn't going to suck itself.
Now we know it is contempt he/she has for the military. Way to go...
Gay Marines

San Diego, CA

#69 Aug 26, 2012
Marines are all Gay now, they spend a lot of quality time with their butt buddy polishing their weapon(wink,wink).

Marines, the few, the gay.....

Fallbrook, CA

#71 Sep 7, 2012
BudH wrote:
<quoted text>
The Navy has been a bunch of sissy boy scouts and vindictive officers for the past Fifty years.They even have women on ships now a day:/ It`s disconcerting to hear that the jar hears are going the same *rout.
*(deliberately misspelled)
well bud u clearly don't know what the f@$# your talking about I'm a proud fmf navy corpsman . Have u ever served ?

United States

#73 Nov 18, 2012
lucy wrote:
Why are there so many fat marines? I work on a marine corps base, and have for over 10 years. I have seen the marine corps slowly progress into walking bags of shit. Once upon a time, cammys were pressed everyday. If you had one wrinkle, you paid for it! It seems like 2 out of 3 marines are over weight. Every body has a doctors note for getting out of pt. I just don't see the motivation that once was in my beloved marine corps. It seems as if USMC is breast feeding their marines instead of turning them into real MARINES. It is supposed to be the few and the proud, not the fat and the lazy! They have all these sissy rules now, nobody is allowed to enforce dicipline so its a free for all!!! I see good marines getting in trouble because they are not allowed to enforce the rules. WHAT IS GOING ON? There is a reason private pile doesn't belong in usmc. We need those days back! Those kind of drill instructors.
. Days of what back ? How you know these guys cant breajk you in two with their bare hands? You talk so much trash. Maybe your a gym queen who never even been to the sand box.

La Vergne, TN

#74 Nov 20, 2013
I haven't seen many active-duty Marines who are overweight; but Mary Mother of God-some of the prior service of USMC didn't seem to retain the knowledge of caloric intake vs. caloric burn.
In healthcare, I saw MANY 400+ pounders who'd served in the USMC. I rarely saw this from the other branches.
I'm not sure how well USMC teaches nutrition, but common sense will tell anyone that you cannot continue a 5,000+/day calorie diet, when your job is behind a computer, post-military life; unless you continue your USMC training regimen.

Tacoma, WA

#75 Apr 6, 2014
Although I don't appreciate anyone outside the military to bad mouth my brothers/sisters in arms, I will have to agree on this: A fat body is a liability. Every service member has access to a gym on base. There are even other alternatives, like cardio classes or martial arts or dancing. There really is no excuse as why one becomes obese during their service. Depression, anxiety, I don't care what the mental issue is Only you can get yourself squared away. I've lived on base, and I know that it can be boring and it sucks. The gym and running trails were my healthy escape. Sadly, many service members decide to instead invest their time with drinking heavily, drugs or any other vices- taking the easy way out.

If you don't want to be called out as a fat body, start getting fit or get out. It is just like leadership: Lead, follow or get out of the way.

Also, for those defending that fat body soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan, shame on you. What they need is tough love, not to be coddled for their lack of care for fitness and appearance. Let me tell you about what a fat infantryman does for his team in iraq. He can't carry his own gear or move fast enough, so the entire team carries his weight. He becomes a hot weather casualty because his fat body is not conditioned to the demands of pursuing a bad guy in full gear, and now he himself is a casualty. He is often not motivated to do PT and often lacks personal confidence. For the 1% of fat bodies that do awesome things in combat, good on you, but lose the weight. You can only benefit from it.

Professionalism in the military should begin here with fitness and not be yet so concerned with haircuts and uniform regulations. But this is another topic....

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