Chula Vista, CA

#22 Oct 1, 2012
Innocent Plea Entered In Decapitations
San Diego Union, Page B-5 March 23, 1974

A Clairemont mother of nine yesterday pleaded innocent and innocent by reason of insanity to two counts of murder in connection with the June 19 decapitation of two of her children.

The innocent plea was entered by Mrs. Mary Ann Maloney, 39, formerly of a Mt. Albertine Avenue address when arraigned before Superior Court Judge William T. Low.

Low scheduled a May 16 trial date and a May 2 readiness conference and appointed two psychiatrists for an examination in connection with her plea.

Mrs. Maloney, represented by attorney James Rothwell, was returned initially to Municipal Court on certification from Patton State Hospital that she is sane and capable of standing trial.

Municipal Court proceedings were dismissed on the basis of a grand jury indictment that brought the case up to Superior Court, eliminating the need for a preliminary hearing.

Rothwell earlier had challenged the indictment on grounds it was returned by the 1973 grand jury while Mrs. Maloney was at Patton State Hospital under certification that she was insane and incapable of aiding in her defense. She was committed to Patton last July 10 and the indictment was returned eight days later.

Chula Vista, CA

#23 Oct 1, 2012
Mother Committed To Patton in Killing
San Diego Union, Page B-3 Saturday June 1st 1974

A Clairemont mother of nine yesterday was found guilty of two counts of voluntary manslaughter, but innocent by reason of insanity, in the June 19, 1973, decapitation, slaying of two of her children.

Superior Court Judge Franklin B. Orfield returned the verdict against Mrs. Mary Ann Maloney, 38 formerly of a Mt. Albertine Avenue address, after taking under submission psychiatric reports and the transcript of earlier grand jury proceedings.

Orfield, in his verdict, said Mrs. Maloney was aware of what was happening at the time of the offense, but in a “deranged” way. He added that she did not have the capacity to premeditate.

After the verdict, he committed her to an indefinite term at Patton State Hospital. James Rothwell, her attorney recommended that she be returned there because she has established a relationship with the institution’s psychiatrists and “is still a very sick individual, Further hospitalization is necessary.”

Mrs. Maloney originally was declared insane and incapable of standing trial and was sent to Patton for treatment on July 20 1973.

She was charged in the death of her two children, Russell, 18 months, and Lisa, 2 months. The slaying occurred at the Maloney home.

Witnesses told police they heard Mrs. Maloney scream,“Idon’t know what to do but I think I’m losing my mind…”

Chula Vista, CA

#24 Oct 1, 2012
Court Rules On Slayer
San Diego Union, Page B-3 October 4, 1975

A Clairemont mother of nine who was found guilty of two counts of voluntary manslaughter in June 1973, decapitation slaying of two of her children may be released to a community care center.

Superior Court Judge Franklin B. Orfield authorized yesterday the release of Mary Ann Maloney, 39, formerly of a Mt. Albertine Avenue address, to a care center, provided that she is under 24 hour supervision. She has been held since July, 1973, at Patton State Hospital.

Orfield ruled that if the hospital determines Mrs. Maloney is to be released with more relaxed supervision, she must first be returned to court for another hearing.

She was in court yesterday when hospital aides reported she is no longer a danger to herself or the community.

Mrs. Maloney originally was declared insane and incapable of standing trial and was sent to the hospital for treatment on July 20, 1973. Then she was found guilty of the manslaughter counts, but innocent by reason of insanity, after the court took under study psychiatric reports and the transcript of earlier grand jury proceedings. She was committed to an indefinite term at Patton.

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#25 Oct 1, 2012
Lindberg Student I went back to the library today and found out that the San Diego Tribune is now digital and can be obtained at San Diego State University and UCSD, not at the library.
I'm currently retyping an article that has the most information I've found so far including a statement from her husband Kenneth.I'm hoping to post it later tonight.

Chula Vista, CA

#26 Oct 1, 2012
Mother Held As Slayer Of Two Children
San Diego Union, B Section June 20, 1973

Police yesterday arrested a Clairemont housewife on suspicion of decapitating two of her nine children.

