Stormwater mismanagement

Stormwater mismanagement

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james marple

San Diego, CA

#1 Nov 13, 2012
Rainfall has been redefined as "Stormwater".

Conservation, defined as "wise management of rain" by the Legislature that wrote California's Water Code, has been redefined to "reduced use of water".

The flood prevention that conservation (wise management) of rainwater would automatically achieve at no cost is called "Flood Control", a ridiculous oxymoron, and the work to achieve it costs us hundreds of millions yearly.

And we pay huge salaries to the professinal liars who created these myths.

Fool us once, shame on you. But you've fooled us manu times..
james marple

San Diego, CA

#2 Nov 29, 2012
A University of California economist called yesterday demanding my reasons for not pointing out the full costs of the Carlsbad desalination scheme. He claims it will cost over 2 billion dollars extorted from residents of San Diego County ($2,000 per home) in addition to the cost of the water after the project is completed and the Poseidon people have cashed in their chips.

I admitted that I get kind of carried away discussing the basics of this scam to illustrate how it will provide 16 billion gallons of clean water to a county that throws away 550+ billon gallons of pure, free rainwater yearly.

He asked for details so I'll send him our rundown of the simplest, cheapest, totally reliable, most broadly beneficial way to prevent flooding, minimize pollution to insignifcance and enhance the natural landscape. That method is, of course, just saving 2 out of each 10 gallons of rainfall with USEPA LID planning and the marvelously cost-effective Best Management Practices of the US Dept of Agriculture.

The Professor agreed that we customers should have been given a clear view of other planning options that would assure us plenty of clean water, but he insisted that no Chief Engineer or agency manager would deliberately withhold critical information from the public just to protect their job security.

When I asked him to explain, then, why we save only 5% percent of our rainfall he said this was outside his field of expertise but common sense says our entrenched bureaucrats and politicians just want to "stay fat and happy".

He added that this is the reason for LA going broke buit said news reports indicaate that its officials have finally decided to save some of the rainwater it has been throwing away for 100 years since Chief Engineer Mulholland was "bought off".(He said the land development syndicate that corrupted Mulholland so that he stopped storing its rainfall included W R Hearst, who was paid off for his deception of the public with a quarter-million acres of the Big Sur shoreline.

So I assiured him that no respectable land developer would use a newspaper they controlled to push through projects that enrich them, and surely no Professional Engineer would testify falsely or omit crucial facts so that elected and appointed officials made bad decisions.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#3 Dec 9, 2012
Mayor Sanders was firmly committed to complying with federal regulations that reduce stormwater runoff pollution. Unfortunately for us he was badly handicapped by not having good information about this planning. County and city public works managers have cooperated for many decades to present incomplete, inaccurate and false testimony to politicians and news reporters.

Their jobs of these public servants depend upon making voters and politicians believe it is smart to throw away 600 billion gallons of rainfall yearly, then import 100 billion gallons from Upstate and the Colorado River. So they worked hard and well to accomplhish this deception.

Yes, their professional code of ethics forbids deception, but politicians and concerned citizen groups have not challenged the quality of their information so they are free to continue feeding us garbage data and planning options.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#4 Dec 17, 2012
The problem of polluted stormwater runoff has become an 800-pound gorilla in our misty midst. Federal regulators are threatening to impose huge fines if we don't improve the quality of rainwater we are throwing away.

So our public works managers are telling politicians and news reporters that we must pay them many billion dollars in the next few years to clean our stormwater before it reaches the ocean. Not save that water for our use, just clean it and throw it away.

But these public servants caused this pollution by defying the California Water Code that ordered them "to guide all or any stormwaters into soils of the District" to prevent the waste of this water and flood damage.

We do not need a college degree in civil engineering to recognize that if this simple instruction had been followed then we would not be paying a billion plus dollars yearly to the SD County Water Authority for importing water.

Have you asked your favorite politicians why they allow our public servants to feather their nests by violating State law?
james marple

San Diego, CA

#5 Jan 20, 2013
Are the new San Diego City and County politicians so naive they will believe the massive body of false premises and distorted data that have given us outrageously high land-water-energy-transit costs?
Will they meekly accept what agency chiefs lay before them as gospel?
Are they locked into believing the popular false conventional wisdoms that justify absurdly inappropriate water resource management?

Some of these misleading myths: "Centralized water management brings economy of scale".--- "Bureaucratic inertia delays adoption of best planning." --- Water importation is essential to the survival of Southern California",--- "Local planners understand local water problems better than federal experts"...

As long as local politicians and the public believe these things the extortion of our wealth through government by private profiteers will continue to drain more than $5,200, on average, from each household yearly. Hopefully the new politicians will be smart enough to seek out good information.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#7 Dec 22, 2013
The UT did a fine job of pointing out that the Governor's Delta Plan
will force us to pay another $6 billion - that's $6,000 per home - to
build tunnels Upstate that will allow MWD to sell us 150 billion gallons
of water yearly while our public servants deliberately throw away six
times this much each year to please the land-water-energy profiteers who could have them fired if they don't cooperate.

