Littleton, CO

#43 Dec 20, 2012
Such a tragic event that impacted so many, family, friends, neighbors, and the entire community.

Kalispell, MT

#44 Jan 16, 2013
Sandy wrote:
I have been given information on where the babies were buried, after I call the cemetery to confirm this information, I will post it.
Would still like to get info on their resting places...thankful!

Kalispell, MT

#45 Jan 16, 2013
Lived_across_the_street wrote:
It is amazing to see this online, it's the first I've anything.
We moved away from Mt. Albertine Ct. because of Mrs. Maloney... before she killed her children.
We lived across the street, and my childhood memories are filled with all the odd things that happened. It was scary to walk by her; she used to whisper strange things... I know about the walking naked around the court, and there was one time where she marched up and down the sidewalk along our house banging metal trash can lids together and chanting something.. I can't remember what.
She had a fixation on my mother.. which I won't talk about much here in this public forum... We found out very early on about the killings because the police called our house. I'll never, ever forget this.
I do know that Mary Anne Maloney died of cancer, and I know where she is buried.
It's so tragic and sad...
This all happened before the age of crazy media and the internet. Today, this would be national news.
My mother has an archive of all the newspaper articles that were written. It's good to see it here though, and know that the articles are accessible.
Sometimes, I think people think I'm crazy when I tell them about it!
A coworker of mine grew up on the third block (that's what we used to call it...) She's 10 years younger than I, and she grew up thinking the house was haunted, but never knew why until she met me!
My friend (whose name I have forgotten over the years) lived on the first block... just a few houses in from Albertine Ave... and she saw some of the stabbing occurring. I can't even imagine.:( It was bad enough living 20 miles away..
Sandy, Thanks for posting all of this..
I was 12 when it happened too...
Done with Lindbergh and on to Jr. High..
I wonder if we all know each other?
I'll be interested to see if there are any further posts here!
Sadly, Rev. Dale has passed away as well... He and my mother both tried to have Mary Anne committed, to no avail. It's tragic that the children were killed. EVERYBODY, cops included, knew that the woman was seriously mentally ill.
I would love to hear anything more... [email protected]...
Rick from Seattle

Seattle, WA

#46 Jan 17, 2013
Yes I would too!! I lived about a half mile away! And heard it on the radio! Can't imagine what it would of been like living right by her and seeing what she used to do! Amazing! All your stories about her just are amazing! Would like more information also!
Cathi Otis Orchards

Spokane, WA

#47 Jan 26, 2013
Amazing to find this online. For YEARS I have been looking for any information on this. I was 19 and living in Sierra Mesa. It was so very hot that day. I saw it on the news as a news break. Friends of ours lived down the street and we went to see them that evening. They had heard the stories about her from the neighborhood kids but not witnessed it first hand. I remember an article in the Tribune. Not sure if it was during the hearings or not but it described some of her odd behavior. I recall it said that during a thunder storm, she hid behind a chair convinced it was a UFO invasion. The one thing that disturbed me the most was that her husband knew of her issues, said he tried to have her committed but didn't have a problem leaving the kids with her. I also wonder what happened after her release and what happened to the last baby. She was only at Patton for a year or so, I doubt her other children were adults by then and Kenneth had divorced her.
Rick from Seattle

Seattle, WA

#48 Jan 27, 2013
Great Questions thought the same thing!

Kalispell, MT

#49 Jan 30, 2013
We must find a way to get this done into a documentary but where to start!! How the family survived, her treatment and life, reconciliations...Come on 10 straight pregnancies,massive post-pardum, then a divorce the same month of the murders...what torment she must have felt...
Cathi Otis Orchards

Spokane, WA

#50 Jan 31, 2013
That was my thought "postpartum". Just the stress of that many children would put most over the top. We know the ages of the youngest, would be interesting to know the ages of the oldest. Also if the youngest was 2 months and she was known to be pregnant again, Poor woman. But again the father knew she was delusional and allowed her to be alone with the children who were out of school on summer vacation. Maybe not a documentary but a news paper story follow up or something. A book?
And here is a coincidence for you. Isn't it interesting that we San Diego "kids" are all living in the northwest now?( The serial killer capitol of the world) Are we just that twisted? LOL
Rick from Seattle

Seattle, WA

#51 Jan 31, 2013
Oh my Gosh! Thats right! I work in the same place where Gary Ridgeway Worked. " The green river killer" never forget the day they arrested him!

Kalispell, MT

#52 Feb 6, 2013
Rick from Seattle wrote:
Oh my Gosh! Thats right! I work in the same place where Gary Ridgeway Worked. " The green river killer" never forget the day they arrested him!
Wow...a hometown girl from my town now was killed by the green river killer...small world.