Police said they found Mrs. Maloney standing over the dead children, clutching a knife. One of the officers struck the knife from her hand, and seized her, police said.

They had been summoned by neighbors when youngsters playing nearby became alarmed at Mrs. Maloney’s actions.

On the lawn, police said were the youngest of Mrs. Maloney’s nine children. Lisa, 2 months old, and Russell, 1 ˝.

Lisa had been stabbed six times with an 11inch kitchen knife, according to deputy coroner H.G. La Salle. He said a preliminary examination failed to indicate weather Russell had been stabbed, too, but like Lisa he had been beheaded, and his left arm had been severed.

According to accounts neighbors gave police, Mrs. Maloney, 38, had long exhibited signs of odd behavior.

Her husband, Kenneth, 43, was called from his work to the home at 4095 Mt. Albertine Avenue. He told officers that he had tried to have his wife committed.

Police said that two of Mrs. Maloney’s other children may have been in the house at the time of the slayings, but this was not certain. They said also she was expecting her 10th child.

The slayings occurred about 1 pm shortly before, 14–year old Craig Dickey, who lives nearby at 6503 Mt. Ackerman Drive, was bicycling by the Maloney home. He said he saw Russell standing without clothes in the door way.

A short time later, he said Mrs. Maloney emerged, carrying a child, Craig said he was a short distance away. He said he heard Mrs. Maloney cry out,“Hold my baby. I don’t know what to do. I’m losing my mind.”

Mrs. Shirley Pues of 6532 Mt. Ackerman, said that last August a group of neighbors were sitting on the front lawn when Mrs. Maloney came up to them and yelled profanities at them.

“Then my husband, Wayne, got up to get some cigarettes, and Mrs. Maloney accosted him and pulled out a knife. Then she went back to her house. We called the police. They said we would have to file a suit.”

Police said last night that displaying a weapon was a misdemeanor, but that an arrest can be made only if an officer witnesses the incident. However, they said a citizen’s arrest can be made.

The Rev. Charles Dale, pastor of the Balboa Avenue Alliance Church, said that for most of the 11 years he has lived next door to the Maloney’s she has acted erratically.

“I tried to get her committed,” he said. But under the law, that is very difficult to do unless the person agrees to being committed.”

The children’s father, Kenneth Maloney, had worked until last Jan. 29 in University Hospital’s estimating and planning department. The hospital said. The Rev. Mr. Dale said Maloney was an engineer who designed technical equipment, and that he was currently working for a furniture company in Oceanside.
Lindberg Student

Seattle, WA

#27 Oct 4, 2012
Thank You very much everybody! You never really forget things like this! I am 51 years old now and have never seen anything like this since that time! Now i will try to let it go! I have tryed for many years to get information on it! Thanks Rick in Washington!

Chula Vista, CA

#28 Oct 4, 2012
I think we all needed some kind of closure. I find it interesting that we all came to the same place to find answers. That trauma touched all of us at such a young age and we have carried it with us all these years.
Lindberg Student

Seattle, WA

#29 Oct 5, 2012
Thank you Sandy for your time and effort!

Chula Vista, CA

#30 Oct 6, 2012
Your welcome Rick!

Fallbrook, CA

#31 Oct 7, 2012
Yes this trauma did affect our lives. i was 17 years old living on mt. abernanthy and balboa avenue. i worked part time at the dental office there on the corner..sandy, have you considered writing a book? i feel sorrry for the neighbors who say that tragic event. i was at the beach and was calllwd home. i never saw debbie again. does anyone know hat happen to her , her mother , siblings, where they are today? is mrs. maloney still aive. gawd i am shaking as i type this. oh dear and amen


Fallbrook, CA

#32 Oct 7, 2012
and was the 10th child born?