This theft will be in addition to the $10 billion being pushed through
for a totally unnecessary desalination plant, dams and tunnels here.

And to top it off, our public servants that were instruected by the CA
Legislature to save ALL OR ANY stormwaters have completed their
plan that will force us to repay $20 billion of additional debt over the
next 20 years to build treament devices that enrich their contractor cronies by filtering stomwater THEN DUMPING IT TO THE OCEAN!

If enough citizens are smart and courageous enough to speak out
on this and other forums about this criminal mismanagement we
will see wised up voters replacing all politicians who have failed
to appoint capable, uncorruptible public servants.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#8 Jan 9, 2014
After a Dry 2013, California Bishops Offer Prayers for Rain

< ;

The bishops offer a variety of prayers on their website, including one for the public officials who manage the California's water and snowpack resources:
"May they be granted the wisdom and strength to balance the many needs of people and commerce as we share God’s gift of water
among all Californians. For this we pray to the Lord."

Here's a look at the officials:
<> ;
A closeup of the Democratic majority that is rewarding its sponsors
in the private sector who are costing us $60 billion yearly for absurdly
inappropriate water importation projects so that they can keep ~20%
of that as unarned profit.

Here in San Diego we elect candidates who are not smart enough to instruct water district and public works managers to comply with the
CA Water Code that instructs Chief Engineers to "guide all or any
stomwaters into soils of the District."
Saving one gallon out of eight seems impossible to them.???

California has no water shortage because of low rainfall. We are being scammed just as LA residents were 100 years agio when land-water-energy profiteers enlisted W. R, Hearst to cooperate with LA Times owners Chandler in fooling voters into approving a water importation scheme after deliberately dumping their plentiful rainwater to the ocean.

That is precisely what is happening in SD County today.
600 billion gallons of water are thrown away yearly so that we will
be forced to buy 150 billion to enrich land-water-energy profiteers.

California's public education system has failed miserably.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#9 Apr 24, 2014
22 times as much rain falls on SD County as our households use.
It has enough wellwater storage capacity to store 13 times that much.
Honest civil engineers would fill that immense natural underground 'reservoir completely with pure rainwater in just one year.

So why do we pay half a billion dollars a year to phony agri profiteers Upstate who steal our fedeeral water and sell it to us through MWD?

Because we elect and re-elect fools and crooks. Politicians who do as
they are told by the people who are extorting our wealth.

Smart voters could correct this enormous theft and the worse one
coming if they bother to trade facts on this forum, ignoring the goofy
garbage posted by agents of the profiteers who work hard to keep
concerned citizens from fixing our broken political system.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#11 Aug 20, 2014
Ccomments to news about flooding in Phoenix
reflect public percepttions accurately, illuminating bad information
pushed on voters by public servants who us dumbed down and fearful.

6 posters had standard reactions to the olorful photos of flash flooding:
"horrific" - "devastating" - "scarey" - wicked nature" - "horrific"

Two acomments showed the tunnel vision bad data creates to make
voters reject what common sense dictates, not see failures of politicians.
-- "The land is so parched and hard that it will not soak up the water
if rain does fall. Get used to it, more to come....
-- "This is why you never live near rivers, creeks etc, waterways of any kind".

But one comment revealed good perception of the nature of rainstorms:
"Rain in Phoenix is so spotty. Some areas get dumped on during a storm
and just a few blocks away not a drop of rain will fall. These pictures can
be deceiving making it look like the entire metro area got soaked when
they definitely was not the case."

And one of the ten saw the core issue clearly: "I really hope that after all
these years of drought, that planners are directing this runoff water to
collection areas...and not like So Cal where it is sent into the Pac Ocean..."

Videos of flooded roads and washes, around Phoenix and Las Vegas tell
us ther voters elected majorities of fools or crooks for their County and
City governments, just as we do here in sunny Southern California.

When smart people see runoff pour down canyons to the ocean they are
reminded that the people we elect are either not smart or not honest
enough to appoint competent public agency managers and instruct these
sensibly so that all rain runoff is stored in compiance with State Law.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#12 Oct 18, 2014
SD City water officials have persuaded the City Council to go along with their plan to use more of our superabundant pure free rainwater.(The County gets 22 times as much as its households use)
But their grand plan calls for only providing half as much as we use, so that we will still be paying over $1200 per home yearly to import and filthy river and ocean water.

The feds have shown that we can have twice as much water per home for only about $200 a year if we elect officials who will chose competent and/or honest agency managers for a change.
These elections would be a fine time to clean house, remove politicians who have not been doing whats best for use because that would offend their sponsors in the business sector.

We've been misinformed by the UT for 47 years. Time we started thinking for ourselves again.

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