Aliso Viejo, CA

#53 Feb 13, 2013
Wow I have thought many times of this and never nver spoke of it until this group.I thank you all.back to that day I was at the beach.Us local kids on the block (balboa/Albertine would catch the 27 or the J buss. The oldest? girl debbie maloney supposely was at the beach that day. Could not find her but there was a many people looking for her. She was one of the oldest kids. Does anyone remember her? Post later...... Yes it is a small world. Wierd about Albertine Street and Albertine Court for years has wierd and tragic things happened within the blocks. hm. Anyone remember Mike Ketteringham being killed on that very intersection motorcycle off Balboa that same year on Halloween. 1973 1974 he was a an Clairemont High School football all around kid. His mother owned the Winchell Donut Shop on Balboa.. LOL I am sure we all know that place. I use to go to Lindberh Elementary for summer school. post later.

Spokane, WA

#54 Feb 13, 2013
what were the ages of her older kids?
Another person

San Juan Capistrano, CA

#55 Apr 18, 2013
Thanks for these messages, I randomly thought about this the other day. I too went to Lindbergh, lived near by and took piano lessons from mrs. Dale the pastors wife, who lived next door. I was friends with one of the kids, Allison I think. One day I needed to use the phone, I actually went into their home to call my mom. It was always a creepy home, the mom glared at me I was scared. After the murders I stayed clear of that home and never heard what happened.
Brenda B

Los Angeles, CA

#56 May 29, 2013
I too grew up in the area and have never forgotten this tragedy. I have been looking for information for years, and so many of the comments I've read echo my own. I lived on Mt Aguilar and attended Lindbergh Elementary school with one of the older daughters. I have always remembered but been unable to verify that my memories were real-the sheets on the lawn, riding bikes or walking past the house afterwards. I think I would cross the street or run past the house because of the aura of sadness and horror. I remember it being summer, as the Union cites, because school was not in session. And when we returned to school, the house may have been sold? I'm not sure-if it was 1973 I was 10 years old. My teachers were Mrs Bloom, Miss Nelson, and Mrs Leighty-all wonderful women.
Does anyone else remember anything more? The girl I knew was Kelly-she seemed quiet and sweet, but I feel bad to say that I don't remember much else.
So sad.
Rick in Seattle

Seattle, WA

#57 May 30, 2013
Wow! This is great! We started this over a year ago! Brenda I have been thinking about this for 40 years now! I did not live on the same block as you all did. I lived about a half mile away. Heard it on the radio and my friends and I got on our bikes and rode to the scene. I to remember the white sheets and then the bodies put in body bags. It was in the summer. It was real hot that day. When I would walk to school I would stay on the other side of the street and then walk up the alley way by the side of her house by the bike racks! I was 12 years old. I remember my teachers. 1st Mr. Holladay all boys class. 2nd Mrs. Hanna 3rd Mrs. Stewart 4th Mrs. Lieghty 5th Mr, Evans and 6th Mrs. MacAfee. Then off to Hale Jr. High. I will someday go down to San Diego and walk around our school and her house. I Think what we have done here by talking about it is a good thing!

Aliso Viejo, CA

#58 Jun 1, 2013
Lindsay S

Corona, CA

#59 Jun 15, 2013
Lindberg Student wrote:
Oh my gosh! I think about this often! I remember it was summer time and it was very hot that day. And me and my friends were listening to the radio and heard the news and said wow that's buy our school! We lived on Broadlawn ST. We road our bikes to the scene and saw the Police cover up the body! I must of been 9 or 10 years old. I am 50 now and live in Seattle! Im thinking June of 1970 1971! I think I remember her sitting in the back of the police car. The house was next to our school! Lindberg Elem. This is so Amazing cause I have tried to find information on this for years! I kept saying to myself did this really happen. I remember walking to school and the entrance to school was next to the house and I would always look at the front lawn where it happened. You never forget things like this. It was horrible for us kids to see something like that. I look at the house on google earth and wonder if the people who live there knew what happen. But as a kid growing up in the Balboa area I also had a lot of fun times!! Someday me and my family will go down there and I will stop and walk around Lindberg elem. And show them the house of Ms. Maloney!!
My great aunt actually moved into that house in 1981 and wasnt told before she moved about this case. While she was in the front yard, pregnant with her first child, a little boy rode up on his bike and asked how it was living in a haunted house. Not knowing what he was talking about, she asked the neighbors and they all confirmed it. After that, weird things started happening like Flying ants swarming in rooms and dead coyotes showing up in her yard. She wanted to move because she was scared kids would tease her child at school about living in a haunted house. She had never seen ghosts or shadows, but weird things always happened. After about 12 months of her trying to sell the house, she finally sold it to an astrologer because she "loved the positive energy".
Rick in Seattle

Seattle, WA

#60 Jun 15, 2013
WOW! Amazing story

San Diego, CA

#61 Jul 2, 2013
I had been wondering if I dreamed this whole thing up! I lived across the freeway and rode my bike down to the scene when I got home from junior high. I remember the Sentinel Newspaper article with a picture of her and some phrases about her having combed her blood stained hands thorough her hair. Also, I think there wee reports from neighbors that she had chased somebody around with a butcher knife in an earlier incident. I asked other members of my family if they remembered the story, but no one recalled much of anything... I'm so glad I ran across this conversation. That was such a disturbing thing for our little town back then, and was so close to home.
Rick in Seattle

Seattle, WA

#62 Jul 2, 2013
Me too Chris thought the samething for 40 yrs.

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