Chula Vista, CA

#33 Oct 8, 2012
I never found anything on the 10th child. I was also 17 at the time. I lived in a foster home on Mt. Albertine Way. My boyfriend at the time kept telling me not to be afraid of Mrs. Maloney, because sometimes I would walk on the other side of the street to avoid her. I'm not sure if the power was out everywhere in San Diego that day but it was in Poway. I was helping someone move and we turned the radio on so we knew when the power came back on, and that is when I found out what she did. I remember saying Oh my God it's her! I can't imagine how the eye witnesses got threw this Trauma, I've had a hard time dealing with it and I was not an eye witness. Sometimes just drying a knife while doing the dishes I'll briefly flash on that day. Praying to God to remove those thoughts help. No I would never want to write a book.
Lindberg Student

Seattle, WA

#34 Oct 8, 2012
I think a movie on lifetime would be great! And it happend next to a elementary school! What I think is amazing is how we all have been thinking about this for years! And how technology has brought us together on this.

Kalispell, MT

#35 Oct 8, 2012
Dang...9 kids at age 37, a divorce finlized the same month of the killings,..i feel bad for her...thank you for finding those articles!! Wow...
Ocean Girl

Kalispell, MT

#36 Oct 8, 2012
I don't have many sources, but think it would be a great documentry. I know Mary Ann's maiden name is Van Pelt . Anyone signed up to ancestory would be able to find more info. amazing website. I would like to find out where the babies are buried so I can pay respects. The majority of the family resides in SD still. Google kenneth f maloney. Sandy, can you find an obit through the college systems? I'd like to know how to sign up for that.All of you that have responded to my original post, thank you so much! Look at what we have going!

Chula Vista, CA

#37 Oct 10, 2012
I have been given information on where the babies were buried, after I call the cemetery to confirm this information, I will post it.

Vista, CA

#38 Oct 10, 2012
Is there a way we can heal more having an open chat or? we need to get to gether and chat? this event brought back stuff I didnt know I blocked out all these years. WOW. Nine years on a theraphy couch did not help because I did not bring this event up in sessions. Now Ineed a session. No kidding I was never to talk about that day and days after for years.Amen to everyon involved.
Lindberg Student

Seattle, WA

#40 Oct 11, 2012
I Agree!! Wow almost 40 years ago. When I would bring this up to friends or people trough out the years I would get a "NO WAY" or "REALLY" look what you have started ocean girl! Awsome and thank you Sandy!! Even if this happend today it would be national news. I never will forget the babies put into the bodie bags from across the street! COME ON!!! I was only ten! You all are great! Thanks for the talks. Rick Seattle Wa.
Lindberg Student

Seattle, WA

#41 Oct 11, 2012
Sorry everyone I was twelve. But still!
Lived_across_the _street

Escondido, CA

#42 Dec 17, 2012
It is amazing to see this online, it's the first I've anything.
We moved away from Mt. Albertine Ct. because of Mrs. Maloney... before she killed her children.
We lived across the street, and my childhood memories are filled with all the odd things that happened. It was scary to walk by her; she used to whisper strange things... I know about the walking naked around the court, and there was one time where she marched up and down the sidewalk along our house banging metal trash can lids together and chanting something.. I can't remember what.
She had a fixation on my mother.. which I won't talk about much here in this public forum... We found out very early on about the killings because the police called our house. I'll never, ever forget this.
I do know that Mary Anne Maloney died of cancer, and I know where she is buried.
It's so tragic and sad...
This all happened before the age of crazy media and the internet. Today, this would be national news.
My mother has an archive of all the newspaper articles that were written. It's good to see it here though, and know that the articles are accessible.
Sometimes, I think people think I'm crazy when I tell them about it!
A coworker of mine grew up on the third block (that's what we used to call it...) She's 10 years younger than I, and she grew up thinking the house was haunted, but never knew why until she met me!
My friend (whose name I have forgotten over the years) lived on the first block... just a few houses in from Albertine Ave... and she saw some of the stabbing occurring. I can't even imagine.:( It was bad enough living 20 miles away..
Sandy, Thanks for posting all of this..
I was 12 when it happened too...
Done with Lindbergh and on to Jr. High..
I wonder if we all know each other?
I'll be interested to see if there are any further posts here!
Sadly, Rev. Dale has passed away as well... He and my mother both tried to have Mary Anne committed, to no avail. It's tragic that the children were killed. EVERYBODY, cops included, knew that the woman was seriously mentally ill.

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